A Duvet Is the Cover to a Comforter Right? What Is a Sham? and What Is a Quilted Coverlet???

a sham is a decorative pillow cover

A Duvet Is the Cover to a Comforter Right? What Is a Sham? and What Is a Quilted Coverlet??? 1

1. Can you put a comforter inside a duvet cover?

Yes. Not much in either season. More for looks and washability. It's fine, if that's what you want to do.

2. What color of sheets would look good with this Duvet cover?

A beige or tan color would be fine with it

A Duvet Is the Cover to a Comforter Right? What Is a Sham? and What Is a Quilted Coverlet??? 2

3. Is it difficult to make a duvet cover?

yes it will be difficult

4. Which duvet cover should i get?

I like the first - retro print, great colors!

5. What's a duvet cover?

Yes you can, as long as your normal comforter is a basic size. ex twin, full/double, king queen, ect. Which, it most likely is unless you have something like a circle bed ($3000 on ebay. ha ha) or possibly if it is handmade. A duvet is a comforter with an opening an buttons on one side and no filling.

6. How can I soften a PB Teen Duvet Cover?

Well tuff to return it after washing it. But check with them in any case. Try a good fabric softener double the amount. Such as Final Touch. Then use a dryer sheet in the dryer. The other thing to try is steam ironing it. It may be due to the sizing in the fabric. Sometimes it takes several washes to get that out. Wash it in warm water with a good detergent. Also get a set of jersey knit sheets and start using the top sheet! Jersey knit sheets are wonderfully soft. Bedding that touches your body really needs to be washed once a week.

7. What is a duvet cover and why are they always for sale without the duvet, what is a duvet?

A duvet is similar to a down comforter but it has a removable outer cover. You should not wash the feathers in a duvet as your would a polyester comforter but the cover is removable so it can be cleaned more often. You can have multiple covers for a duvet so you can change them when you want a different look in your bedroom.

8. why do you need a duvet insert to buy a duvet cover?

Because a duvet cover is only 2 pieces of fabric sewn together into a large "pillow case". You can use a duvet, blanket or comforter

9. How do i get nail varnish out of my duvet cover?

Work on it with NON-acetone nail polish remover and a WHITE cloth. (Old T-shirt) It will take a bit of rubbing with it. But, it should get it off. THEN, spray it with Shout, laundry stain treatment and work that in the fibers. And, I think you may want to launder it with your regular detergent because of the remover smell

10. what is the difference between comforter, duvet cover and coverlet?

If you think about seeing those large, luxurious, heavy, quilted, puffed-up tops that go over your blanket etc., usually with matching bed-skirt and pillows..that would be a comforter. A Duvet is a "pillow-case" cover for a large thin size duvet & like a comforter comes in many sizes. A coverlet is just a simple thin "blanket" of sorts usually used for accessorizing those other two... I hope this helps!

11. Can I use a duvet cover on a down comforter?

Yes . In fact it's smart because then you can prolong the time in between dry cleanings

12. What is the easiest way to put a down comforter in a duvet cover?

1. Turn the cover inside out 2. reach your hands down into the two corners of the cover and then grab onto the corners of the comforter 3. While holding the comforter corners and the cover corners in your hands tightly ,shake the whole thing till the cover falls down over the comforter ending up right side out and perfectly flat Voila!

13. how do you get burns out of a duvet cover?

It's scorched...burned....destroyed fibers. You can not get it out. When you burn something it's destroyed

14. Do I have to put something in my duvet cover?

A duvet is basically a double (sometimes thicker) sheet. If you like the style, and feel as though placing a down type inset would make it too warm, place the non-open end at your head and tuck-in the other three sides ... leaving them out would not look as good with no inset.

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