COVID19 Precautions Learn How to Disinfect Your Mattress, Bed Sheet and Pillow

The Corona Virus or the COVID-19 has probably taught us one thing for sure — there is nothing such as 'too clean' or 'the cleanest'. There is always room for better cleaning and better hygiene. And that is how we have started questioning hygiene of possibly every item in our household — bedding making it to the top of the list!

COVID19 Precautions  Learn How to Disinfect Your Mattress, Bed Sheet and Pillow 1

Which household cleaner would be the best to use to wash your car?

Household Items To Wash Car

For a household kitchen, is there any benefit in having an electric carving knife?

I would not advise cutting bread with it. I use mine for cutting meats, such as ham or turkey

COVID19 Precautions  Learn How to Disinfect Your Mattress, Bed Sheet and Pillow 2

Who can I speak to about getting out of an abusive household to live with someone else at 17?

yes you can move out. if she do call the cope on your friends. then when the cops get to you. tell them whats going on with you and you mother. and you dont think that you can go back living with her. that there is no telling what she will do to you. but i dont know where you live so i dont really know the laws there. but you can call like a dss or something and ask then. you are 17. so there for you can get a job and pay for you car, and ins. it will be hard. but i believe in you. im sure that you can do it. just call around, like to the shefti or dss and ask them what can you do. and if she cant get your friends in trouble for let you move in. i dont think that she can but just ask before you do anything. and if they say yes they can. call dss and tell them whats going on. and they will get you the help that you need

how much does the average household spend on laundry a week?

I can tell you it depends on the size of the family, the availibility of a washer/dryer, etc. When I did my washing at the laundrymat, it used to cost me about $30 dollars every two weeks, plus about $10 in supplies monthly, plus 3 hours of time. I had to use half of my day off to get it all packed up, sorted, washed, and brought home. Total cost: $70 monthly Now, we have a washer/dryer in our apartment, I do one load of laundry every day. I buy 1 bottle of laundry detergent every other week ($3 at walmart for the extra concentrated stuff), one package of dryer sheets a month (about $5 tops, I've paid less though) and about $10 per month for other supplies (stain treatments, liquid softeners, oxyclean every 2 months, etc). Total cost: about $30 monthly

I'm jealous when I see other people with happy families because I grew up in an abusive household. How do I get past this?

When you say jealous, I think what you actually are feeling is sense of feeling inferior to those people who grew up in such homes. When we see, what appears to be happier families, we often imagine their children being better equipped to handle life and all its challenges. I must stress that looks can be very deceiving when we see families from an outsider's point of view. I grew up in a very happy and healthy home with very mature and responsible parents that loved each other. Despite having this, I can tell you personally that I am no better equipped than you or anyone else out there. (Having parents that show love to their children does not guarantee that their children are able to digest such love. )I believe that every soul that chooses to be born on this planet comes here for it's own reasons and wants to experience something new and different from their previous lives on earth. You may have already had previous lives on this planet where you had a loving family to grow up under and you probably experienced all that such a life had to offer to the point where your soul wanted to experience something new and more challenging. Those other children that you see in such homes are on a completely different path than you this time around. If a duckling compared himself to monkey he's going to feel really inadequate because he can not climb tree's as well as the monkey can, but that is not his path. The duckling is designed to fly not climb.No, I am not bullshitting you nor trying to cheer you up. Their is actually scientific and documented evidence of children recalling past lives so accurately that it will scare you

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