Are You Cleansing Your Face Properly? Are You Sure?

Seven tips that will revolutionise your cleansing regime.Most people wash off their cleanser too quickly. Spend about one minute massaging your cleanser into your face, and then let it sit on the skin for another minute. Don't forget to gently massage the side of the face though, right before the ears and right up to the hairline. Put in a bit of extra time at the T-zone.At the same time, be careful not to over-cleanse. Remember, all skin is different; some may need to cleanse morning and night, and others only need to cleanse in the evening. Work out what's good for your skin.If you want a deep cleanse, don't do it in the shower. The water in the shower will make your face too slippery for the cleanser to be effective.If you wear make-up, remove all make-up before cleansing. If your cleanser doubles as make-up remover, don't think that you can get away with just using it once; you will definitely need to use it at least twice, particularly if you're inclined to wear heavy make-up.For a thorough cleanse, double-cleanse. This is particularly effective for those with oily skin, in a warm climate, or if you've had a particularly strenuous work-out.Suddenly exposing your face to warm water can be too much, too soon, like in the shower. It's best to gradually expose your face to the warmth by cupping warm water in your hand and splashing it gently before submerging your face in a hot shower.Complete your cleanse by splashing cool water (not freezing) on your face to 'close' the pores. Extreme temperatures won't do any favours to your skin. Pat your skin dry (don't rub - it's too harsh) with a face towel which will help with circulation.Originally published on .

Are You Cleansing Your Face Properly? Are You Sure? 1

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