Chair Covers at Our Wedding?

I think they are pointless to be honest. I guess it depends on the chair. Are they all mismatched and splintery looking? If not, you can do without

Chair Covers at Our Wedding? 1

1. Rocking chair as a

Spell his name out of fish on the top and paint it an army green with navy blue trim. On the back you can put 2 fishing rods crossing eachother and maybe a tent on the seat with a camp fire in front of it. Then guns on the arm rests or rocking feet. Hmm. . sounds fun, maybe I will make one too! :)

2. Why does my cat pee on this chair?

It could be because you brought new items into the home and the cat was just marking it's territory. You probably did not get all the urine scent out when you cleaned it...which causes a cat to urinate on it again. The cat is probably just very territorial, especially since it's a male cat. I agree with checking a pet store for a "no pee" spray, as well as very thoroughly cleaning the cushion

Chair Covers at Our Wedding? 2

3. Where can I buy a folding beach chair or beach lounge chair?

b&q homebase argos asda tesco ebay?

4. The Value of a Chair on a Touring Trip

By day 3 of my first long bicycle tour I realized how much stuff that I thought was essential was not. I ended up shipping stuff home, giving it away, and whatever else I could do. I would recommend that you skip the chair - even if it's lightweight, it's going to take up precious space.

5. Is it dangerous to fall off a chair backwards?

I suggest that you dont tilt your chair, if you were to fall backwards, most likely you will get hurt by hitting your head on the hard floor

6. N-FETs behaving strangely when connected in parallel

In your simulation you are using an idealized FET model. There is no leakage across the source to drain and so the voltage divider stays unloaded and produces the 1V like you expect. When you apply a real FET that does have leakage it loads the divider to cause the divider to produce a lower voltage. Excessive leakage will make the divider output approach zero.After all with the resistor values shown the current through the unloaded divider is only 10uA. Your BSS170 is speced in its data sheet to have a MAX leakage is 0. 5uA with zero gate voltage. So if your two FETs were good you could expect to see a little bit of droop of the 1V from the divider. Have you been careful in handling your FETs? Devices like the BSS170 have very high gate impedance and can be damaged simply in handling if there is static electricity build up on your body from clothing or carpet or padded chair. I suspect that one of your FETs may be damaged.

7. A Hamptons Event Planner on How to Design Your Garden (Published 2015)

Creating vistas throughout the garden was another of Mr. Wendt's goals, and he carefully framed the view toward the house. Mr. Wendt said his use of perennials was inspired by Christopher Lloyd's gardens at Great Dixter in East Sussex, England. A section of the perennial garden, based on the color wheel, includes orange flowers like milkweed and cuphea, maroon dahlias and lavender Verbena bonariensis. Mr. Wendt designed the rustic gate to look old, suggesting an agrarian past for the property. The gravel courtyard is a circle bisected by a rectangle. "The circle form is the accent shape throughout the garden," said Mr. Wendt, who has a master's degree in landscape design. A pair of early 19th-century Scottish ladder-back chairs flank an antique pedestal table in the dining room. "It's very magical in the winter when there is snow, like being in a glass bubble," Mr. Wendt said. French doors in the living room open to the swimming pool. The house's palette was taken from the colors of the bark and lichen on the oak trees that form a backdrop for the one-acre property. "Windsor chairs were garden chairs originally," said Mr. Wendt, who placed an antique version at the foot of a staircase. "This one is wonderfully, ergonomically designed." "Having places to perch in the garden is one of my big goals," he said of a bench and chair on the front lawn of the 18th-century-style saltbox he shares with Philip MacGregor, his life and business partner. When mapping out the gardens at his weekend house in Bridgehampton, N.Y., the party designer Ron Wendt followed one of his cardinal rules for staging weddings, charity galas and other events for clients like Cartier, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. "Your guests should have visual cues as to where to go," he said. "You need to frame your views. As Diana Vreeland said, 'The eye has to travel.' " Sitting on an antique opium bed in the open-air pavilion at the far end of the swimming pool, he explained how he built the pavilion as a destination point, to draw people away from the house and into the garden. "It's the same thing we do at parties, by placing the bar far from the entrance, so you have to move through the space," said Mr. Wendt, who is overseeing the Midsummer Party next weekend at the Parrish Art Museum in nearby Water Mill, N.Y. It's a job that includes a fair amount of floral design, as do many of the events he plans. But though he loves arranging flowers, he finds a different pleasure in growing them. "With events, you are bringing everything together for the reveal, when everything is perfect and pristine before the guests arrive," he said. "What I like about building a garden is that it has a much longer life." Mr. Wendt, who is in his early 50s, received a master's degree in landscape design from Columbia in 2011. But he has been digging in the dirt since his undergraduate days at the University of Texas at Austin. "I majored in anthropology and minored in archaeology, so I was outside with a spade, and I am still outside with a spade," he said. "It helps me clear my mind." The early morning is his favorite time to savor his handiwork. "It's interesting to see what has happened overnight," he said. "The temperature drops, which is always refreshing for a garden. Maybe a rose has opened. The box turtle may have come up from the woods." And if he notices a flaw in the landscape, Mr. Wendt said, that's nearly as satisfying: "Because then I can go to the nursery and buy more plants." The formal borders that frame the length of the pool establish a strict geometry: One side has a low hedge of Leyland cypress backed by a row of blue hydrangeas that complement the water in the pool; the other has a succession of variegated Japanese willows trimmed like topiary spheres. "The garden is all about structure, circles accenting rectangles and squares," he said, pointing out how the porthole on one side of the boxlike pavilion contributes to the leitmotif. That pavilion serves as a pivot point, leading to a sunken parterre planted with perennials on one side and a woodland garden on another. "And it's a place of repose where we like to dine," he said. Walking down a few steps into the parterre, Mr. Wendt explained that it was "loosely based on the color wheel: It begins with whites, going into creams and yellows, then acid greens, turning into oranges, pinks and purples and going back to white." He paused to admire an Abraham Darby rose bush with butter-yellow flowers. "It's now in its third year and doing quite well," he said. "It's very happy." In the pebbled center of the circular parterre, Mr. Wendt pointed out a copy of the "Dancing Faun" statue from Pompeii. From here there is a view through an alle of boxwood to a pond he is building, which he plans to stock with fish and lily pads. He led a visitor down a set of steps at the end of the pool to the woodland garden at the bottom of the sloping grounds, then doubled back to another path behind the pavilion, where boxwood was planted in an abstract, swirling pattern. "I needed some whimsy," Mr. Wendt said. "It's French embroidery, if you will. I borrowed it from Manoir d'Eyrignac in the Prigord region." The backdrop to this landscape is a stand of majestic oaks that "we are very blessed to have," he said. "I love the dappled light through the monotone greens in the afternoon. We took our color cues for the interior of the house from the bark and the greenish-gray of the lichens." He headed back inside to consult Mr. MacGregor about getting lobster rolls for lunch, and Mr. MacGregor offered his own perspective on the landscape design. "The garden is all Ron's, but I always have an opinion," he said. "Ron's biggest challenge is patience. He sees the imperfections. He can always find something he can improve. As great as that is, it kind of makes me bananas. I sometimes come out and say, 'You are done.' " Nevertheless, the garden offers the couple much-needed tranquillity, a respite from their chaotic lives. And when Mr. Wendt is at their apartment on the Upper West Side or their office in the flower district, he thinks about the garden constantly. "It's like a friend waiting for me," he said.

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