A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing From Hotel Bedding

I wash my duvet cover every week. Is it a pain? Kinda. The duvet requires its own dryer cycle or else, 55 minutes of high-efficiency heat blasting later, everything is still wet. If you detest duvet cover maintenance (the extended dryer cycle; corner ties designed for nimbler fingers than mine; the upside-down buttons) the hotel industry has its own bedroom secret to share: triple sheeting.

A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing From Hotel Bedding 1

2 cycle oil mixing getting confusing?

There is no difference in the oils. The difference is how much oil you put in the gasoline. That is the "ratio" part. You will still need separate cans, or I would probably just run everything on a 32:1 mix.

my dishwasher runs through normal cycle, the cleaning tablets do not dissolve in the wash, what can be Wrong?

1,. You may have hard water, not soft water. Hard water has minerals dissolved in it which reduce the water's effectiveness at dissolving other items. A liquid detergent would help. 2. It's possible that the cycles are themselves not working. 3. If you must use the tablets and you do not think it's a cycle issue, try dissolving them in a coffee cup of hot water. I would use about 2/3 of a cup of water with 1 minute and thirty seconds heating (assuming a 1000 watt microwave). When it's dissolved, dump it in the bottom of the washer and then wash the cup as well.

A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing From Hotel Bedding 2

How to reduce nitrite during tank cycle W/Fish?

Well, you should not have put in fish for about 1 month in order to let the water cycle correctly. Whatever you do, I would not do a partical water change or you will doom your new fish.

How to properly cycle a brand new tank?

You should cycle your tank with a small number of fish. They should be hearty fish, and something that you will want to have in your tank in the long run. Do not cycle your tank with lots of feeder goldfish. Do not cycle your tank with any goldfish unless you intend to keep goldfish. Unfortunately many pet shops suggest this. For a tank of small community fish, White Clouds or Zebra Danios are good cycling fish; Cherry Barbs or Tiger Barbs are good for a slightly more aggressive tank; or Pseudotropheus zebra is a good choice for an African Cichlid tank. Your local pet shop should be able to point you toward some hardy fish of the type you are looking to keep. Purchase a small number (the number will depend on the size of your aquarium and type of fish and -to a lesser degree- the type of filter) of these fish and introduce them to your Nitrogen Cycle Diagram tank. For a ten to twenty gallon tank, two or three small schooling fish or one small cichlid would be more than sufficient. Let the tank sit for a couple of days, feeding your fish carefully to prevent excess food from decaying and fouling the water. There are several reasons that you do not want to cycle your tank with a large number of fish, here are a few: 1. Cycling a tank with many fish will produce a lot more waste, which will be stressful to your fish, resulting in higher die-off and greater susceptibility to disease. 2. Cycling with a large number of fish will increase water problems incurred during the cycling process. 3. Cycling with a lot of fish can contribute to a foul smell coming from the tank. Every couple of days, do a 10%-15% water change, and after about a week, take a sample of your water to a fish store to get it tested. Most pet shops will test fresh water for a minimal fee, or even for free! If the store you got the fish from wo not , check to see if there is another local store that will. At this point, your water should test with high ammonia and maybe a trace of nitrite. If it is not , do not worry. Just give the tank time. The cycling process usually takes four to eight weeks. After about eight weeks, your ammonia and Nitrite levels should be acceptable (about trace levels), and you can add more fish. Do not add more fish until the ammonia and Nitrite levels have both dropped. Remember to add new fish a few at a time to prevent over-stressing the filter. If you add too many at once, your tank will have to cycle again, yet if you add a few at a time, your bacteria growth rate will just increase for a short time, with minimal effect on your fish.

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Precious Motorcycle Picked From the Ashes Brings Comfort to Fort McMurray Family
Precious Motorcycle Picked From the Ashes Brings Comfort to Fort McMurray Family
Fort McMurray - In the grips of final stage cancer, all Quentin Thomas wanted to do was to spend his last few days at home in peace.Fort McMurray's wildfire wouldn't give him that peace, forcing the bed-ridden 48-year-old to be evacuated with the rest of the city."They had to take him out in a bed sheet," said his brother Sheridan Thomas. "He died three days later in the Lac La Biche hospital."That same day he died, his family received confirmation that Thomas' home in Stone Creek had been destroyed.On Wednesday, hisson and brother returned to the home on Prospect Drive for the first time to look for any mementos of their relative. But rather than fumble around in the hazardous debris themselves, the Thomases had help from a group of specially trained volunteers.Team Rubicon is a U.S.-based non-profit group of mainly former first responders and military veterans who know how to safely navigate disaster areas and recover things of value.Around 25 members of the team are now in Fort McMurray to help search through the charred wreckage. For many homeowners who have seemingly lost everything, the team has been successful at plucking cherished items from the ash."We have had wonderful interactions with the homeowners. Fort McMurray, the residents really have their hearts out there," said Aaron Marshall, planning section chief for Team Rubicon. "It's fantastic to give them something. Any heirloom and important piece of property we can find for them, it's great."For the Thomases, the big prize was the remains of a Victory motorcycle Quentin bought last year after learning of his cancer prognosis. Four members of the Team Rubicon lifted the heavy beast out of what used to be the garage and placed it in the back of a pickup for the Thomases.Throughout the process, Quentin's son, Kristen, was giving the play by play to his mother on the phone from Newfoundland.What used to be a blue and white motorcycle with a red stripe down the centre is now black and grey, though Kristen said he plans to clean it up and make a display out of it to honour his father."I got the greatest summer project on my hands," Kristen said."It's good he's got that because he knows how much it meant to his father," added Sheridan. "Simple things, right"Sheridan also received a prize from the rubble. Team Rubicon members managed to pry open a metal tool cabinet and recover an old family nail remover. It once belonged to an uncle of Sheridan's before Quentin came into possession."It looks good, too," Sheridan said as Team Rubicon members washed ash off the tool.The volunteer team also managed to pluck out a couple of mugs and misshapen plates form the kitchen, the patterns still visible on the surface.Team Rubicon has been in high demand this week as residents have begun returning to the most damaged area of Fort McMurray. Some have complained they have been unable to reach the group to make an appointment.Marshall said they are working on the issue and plan to call residents back between 24 and 72 hours before their appointment time.The plan is to search specific neighbourhoods one at a time, rather than spread volunteers all over the city.Marshall said the team also hopes to double its numbers to 50 in the coming days, in part by bringing in more staff from the United States, but also by training some locals on how to safely conduct searches."We are looking to get back to residents as soon as possible," he /keithgerein
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