Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Hotel Bedding Manufacturers

1. Bed Bugs: Am I paying for an exterminator I don't need?

Bed bug exterminations can cost thousands of dollars. If you live in an apartment, it might be futile if the neighboring apartments aren't fumigated too. Your parents might not have the money


2. what are venetian mirror? can i get it in a bulk from manufacturer?

Venetian mirrors are a special type of mirrors that originated in Italy. During 16th century, the city of Venice, which was famous for its glass making expertise, became a centre for mirror manufacturing using special techniques. That led to the birth of 'Venetian mirrors.' Each piece of Venetian furniture is carefully hand etched, cut, beveled, and polished to perfection. Finely crafted Venetian mirrors are an object de art and are elegant as well as expensive. Venetian mirrors can enhance the ambience surrounding it. It adds royal looks to the interiors. Venetian mirrors of various designs and dimensions are available in market these days. They are a perfect fit to suit any distinct requirement. Venetian mirrors can elegantly adorn the walls in living room, bed room, bathroom as well as lobbies, halls and porticos. Venetian mirrors are aesthetically essential for hotels, showrooms, exhibition halls and designer houses. Now authentic Venetian mirrors are available in India at Venetian Design. For more info log on to


3. My boss act lijke an az.zhole. How to deal with it?

There are only TWO ways to solve your problem ONE,if you have the ZEAL to complete your internship then better ADJUST to the situation till you achieve your GOAL TWO, quit the place n concentrate on Hotel management! all the best


4. Israelis: What do you think of Rishon LeZion?

Rishon LeZion is a modern city. A wide ranging, state-of-the-art communications network is in place. High technology companies are moving to the city at a breakneck pace. Beautiful parks have been planted on thousands of acres and the citys magnificent new cultural center is in place. Rishon LeZion is ready for a new and wonderful era. We find ourselves at the beginning of an unprecedented technological revolution one that is aleady improving the quality of life beyond our wildest dreams. New factories look and are different and our work methods and consumption habits are changing rapidly and radically for the better. The quality of the environment has improved immeasurably. Urban life is more convenient. Healthier. Easier. More fun. Education An educational model that was successfully implemented at the Kramim school focuses on the development of the individual. In order to help our children think for themselves and enable them to cope with problems and challenges, Rishons municipality has adopted this model for all its educational institutions. Industry New factories are smaller, smarter, and much more efficient. Today, Rishons industrial parks are home to a growing number of compact factories that export high tech products. Many factories with large work forces will probably disappear and industry will most likely focus on customized products. Integrating Industry With Edustry Education The plan is to integrate Rishons high-tech factories with universities and research institutes that provide manufacturers with strong research and development backbones. Factory empolyees will enjoy flexible working hours and people should have more time for recreation and their families. Better working conditions are expected to improve the quality of life for all Rishonites. Health Services: Rishon LeZions municipality always plans for the wall being of its residents. All new neighbornoods are designed to include areas devoted to on the spot clinics and family health centers, enabling israels four major health services to provide efficient, close-to-home services. Rishons residents also benefit from the proximity of the Assaf Harofe Hospital. With state-of-the-art testing facilities, surgery departments, the most up to date therapies and 850 beds, this is the third largest hospital in Israel. The Environment The city places special emphasis on quiet, pleasant, clean air surroundings. Thousands of trees planted in Rishon over the last ten years have already made Rishon bouth green landscape. In many other cities, nature is gradually being forced to retreat before the onslaughts of building contractors. In a much greener Rishon, however, pollution levels are dropping. The introdution of electrically driven cars and the areas new electrically driven suburban train will provide even cleaner and clearer air and Rishonites will enjoy the amenities of modern city life along with a healthy environment. Tourism Rishons new tourism complex along the seashore will be a major attraction. Tourists who come for the clean water, clear skies and warm sun will enjoy comfortable hotels, superb sports and resort facilities colorful entertainment and commercial centers and many opportunities to visit fascinating historical and archeological sites. Tourism will most likely become one of the citys most important sources of income. The future holds many wonderful things in store. If we read the signs correctly and act together to translate them intoan effective plan of action, we will endow Rishon with a higher standard of living and turn this great city into a place for people who seek to live a wonderful life. More info


5. where do hotels get their decor?

It differs from hotel to hotel. Each chain has a designer on staff. Their job is to buy in quantity and get a good price. Sometimes they buy direct from manufacturers, other times they purchase from wholesalers related to the hotel business. If there is something you see that you are interested in, try to contact the purchasing department of the hotel chain. They may be able to refer you to their source. Some hotels are getting into the business of selling their furnishings. Many hotels sell beds because their guests like them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Hotel Bedding Manufacturers 1

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