Bedroom Ideas Based on This Bedding Set?

i just checked the bedding link, its really gorgeous,you have a good taste,if you have any interests in paintings to match the bedding? you can get an abstract painting with white frame, in my opinion,they must be perfect. email me pls

Bedroom Ideas Based on This Bedding Set? 1

1. Is a crib bedding set necessary?

A crib set is better, but just normal bedding will work. Just do not use anything too big or it will make your baby uncomfortable

2. Would you buy a baby bedding set without the quilt/comforter?

I still bought it, he can always use it to lay on it when he is playing on the floor or something

Bedroom Ideas Based on This Bedding Set? 2

3. Which bedding set is better for a gender neutral room?

The first one is the only one I would call gender neutral. 2 &3 definitely have more of a boy feel to them. I have a very cute bedding set I got from walmart. It is more pastel colors with jungle animals. I think you should keep looking because the one I have is so much more gender neutral. I actually never used it though so looking to sell it. I think we got it at walmart for $60. I like the idea though because so many things are being made into a jungle theme.

4. What to do with the blanket that comes with the crib bedding set while baby is still a newborn?

Draping it over the crib would be cute. Hanging it on the wall sounds like a pretty good idea, but I think having it draped would be cuter. Also, you will be able to easily grab it to snuggle with baby. By the time baby is big enough to pull it off the crib they will be big enough to use it.

5. Baby bedding set, is it worth it?

my baby never used the quilt thing that it came with... I think the bedding sets are cute and worth it because it does come with a bumper and sheets but you can always do your own too

6. bedroom ideas based on this bedding set?

If you like zebra that would be very cute with it. Also a like light pink wrinkly-like curtain would be cute for the curtains . .

7. Can you help me find the hot pink and black polka dot crib bedding set with a hot pink chenille heart pillow?

try bed, bath and beyond they might have it thay have every thing

8. Does buying a baby bedding set for babies worth it?

I think its more for decor for the room than actually necessary. Its probably cheaper to buy everything separately. My son is 14 months and we still have not used the comforter his bedding came with. If I could do it over I would save my $70 (it was on sale) and just use the sheets and blankets my MIL bought

9. Crib bedding set came with strange sheets?

re-evaluate spending funds on an entire crib bedding set. There all wonderful looking, even with the undeniable fact that it is cautioned to no longer use the bumpers & comforter as a SIDS prevention degree. All you truly choose are a gaggle of crib sheets & a crib skirt (properly it is extra for looks). decrease priced & lovable at Wal-mart and aim

10. Crib bedding set?

I love it.. My nursery is in Sage and yellow, so it goes for either or, and I do not care for all blue or pink. Be trendy and do what you like. Your baby wont' care, and who cares what others think. Your the ones that have to see it everyday!!!.

11. My husband and I just bought our baby girls bedding set and now trying to decide what colors to pain the walls?

try the color in the pic ,it looks easy to the eyes and light and airy

12. Will this bedding set fit? Help!!!?

get a bigger bed:3

13. Is it weird to use a college bedding set while attending that college?

No, LOL its shows pride & spirit. It all depends on your dorm mates! They may poke a little fun but, its all in a fun and makes for a good college experience

14. What do you think of this bedding set?

Very cute bedding set! I love target!! I am already looking at baby stuff and I am not even pregnant yet! I think I might be getting ahead of myself :) Congratulations!

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