Common Questions for Table and Chair Covers

1. The usage of Porch vs. Patio duplicate

This is more under the purview of architectural and building nomenclature as far as distinction is concerned. Here you are:in mind that the regional differences in word usage can often be on account of varying climates. For instance, New Englanders experience many types of inclement weather, and often have porches which are covered, so that they can be enjoyed for most of the year. On the other hand, people in Nevada often have patios as it is most often sunny, and there is no need for a covering. Respectively, a region will usually generalize to the most common structure, and so New Englanders (I am one myself) will often use porch for veranda or even sometimes deck.Hope this helps!


2. Is a suitable url for a board and CARD games site?

I personally think "Table Top Games" is the most inclusive and strictly correct term that covers the scope of the site. It could easily include board games, card games, dice games*, and miniatures games. I believe that the best chance of getting out of beta may include a merger with rpg.


com. I'm not sure how that community feels about it, but really, the latest edition of D&D goes back to its miniatures roots more strongly than ever. Roleplay is certainly in flavour with some Collectible Card games, even if it isn't typical for the players to actually "role-play".There are certainly a wide variety of different games that are played on top of a table, generally seated, and many players of older and revered "thinking" games may chafe at the thought of casting a wider net, as might the casual card players, or hardcore rpg-ersbut I think the tent can be wide like Stack Overflow was.

If "Board and Card Games" or "Table Top Games" sounds clunky perhaps we can come up something evocative? There are several stack exchange sites that grew up to have their own name:,,, seasonedadvice.comI was thinking that the majority of the games we talk about are basically turn-based, be they cards or board games. A phrase like "" or "" would sound evocative and be fairly instantly memorable. Alas, those domains were taken when I searched. Maybe a variation on that could be discovered?Inspired by the granddaddy of these sites,, I thought something like tableoverflow.

com might work. I'm imagining a logo with a table with two chairs, overflowing with game boxes, pieces, cards, poker chips, and so forthI took the liberty of squatting the domain, lest someone dastardly took it. If there is no interest in this idea, I'll just use it to host warnings of bad HTML table design or somethingguffaw* I've often wondered about this. Obviously questions about Yahtzee, Roll through the Ages, and even Poker Dice belong here. Are they, strictly speaking, board games? What about Mah Jong? Or Dominoes? Clearly they're of the same genre


3. Is this concept of Non-self correct?

I think I got what you're saying. Correct me if I'm wrong ...You're observing:Your conclusion out of these observations:You're observing:Your conclusion out of these observations:Your final conclusion out of all these observations:A 'not self'. If A B C, it follows 'not self' B C.Or ...Universe 'not self'. If universe mind body, it follows 'not self' mind body.

Or .

..'not self' universe mind bodyOr .

..'not self' allThis is all very good.

Your concept has driven you to the truth. Now you need to experience it yourself.

Why not just close your eyes and perceive.Whatever you perceive, that which you perceive is not you. Why it's not you? Because it's perceived! If it can be perceived, it CANNOT BE you.

Then why not just open your eyes and perceive. Whatever you perceive, that which you perceive is not you. Why it's not you? Because it's perceived! If it can be perceived, it CANNOT BE you.

This experience is worth more than all the concepts put together.Once you experience it ... once you know with experience what is not self ... you'll be ready to investigate not self and experience how from not self comes 'becoming'. Once you experience it .

.. once you know with experience how and why there is becoming ... Nirvana will follow


4. How to invite terminal ill / very sick friends to a party?

One counter argument that comes to mind instantly is: not inviting those people to the party just because they are terminally ill is much worse. It's almost like treating them as they were already dead.If you think that inviting those people will somehow force them to come, you can turn the affirmative sentence into a question, e.

g. "do you think you can make it?", and reassure them it won't cause any trouble if they have to cancel later on. Better yet, don't request an answer (truth is, they don't know if they can come), just tell them you hold a place for them in case they can make it.To reiterate, being invited to a party is a pleasure for most people, even if they cannot come. Not being invited can hurt people who expected an invitation, and not being invited because they are deemed too sick to come is borderline offensive


5. Is there a reason why a country would only use open negotiations?

Media Leaks.The country has a very large bureaucracy, with hundreds of individuals directly involved in negotiations, and thousands indirectly. It only takes one individual out of these hundred to leak a draft trade deal to the media, who will exaggerate and distort anything the public might find controversial. The leakers are motivated by money, politics, and don't fear releasing confidential information as they know they're very unlikely to be caught and prosecuted.

After several high profile, secret negotiations being torpedoed by the court of public opinion, the country decides that action must be taken. However, it's not possible to reduce the number of individuals with access to this confidential information. Officials from various government departments require individual representatives, due to the complex nature of the talks. Additionally, there are many devolved regional governments, who all want a say in the negotiations. The information is going to leak, so why not control it on their terms, by televising all talks with foreign entities? The country can no longer be accused of making back room deals, and any aggressive tactics from foreign negotiators risk causing a diplomatic incident.Additionally the negotiating position of the country is now strengthened, as the public expects that red lines must not be crossed, and that the initially stated goals must be achieved. And of course, the whole thing is portrayed as a great victory for democracy and open government, rather than a cynical attempt at damage limitation


6. Why were AD&D modules designed for so many player characters?

For another perspective, it was a basic assumption that every PC would have 1 or more NPC henchmen. So having 6-8 characters did not assume that they would all be player characters


7. How do I build a house for my NPCs?

In addition to the other answers, it might be worth noting that your house can sometimes be too small even in its smallest allowed size.This happened to me when I built 6 block by 6 block houses and the doors had been opened towards the interior of the house. This seemingly shrinks its size (I assume that's because an open door counts as wall).

I recommend building slightly bigger houses to compensate for this, or else NPCs won't respawn unless you close the doors


8. Getting Past Phonetic Limitations closed

If I remember correctly, humans and aliens in the movie District 9 express themselves in their respective languagesthey have learnt the other species's language without being able to vocalize it themselves. Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has the babel fish. Farscape has translator microbes


9. Multiple Room 101's in 1984

Within the text of 1984 we see repeated references to subjects being either threatened with or physically taken to "Room 101" in the Ministry of Love. Tellingly, when Winston finally ends up there we don't actually see a room number on the door despite the the detail to which Orwell goes in describing the room.Although it's a well known story that Orwell was inspired to name the room after his own room at the BBC (where he was forced to sit through interminable meetings) there's no in-universe confirmation that the room in 1984 was a single room, rather than a multi-use dungeon area. The absence of a numbered door in the text strongly suggests that Room 101 isn't actually a specific room within the building but rather just a code for "torture him/her"

Common Questions for Table and Chair Covers 1

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