Can a Duvet Cover Be Put Over a Regular Comforter?

Check the measurements on your comforter first. The ones for the duvet should be listed on the label or outside packaging. It's the only way to tell if the cover will fit. Some duvets are slightly smaller and plumper than comforters, but you might be able to tuck in a corner or two to make the comforter fit. A black duvet with a large white lily sounds dramatic and attractive. Unless you've seen one advertised somewhere, or shown in a magazine (with the brand name), you might have to have this item custom made. A good dressmaker could tackle the job for you at a reasonable price. Good luck!

Can a Duvet Cover Be Put Over a Regular Comforter? 1

1. when you buy a duvet cover, is it the one with the pattern that you buy? what makes it different from a comfor

Most people buy a soft, white down comforter and then use a duvet on it. That way it is easy to take off and wash. I've never had any luck with them though because it seems as if the comforter always gets bunched up inside of the duvet cover and does not look neat. I always just buy the comforters (although they are a pain to wash!)

2. do u think this duvet cover will match key lime walls?

Yes. Pink and green compliment each other

Can a Duvet Cover Be Put Over a Regular Comforter? 2

3. If i design a quilt / duvet cover, is there a website that will get it made for me?

You are going to have to have the fabric made. I mean you are going to have to hire a company, with the equipment, to weave or dye the fabric. You are going to have to order a minimum amount, could be 500 yards to get them to take on the job.

4. can you use a comforter insert instead of a duvet insert for your duvet cover?

Sure...just make sure it will fit

5. what is a duvet cover?

A cover

6. Anyone know an easy way to get a duvet cover on a comforter?

The trick is to turn the cover inside out. Then secure two comforter corners on the inside corners of the cover--use safety pins if the cover does not already have corner ties. And then turn it right side out, starting from the secured corners. Right before you flip the last part in, secure those corners too. I hope that made sense... that's really hard to describe! :)

7. Pay someone to make a duvet cover from sheets?

This really should not be too hard to do... It is basically a few seams and buttonholes.... I would think that you might start at the dry cleaner and ask if they would do something like that or if they could reccomend someone who sews that would do it for you. $20-50 labor should do it. You buy the materials. .. buttons, etc.

8. What is a duvet cover?


9. ATM "Machine"? Duvet "Cover"? Are we dumbing things down???

Do people say these things? Not where I come from. It's an ATM and a cover or a comforter. I think a duvet cover is the sheet-like case you buy to put your duvet inside of. But I had never even heard the word, duvet, before I left the US, and I grew up in Louisiana where we use French words for a lot of things other English speakers know only English for

10. Honestly, how often do you wash your child's bed sheets?

I was the bottom sheet at least once a week, sometimes more. Because she pee's through the nappy sometimes. I wash the pillow case and duvet cover every 3-4 weeks. I wash ours every 3-4 weeks also. I do not feel the need to wash them any more often than that because they are not dirty!

11. What duvet cover/quilt do you recommend?

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