Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Black Chair Cover

1. I am getting married late Dec. The venue we rented is basically a big open room w/columns! Need dec ideas plz You can really do a lot with tulle and lights....and it's cheap too!

Or here is something else...


2. how to not get caught sleeping in my car?

As long as your not sleeping behind the steering wheel, they can't do anything to you. BUT if you fall asleep behind the wheel, they can file charges against you. I am sorry your homeless. Is there anyway a relative can help you? While at the Library, ask about the Catholic Charity House. Or any Shelter, like the Salvation Army. Good luck to you and find a safe place to sleep. There are wierdo's out there and snoop into parked cars


3. is this the start of a good story pt 2?

that was just one big rectangle of writing. sorry, i couldnt be bothered reading past the first few sentences because it wasn't set out appealingy.

do some research on basic structure, and grammar and spelling while you're at it because (and this is going to sound really harsh) its really bad

PS. sparta is overused. its been pulled to its limits by movies like 300, so i recommend choosing a different old-fashioned name. is a good site for this


4. Do you think the Bin Laden fiasco shows that Americans are stupid?

I haven't heard anyone say terrorism is over. You have to realize that most Americans don't have a lot of say in what the government does or doesn't do. Yes we have the right to vote but that does not mean our elected officials do what we think they should do. Bin Laden DID accept responsibility for 9/11. Are you an American or are you referring to those who generalize and make inaccurate statements?


5. Do you like my prologue?

Please tell me you have more than just the prologue because I want to keep reading it (and find out what's going on here)!

It's good, but there was a tiny typo: "She was going in out consciousness". You might have it fixed on wherever you're writing the actually story, I don't really know. All I know is that there's a tiny typo.

But all in all it's good and I want to read more of it.


6. How to get mold out of baby stuff?

Wash it in hot and use a color safe bleach. I actually have this problem with my 9 month olds shirts. She drools so much all the time that I can't keep a dry shirt on her. If one of those damp shirts sits in the laundry basket longer than just overnight, they smell like mildew after they have been washed and dried. I found that washing them in hot water and making sure they are dried thoroughly takes the smell away. Good luck:)


7. What do you think of my wedding color scheme of choice?

I think that it is a great color scheme, but maybe a bit fall-like (think red, brown, yellow, and orange leaves). If that is what you are going for, it is really beautiful. Many brides do that scheme.

You could also try red and gold like this: Red and purple, like this: Red and cream, like this: Good luck with your wedding planning!!


8. Question about going to Dentist; Will award best answer?

Wait your 6 months if it doesn't hurt, but in the mean time brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. and then when you see your dentist tell him/her about the black lines, so make your appointment now because there are a waiting list..So I hope this help and you don't have to post this again, Just let us know AFTER your dentist visit how it went.

.so good luck and don't be scare the dentist will knock you out..)


9. how do you spray paint black bedroom furniture white?


the steps are simple: sand it (- first with a 250 grit sand paper, - wipe with a dry cloth, - then with a 120-140 grit sand paper, - repeat wiping), finish it and paint/spray it. Just take care: if you apply white on black, you may experience shades. This may happen even if your paint is of high quality. The only solution for this problem is to paint three layers. That should cover the paint underneath.

Lloyd Burrell



10. Hi everyone. Can you kindly help me to test the speed of my website.?

Loads reasonably fast. Seems to work ok. Just a little fyi I'd change they dark blue on the about page so something a little brighter, so that it will be easier to read. As well the images on that page are cutting off/covering the words up. The blues not bad (I like the color, and I like it on the black bg) but as I was leaning back in my chair I could barely distinguish the words at all.

Good job.


11. What's hangin on ur wall where you sit at your computer right now?

A clock and an Arkansas Wildlife calender hanging on the wall.

Couch behind me and the carpet is dark blue.

I have Snoopy stuff on shelf on one side, CDs and knick knacks on the bookshelf on the other side.

I have a printer, speakers, a snowman jar with Cherry Cordial Hersheys Kisses, a desk lap, phone with answering machine, a coaster with a Sonic cup, a picture of my dad when he was in Afghanistan, and a file organizer on my computer desk.


12. Cheaper way to decorate this chair for reception (Picture provided)?

if you have time you could go to a store that sells material and buy couple yard of sheer pink and black material like curtain material and tie then to the back.

or you could get those really big bows and have then tape or pinned to the back.

or you could make sash and lay them over the chair.

you could also go to and type in chair covers and look at the way in which they tie them

good luck


13. I want to paint 3 canvas chairs that have mildew on them; What is the cheapest way?

Look for a rubberized paint to keep out more moisture. It's around $10 a can. I've seen them in a rainbow of colors at either a Lowe's or Home Depot. Any paint used will make the canvas hard and uncomfortable to sit on unless you add cushions.

Maybe using Rit Dye would be cheaper to cover any stains left by the mildew and it would retain the flexibility of the canvas. Spray with ScotchGuard to seal color in and water out.


14. How can I make my room look cool without spending any money?

For lights: get some cheap Chinese lanterns. they've always seemed cool

decorate your white board in bright colored write in big letters your favorite song lyrics

get several posters of your favorite bands...that has always been original. I get mine from FYE at a decent price if you have ever heard of that. Or a any music store.

i would totally remove the duck tape but thats just me ;)

if possible get more pillows on your bed

the guitars rock!


15. Help with items for an unfurnished apartment?

Free advice for do it yourself decorating: Do your bedroom first, that way whatever decorating adventures you get into you will turn in to a beautiful finished room. Check out bedding at, I suggest investing in a headboard and nice bedcovers,, with cheap walmart sheets and thrift store dresser hidden in the closet, look for interesting lamps while you are out at thrift stores this will give you a head start on a tight budget. Hope this helps, congratulations on your new home.


16. Where can I buy or rent pretty table cloths and chair covers for a cheap price?

This Site Might Help You.


I'm having a wedding in August and I decided to go with the classy black and red theme. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find nice and classy chair covers/table cloths? I'd much rather rent, but if it's cheaper to buy I'll definitely do that. Just whatever's the...


17. How should I paint my chair?

I have a suggestion, its not a painting though. One of my friends covered one of her tables and some chairs with wallpaper. I thought it was original and looked awesome. She used a black wallpaper with some white print on it that looked almost bandana-ish. The cool thing is that it didn't look painted or wallpapered. It looked like it was made like that. I think there is some videos on youtube on how to wallpaper furniture and make it look legit also.


18. Getting ready to paint my apartment, tips?

You can buy a red devil paint scraper and use it on the floors. That should get up all the loose paint and any parking lot gravel. As for the cracks, there's nothing you can do, unless you want to scrap it out with a knife or some other tool and then fill them with a floor leveling compound. that's still a lot of work but if you do it a room at a time, it may not be so bad. Good luck


19. Questions for a story that I'm writing?

First, yes I like Chastity :)

Second, I can't help with actual content because i believe the story should be %100 yours :)

However, I can provide advice for you. Based off of the content you provided, it seems linear and sequential, which isn't necessarily bad, but adding some foreshadowing and events that aren't tied directly to the main plot will help give the story depth and keep your readers interested in continuing :)

Have fun, and sorry I can't give you ideas!!


20. How to remove layers of paint from chair railing?

Paint stripper. Wear heavy, chemical proof gloves. Protect the surrounding wall and floors. Be patient and work slowly. If you get in a rush you will mess up the surrounding walls and/or floors. Not an easy process. Once the paint is removed you will need to sand the wood several times. Gradually increase the grit of the sand paper. The higher the grit the finer the sand. When your rail has a soft, satiny feel it is ready to stain and seal.

Good luck


21. I am planning on getting married next year, and was just looking for some input on the colors I have chosen.?

I think baby blue and black sounds great. Just think of anyone else who has used baby blue and another color, but have had the guys wear black tuxes with the blue vest or least that's how I've always thought of it. Although it wont be considered an official "wedding color", you may want to consider an additional color for accents. Even if its just white or silver. It will give you a bit more leeway with decorations


22. Need help decorating my living room.... (Pictures Included)?

I would move the black sofa to the end of the bed and push it up against the bed, facing the television. You might have to move the red sofa just a bit closer to the book case. And put the chair where the black sofa is. But move the table out some so that people can sit at the red sofa.

And yes, get a coordinating rug. Perhaps a plaid cover on the black sofa that has black and red would bring it all together.


23. Teens: What does your bedroom look like?

My bedroom is a little small, walls are pink and white stripes.

See photo: I like it :)

I'm 16 years old and I've had my bedroom since I was 12. It's a very girly room.

I have pink and white curtains. Not a walk-in closet but yes I do have a wardrobe. I do not have a TV :( if I did, I'd spend my life in my bedroom :P

I have a queen sized bed x)

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