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Based upon seasonally adjusted figures for a 6m x 6m doorway open for 24 hours a day in a building in operation for 215 days during the October-April heating period, the total cost of energy wasted would be £16,770. Furthermore, these figures only show the cost of heat loss. It is impossible to calculate how much more is wasted through cold air gain, but this will cause a further drain on resources. The heating system would need to compensate for both heat loss and cold air gain to restore comfort temperatures.

Air Curtain Acts Like an Invisible Door | Loading Bays & Doors News | Factory & Handling Solutions 1

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How can I make an inexpensive curtain type room divider?

get some fabric hang it from the celiling on hooks

What color Should my Shower curtain be?

Air Curtain Acts Like an Invisible Door | Loading Bays & Doors News | Factory & Handling Solutions 2

I would choose something that slightly stands out against the white of the cabinets,the neutral color of the ceiling and nice rustic tile flooring. In my opinion I would choose a nice moss green, it is a very flexible color that goes great with many room themes

How do I replace the passenger side curtain airbag on a 2004 E46 320D BMW?

The airbag light will turn on if it senses a small child or a lightweight adult in the front passenger seat and this is normal. Otherwise there is something wrong which should be addressed since it is a safety issue. There is a passenger seat occupancy sensor under the upholstery seat cover of the front passenger seat. The wires of the seat mat/occupancy sensor, seat adjustments and seat belt tensioner all connect to the cable connector under the seat. If there is a bad connection, or if the seat mat sensor or seatbelt tensioner is bad, then the airbag light would come on. Oftentimes, stray soda cans and water bottles compromises the cable connections. Seat mats are often replacted due to breaks in the sensor wires or bad modules (in your car the seat mat module is at the rearmost of the seat). A bad seatbelt buckle/tensioner can also turn on the airbag light (but most usually only the seatbelt light). Coffee/food spilled into the seatbelt buckle can also turn on the light.

I'm doing a research paper on repression behind the iron curtain. What are some areas I should focus on?

You have two ideas that just do not mesh. The Marshall Plan was a plan to program billions of dollars to countries on the “Iron Curtain“ boundary so they could develop their economies and improve the living standard of the people. If this happened, the people would be less attracted to Communism. That there was repression behind the Iron Curtain did not blend in. After all, most involved countries had gone through hell in WW II, and repression was the least of their problems after the war

Who is the Government to tell me that I have to put up a door 'or at least a curtain' to my daughter's bedroom?

well there's laws regarding indecent exposure

What are some inexpensive wedding ceremony decorations and backdrop curtain?

I would go to churchbows website. They have real nice decorations for great prices. I use them for all my events I plan. Good Luck

Cheap rear projection screen and as big as a theater curtain?

Wow, quite a project. Not sure what would be cheap. Perhaps sewing white muslin cloth rolls together? No fabric is cheap these days

Checking curtain rod stability?

If you have pulled on them and demonstrated that they are sufficiently solid, it sounds like you have a relationship issue involving physics vs. "alternative facts". Personally, for anchoring in wallboard, I prefer "zip-its", also known as auger anchors, tornados, and even wall-drillers, based on their part number at a certain manufacturer. By the way, the plastic sleeve anchors that your partner likes are, I believe, better suited for cinder-block and concrete. In plaster-board, it's zip-its or toggle-bolts that you really want

What is the purpose of installing a curtain between my bed and my son's bassinet?

The main reason is so your son gets used to being in a space of his own and makes him think you are not right there. It may also help him not smell your milk but I am not completely sure about that. It is totally up to you when you put him in his own room, but I do believe the Dr is recommending this now because it is much easier to transition him now at this age then it will be when he is older.

Curtain rings on wood curtain rod stick when trying to close them. ( Formal dining area)?

Wooden Curtain Rings

Franny&zooey,J.D.Salinger: “Who said so?” A sound of agitated tub water came from the behind of shower curtain....?

Just before you finish working on something (a painting, your appearance, a garden) you give it a final critical look to see if there is any last improvement you can make

Where to get a tub surrounding shower curtain rod?

Bed Bath and Beyond, but hurry it's going out of business

what can i use for a curtain rod?

Copper tubing, branches,pvc pipe, discarded plumbing pipes and you could paint them.Hope that helps

What's better for a tub? Shower door or shower curtain?


We are installing a shower curtain rod in drywall, and on one side only- we drilled but hit an obstacle...?

I do not think that whatever you hit is to important. Maybe a stud or nail plate. See if you can drill through it. If you can go to lowes and see if they have a smaller anchor you can use. take the anchor you have now and ask the guy in hardware about it. I would just keep drilling though.

I need to find a free standing curtain rod stand to work as a room divider. Any ideas on where to get this?

I would suggest you hang a rod from the ceiling if possible. Anything free standing will be prone to tipping over with the possibility of damage to your show room or worse, injury to an employee or customer

I need to drill through bathroom tile to install a bathroom curtain rod. I dont want to crack the tile?

I tile, and repair tile, every day of my life, and never understand how people get into this situation. Certainly you will get answers about diamond bits, slow pace, lubricant, use tape over, tap a starter hole, etc. etc., and that process can work, but I will hope you have extra tile. At the very least you might modify the hanging plan a bit, by adjusting whatever kind of rod you want to hang, and carefully drill it into/through grout lines, not the tile face. Steven Wolf Just an added notion. Either the window is in the shower/tub area, or the bathroom is tiled to the celing, all over? or at least on the wall where the window exists? Does the tile extend into the recess? Is the window and it's framing, come flush with the interior wall?

Suspending curtain rod from the ceiling?

You may have to drill through the ceiling to get to the cross beams in the roof, that way it will be able to hold weight. However if you do this , and decide to take it down later, you will have holes in your ceiling

Can you install curtain rod with a screwdriver or hammer or do u need a power drill?

Keep the blinds up and go to Lowes and buy replacement slats that are not light filtering. They come in a box of 12 I believe and only cost around $14.00 for the whole box. I've purchased them a few times. once for replacing the light filtering ones and once for slats that have fallen off over time.

which store can i find a canopy bed curtain? please tell me right away.?

They are almost impossible to buy. Every bed has a different method, or size, to accommodate. They are very simple to sew

Why does my cat chew on plastic (garbage bags, shower curtain liners, ect)?

I am not sure but one of our cats licks plastic grocery store bags. Not sure why he does, but he seems to like something on them. Maybe the smell or the texture of the plastic. I wish I knew also.

How do I get metal curtain rings to slide over the ridge caused by the two telescoping parts of the rod?

Duct tape around it.Just a small piece will do

What do I use for a curtain rod in front of vertical blinds?

Curtain Rod Extender

what color curtain goes with brown & cream furniture ? with white walls and cream flouring?

look for a print that has a cream or white background and a good bit of brown in it

What would I use to bond vinyl to vinyl? (Shower curtain)?

well, unless ur really good at this job, that wudnt really b a good idea...u can go to any store (walmart, target, tjmaxx, bed bath and beyond, etc) and get wat u want there

How do you get soap grime off your shower curtain?

Put it in the washer with a load of towels. The tricky part is getting all the water off. It can be put in the dryer with the towels for just a couple of minutes. Then hang it back up on the rod. You are right, it does not take long for the soap scum to show up again. A . . . . . . work is never done

Any ideas on how to hang a curtain up on a UPVC door to cover the glass area?

If you are using a net then buy the appropriate rod use a good quality double sided stick on pad and hook which you will need to adapt to fit the rod (I am sure there must be something made to suit this problem) or you will have to drill the UPVC door. Alternatively you could use a dusted crystal type film from a sign shop and turn the glass opaque it could look quite contemporary if you cut three square holes in the film. Ask your sign shop for detailed fitting instructions as it is applied wet and squeegeed to remove the water then trimmed in situ with a scalpel. what ever you decide good luck.

Saw whimsical shower curtain and rug called Dancing In The Streets. What do you Think?

Not bad, I would throw a little red in for a little extra oomph

Does anyone know where to get a hanging vinyl or plastic "curtain" to show 4x6 pictures with?

urban outfitters might still have them and places like lines n things and bed bath and beyond would definitely have them

What is the best way to keep a stubron shower curtain rod from falling?

get a new one so the spring is nice and tight and new OR put a nails in the wall under each side by the rubber so it doesnt fall

Does anyone know a good website that will send you a email when a new game is released for a curtain console?

definitely i go there for all of my news on games, release dates, etc. and they have a really great newsletter. you should check it out

Where can i buy a curtain rod for the window that is next to my door?

i could the two do blinds, or they have this relatively new product that sounds like stained glass, and merely shop on including your homestead windows, they have it at Lowes, and that's made for those small homestead windows around doors. I style of like the blinds theory however, you may frequently get them organized the proper length and that they are actually not too severe priced, the stained glass window action picture is even much less. desire this facilitates!

Where can i buy a beaded door curtain? NOT online.. an actual store??

Spencers... or claires

Should I cover a large mirror with a curtain or something if it's directly facing my bed?

Change the doors

Where can I find a beaded door curtain with the British flag design on it?

Beaded Door Curtains Uk

How would I set up a light bulb curtain like this?

The "strings" of bulbs are called festoon, and can be purchased from hardware stores. They often come with coloured bulbs, but you can replace them with whatever you wish.If it's for once-off use, you can rent them from party hire or lighting companies. Festoon strings come with a simple plug on the end, and can be connected to a powerstrip or regular power outlet, so long as the total number of watts drawn do not exceed the circuit. In the image above, that would run fine from one outlet

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