Easy Ways to Add Five-star Designer Appeal

Plush towels and ceramic accessories can add five-star appeal to bathrooms.Source:SuppliedIF you are limited in time and money, there are simple improvements that will make an instant and impressive difference to your home.Rather than structural changes that can eat into your budget and take longer than expected, some small decorative touches will give your home a polished look with minimal expense.Artwork Whether you want to keep your walls simple and hang one large, dramatic piece above a fireplace, sofa or hall table, or create an entirely different look with a "gallery" style wall of art, both will make a huge difference. Art has a way of making a home appear finished and grown up.It doesn't have to be expensive, either. It can be as simple as a beautiful piece of framed or stretched fabric, or your children's artworks framed and hung in a collection. You could also enlarge a creative image of an exotic destination from your travels, hang charming antique plates in a group, or use a favourite wallpaper in multiple frames.Tile paintResurfacing has become a huge trend because it is effective, affordable and fast. Gone are the days when the paint would scratch off in a few months.Resurfacing is perfect for updating kitchens and bathrooms on a budget.LightingUpdated lighting can work wonders to improve a room. If you can't replace lights, some new shades on pendant or table lamps will help.B ed linenQuality bed linen gives a sophisticated feel to any bedroom. High thread count linen gives an air of luxury. I like all white in a bedroom because it is the most serene, fresh and stylish colour.If you wish, you can add colour and texture in cushions, but when selling avoid fully patterned bed covers as they are overpowering.Gloss paintGlossy, white paintwork on trims has a designer effect in a room. It lifts the feeling of a room by reflecting light and imparting a shiny, chic look.Matching towels and bathroom accessoriesLike good quality bed linen, a few plush bath towels will give a bathroom five-star appeal. Ensure that they are matching in colour - white, cream, black or charcoal are all good options.Invest in some ceramic or glass toothbrush holders, handwash dispensers and cups that will give your bathroom a hotel style.Fresh flowers and scented candlesIn any room in your home, fresh flowers and a lightly scented candle will make a big difference for little money. If you have the budget for only one area, focus on the entry or living room as this creates a lasting first impression.New rugsMask unsightly stains or scratched floors with a stylish rug to give your home a new look.- Juliet Love is a stylist and interior designer who runs her own business, Love Style

Easy Ways to Add Five-star Designer Appeal 1

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