An Open Letter to My Unborn Son

Dear son-in-waiting, There are things that have happened in the last few weeks around me that push me to write this letter to you. Never mind what the things are, just understand that they are grave enough to force me to write a letter to you, even though you are yet to arrive in this world. As you read this letter, you are probably looking at the profiles provided to you by one of the angels, so that you can choose your parents. I have specifically requested the angels to put this letter on top of our resume. All that I want to have is a healthy baby, and if it is you - the son, then this letter is a must read. First things first. If you are born to us, I want to make it very clear to you that you will be born out of the Y-Chromosome theory and not out of the 'putravati bhavo' blessings that I was showered upon right after my marriage. Yes, you are right - nobody ever considered blessing me of having a baby girl. Now I want you to know this, I haven't been praying or fasting for you. If you arrive at our house, then so be it and I will welcome you with the same happiness that I welcome your sister with. There will be no special sweets distributed just because you have a little extra piece dangling down there. Now after you are born, please do not expect a blue colour baby towel for you, to be wrapped in. I personally believe that this colour separation, blue for boys and pink for girls is the beginning of all troubles in this world. So no, right from the beginning, we as parents are not going to give you anything in blue or anything in pink for your sister. It will be any colour other than these two. So in case blue happens to be your favourite colour, please stop reading this letter right now and put our file away because you will not get it in our family. Of course, when you grow up and start making your choices on colour, you will be provided with your choice; even if it is pink and not blue. Your name is going to be our choice and your surname as well. Sadly, we cannot leave you nameless till the time you decide to choose one for yourself. Our systems here in this world do not work that way. So, yes we will choose a name but I promise you that you will have a choice to change that name legally if you ever wish to in your life. Not only can you change your name, but also you can have or not have a surname at all. I do not believe in the whole system of having a son to take your name forward in life. Our names in this world will be taken forward by our deeds and not by the surname our son will carry. So, you will be allowed to choose a different name if you want to, rest assured we ourselves will choose a very nice name for you at the time of your birth. Now, in your growing years again, your room will not be painted in blue, please take a note of that. While you are growing up, you will learn to do everything that your sister will learn. What I mean is cooking, cleaning, stitching, knitting, baseball, football, cricket, car racing etc., will be taught to all my kids irrelevant of the fact whether it is a boy or a girl. The reason being that when you grow up and get married, I do not want you to nag your wife for everything; moreover, I want you to respect her for all that she would do for you. I want you to be equally responsible when it comes to household matters and not just be dependent on your wife. So, yes after having dinner you will be asked to take the used plates into the kitchen, yours and your sister's both. Yes, you heard me right..even the plate of your sister, you both would be doing this alternatively. And let me warn you, there will no best piece of the fish saved for you at the table just because you are a son!! Now the most important thing, you will be taught to respect every human being whether it is a woman or a man. You will be taught moral values. We do not intend to just teach you all this, but our intention is to practice it in front of you, so that you grow up to be a righteous person. You will be taught to respect women and not view them merely as sex objects. You will have a proper sex education. You will be taught how to identify a wrong touch. Yes there is a lot of child abuse happening, so keeping that in mind, we will arm you with all the knowledge. You will go through a proper training at home on what women who are eve-teased or molested go through, so that my son you never indulge in such things. No, no, don't worry yet, you will of course be taught to admire beauty, in a thorough gentleman way, by walking up to a girl and telling her that she is beautiful without making her uncomfortable, instead of staring at her boobs. Now what happens if you still go ahead and do something stupid to a girl? Believe me, the day I discover that, I will hand you over to the police myself. And no, this is not a mere threat, I will do it. I hate to break this to you, but here is the thing, you will have a fat wedding only if I and your dad have planned for it. We will not spend our savings for old age on your wedding to treat people and then be dependent upon you for the remaining periods of our lives. We have a proper planning in place, and we hope to cover your education, marriage and our retirement years. But in case something unplanned happens, then it will be your rich wedding that will be chopped off. As of now, you don't have to worry, but just in case you know. You will be our son born out of love. I would love you, teach and preach good things to you, I would adore you, but never will I or we as parents treat you as insurance for our old age. We do not want you to earn for us, we will live our lives intelligently and save for ourselves, so son you will never have to think of us as a burden. But the teachings that you will get from our family, chances are you will not think that way, anyways you never know, hence just keeping you informed. So, if you are looking for a special treatment to be meted out because of you being a boy, our home is not the place for you. Even your grandmothers would not indulge you. And believe me, they are the two strongest women I have seen in my life, so even before I do, they will kick you in your face if you show your 'I am the grandson' attitude. But in case, after reading this letter, you still feel inclined to choose us, then I can assure you -- these women will spoil you with their love, just as they would spoil your sister. So, if you agree to the terms and conditions, then welcome home. Yours loving, Mom-in-waiting

An Open Letter to My Unborn Son 1

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