Cotton Bed Sheets Help?

sorry honey, but wrinkled cotton bed sheets are just that way. All cottons love to wrinkle. My egyptian cotton sheets are the same way. I just sleep in them that way. I would iron them if I was ever trying to impress anyone.

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1. anyone attest to a good wrinkle cream product for middle age lady?

L'OREAL... makes a great cream called.. Revitalift complete. It really works and it is light and not oily. It is the best I have found. You can purchase it at most retail or drug stores, like Walmart or CVS

2. I am 21 and have dry skin. I have very puffy eyes, under eye circle and fine wrinkle line.?

Using sunscreen under your eyes will make your eyes sag more. Wear sunglasses or use a sunscreen with the highes SPF on the market (usually what is used on children)

Cotton Bed Sheets Help? 2

3. Why would the whites of your eyes fold or wrinkle, not the skin or eyelid?

I would make an appointment with an eye doctor, he will knows what the causes could be but as you already put her to the ER she probably knows by now what it was. I never heard about such an strange thing..

4. Wrinkles in your 20s! my first wrinkle- help?!?

if you do not mind me asking how are are you? One of the leading causes of aging is your diet

5. What type of anti-wrinkle cream for 20-somethings?

Wei East Eyes Alive found at

6. Help!! Eye wrinkle and dry skin problem!!!!?

u might be allergic to your tears i use to take a visine like substance for my eyes and every time i would cry or rub my eyes and make them water my skin was incredibly irritable and left red blotches after the blotches dried it would flake make sure you do not touch your face as much as possible the most bacteria found on a person's body is there hands because we touch with them like tables, doorknobs, and other stuff that other people may have touched and what if they did not wash their hands also use lots of sunscreen no matter if it's in winter or summer if the sun is out put it on also drink lots of water and you will see some definite changes

7. How we can removes the wrinkle s from the face?

Make sure your face is always properly moisturized and avoid doing things that damage and age the skin like exposing your face to too much sun, etc

8. What is the best anti-wrinkle/dark circle eye cream for me?

Well, I personally use eye serum that has eyeliss and haloxyl and some pure oils. It's worthwhile to be sure that the best eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles is pure by examining the elements list. Ensure there are no any artificial ingredients in it because artificial ingredients may give you unwanted effects and you do not need to go in that direction.

9. i'm in high school but have wrinkle under my eye. what would be a best anit-wrinkle cream that's cheap?

wrinkles are caused far too deep in the skin for any kind of cream to penetrate.

10. Do you drive to work topless because you don't want to wrinkle your shirt before work?

I drive to work on my bicycle because I do not want to get my car dirty

11. What is the best anti-aging/wrinkle cream out there at an inexpensive price?

Shoot! They are all the same! Just clean; moisturize and protect and your skin will be fine! I used to buy really expensive Department Store cosmetics. Bookoo Bucks. But forget it! I use Aveeno & buy it all WalMart! I hear Oil of Olay products are rated very high on the research lists

12. Is it fine for a 14 year old girl to use anti wrinkle cream?

The darker your skin, it seems, the longer it will take for you to show wrinkles as you age. I have no idea why that is, except its something to do with melanin levels. Most serious anti-wrinkle creams are designed to keep the outer layer of skin heavily moisturised and if you are both teenage and tan, I think that might be too rich for your skin. Treat your skin delicately, never drag at it with a face cloth or towel, if you use make-up choose eye pencils that slide on easily. Drink plenty of water, that cleans and protects your skin from the inside out. Finally, if you really want to protect your skin with a little bit of cream, use a light, non-greasy cream, preferably an organic one with no chemical preservatives (because they end up in your skin), and make sure it has a good sun protection factor. At your age, even with good melanin levels, it would not hurt to get into the habit of protecting your skin from sun damage, especially as fluorescent light tubes have the same effect, so these days we get sun damage indoors too!

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Queen Size Bed Sheets Set by Nestl - Deep Pocket 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - 1800 Hotel Luxury Soft Doub
Queen Size Bed Sheets Set by Nestl - Deep Pocket 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - 1800 Hotel Luxury Soft Doub
No worries about pet nails and claws!Our bedding is less likely to tear or snag, even when you share your bed with your pets.So go ahead, build a pillow fort and snuggle inside with your best friend.Lightweight, breathable and cool to the touch, our dreamy, soft bedding will create an unforgettable sleeping experience!Upgrading your bedroom décor has never been so easy and affordable!Tips to avoid getting wrinkles?Using a moisturiser targeted at minimising wrinkles and preventing them could help- maybe a brand like Olay, No 7 or Nivea? Also, staying hydrated can really improve skin, and eating healthily helps lots too!What is good for skin wrinkles?For best and quickest results massage them quite vigorously using any natural oil. Olive oil works well for many. Beauticians and others have fostered the idea that massage should only be done very gently but in my own practice and for many who have used it there has been only beneficial results. If still hesitant, then vigorously massage one part of face like the forehead and see the results. Do it over and over with a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers depending where on face you massage (a circular one will not be effective). First tighten or flex skin by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against the teeth. Build up to 30 min a day massage - not necessarily in one session. Depending on how vigorous/how long you do it you will see clear diminishing in about a week. Keep up treatment and overtime they will fade even more. You will be amazed at its effectiveness. If massage entire face, it will rid it of all blemishes and give you a flawless glowing skin and you will look much younger and healthier. Many have benefited from treatment - you will find glowing reports in my many Best Answers. I WISH YOUR MUM THE BEST . Mukunda..How to prevent wrinkles at a young age?Makeup does not create wrinkles; it's the way you put it on. I do not pull my eyelids at all. I somehow work my eyeliner through. Anyway, I am 16 atm and I actually started using a HYDRATING eye cream at age 14. Hydrating really prevents wrinkles so make sure you use a good eye cream and face moisturizer. Especially during winter. The eye cream I used is Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating eye cream($6.99 at Target). I am trying to give you the best inexpensive products I use for you since you are 14. I have not found a great moisturizer for the winter, but in the summer, I use Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer. I do not remember the price. As for your acne, you should use Clean & Clear Persa-gel 10. I think it's $7.99 and ELF Zit Zapper for $1. All from Target. Do not directly use the rollerball because bacteria can go on it. Instead, roll it on your finger and then dab it on the pimples. Do not stress about wrinkles that much. Just always remember to moisturize and do not tug your faces while applying makeup. You can also use anti-wrinkle products. Not necessary, but great for preventing early.How to get rid of new wrinkles?Hey, my dear, you are NOT ageing prematurely. Some people get grey hair strains in their early thirties, some get them later. So why worry? Do not spend your money on anti-aging products, because that's not what you are. Age with pride, that's what I say. Eat well, drink well, clothe well (imagine how many nice clothes you can buy for the money you would spend on cosmetics and diets), and just be happy to be yourselfHow to remove wrinkles under the eye effectively?I hate to break it to you, but Botox Cosmetics is the best option, especially if your crow's feet wrinkles are deeply defined because of sun damage or because you've an expressive face. OTC topical products can only improve mild to soft crow's feet wrinkles. Plus, the most important thing is that you MUST wear sunscreen; otherwise, all of your effort will be in vain. Regardless of price and quality of a treatment product for wrinkles, if you do not wear sunscreen daily and properly, then you will always have crow's feet amongst other sun-induced skin problems. Your skin is pale, so the sun is your worst enemy. Botox Cosmetics is better than laser treatments because it directly paralyzes the facial muscles and smooth out the crow's feet wrinkles within a week. Laser takes several treatments in a span of months to boost collagen production and retexturize skin. There's no such thing as a permanent solution - PERIOD. There's no such thing as the fountain of youth. (Anyone who finds it will be the richest person alive!) You should always maintain the health and quality of your skin throughout your entire lifetime IF you want to be wrinkle-free and young. Prevention is KEY. I do not know what products you've used, so I can not comment on them. But, one thing is for sure, expensive does not mean better! There are expensive products that do work. Then, again, not to sound like a broken record, but, if you do not wear sunscreen, it will be a waste of money and product. For more information, email me. Go to my profile page and click on the mail icon next my to avatar. I can answer emails when I am free.
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