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10 Best Hand Towels in India that Absorbs Really Well

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If you are already familiar with the nasty odour caused by dampness and sweat, you will know how important a hand towel can be. Normally, it is placed beside wash basins or carried on a person when lugging a big bath towel is not an option.

The small and compact size of hand towels let you carry one wherever you go. It's a fantastic hygiene product that mops up moisture and spillage leaving the surface bone dry in minutes.

But did you know not every towel can be the best hand towel in India? Which is why I will be helping you find one that suits your needs and having better water-wicking qualities.

They may be relatively cheaper, but the quality of cotton, pressing techniques, quick-drying, and antibacterial qualities are among things used to judge the best hand towels in India.

10 Best Hand Towels in India to Buy Online

Hand towels have a variety of qualities and they are mostly cheaper so you can buy as much as you want to stack it besides the washbasin or your purse. Nevertheless, here's the complete guide to picking the best hand towels in India you can order online:

Hands down to the Heelium Bamboo hand towel because it's skin-friendly and machine washable. While washing mild detergent in lukewarm water will rinse away dirt and bacteria. The only caveat is to not use a fabric softener because it tends to clog gaps in the cloth fibre.

It's made entirely from bamboo fibres and I would say it's one of the best highlights of the helium Bamboo hand towel.

The bamboo material inhibits bacterial growth and feels soft to touch. It has better moisture-wicking properties than other products. If you have skin sensitivity, you wo not regret ordering the Heelium Bamboo hand towel.

My Verdict: I would recommend Heelium Bamboo hand towel because it absorbs water quickly, smells great after laundry, feels soft to touch, and is hygienic to use on sensitive skin. So if you are out in the gym sweating out, it's good to keep one handy.

Palatial Lifestyles launched hand towels that redefine luxury. It's a regular sight in posh hotels because it's effective at cleaning water and moisture off the surfaces whether skin, metal, wood, or tiles.

Palatial Lifestyles hand towel is made of the highest quality cotton without mixed fabric. It's a zero-twist yarn which is also soft. Whether you are a gym addict, sportsperson, or an outdoor enthusiast it works perfectly in a sweaty situation.

The edges are perfectly reinforced to prevent the separation of fibers. The maker of this hand towel has tested it to its limits to ensure toughness even after repeated hand wash.

My Verdict: Laundry is the ultimate test a hand towel goes through. It must continue retaining all properties it came with without degrading because of detergents.

That said, Palatial Lifestyle is a cut above the rest with all the best qualities you can ask for without buying a replacement in short intervals. Certainly, one of the best hand towels in India.

Fresh from Loom's hand towel is a classic product if you love a warm hand towel that feels soft to touch and premium in quality. This ubiquitous towel is found everywhere from premium hotels to homes because of its quality.

Getting your face cleaned and mopped in this towel feels pleasant and rejuvenating. It can be extremely comforting to use in winters especially when you want the water off your exposed face to avoid catching a cold.

The cotton fibre is lint-free and does not trap the detergent particles. Plus, it does not shrink with repeated wash which is what most are particular about while choosing a hand towel

My Verdict: If you want an easy-to-wash hand towel that also dries quickly without being smelly, you should consider putting your money on Fresh from Loom's hand towel. The anti-shrink and lint-free weaving extends the fabric life so you can see long service life.

The Turkish Bath cotton striped towel can be used to mop water from the face as well as hands. Ergo, it's a functional kitchen and bath towel. The stitching and weaves are well made so the edges wo not come undone with regular use.

If you are particular about owning a cotton hand towel, you do not be disappointed because the Turkish Bath's hand towel is 100% premium cotton.

The knitted patterns and amazing colour combinations make it appear unique. Come laundry time, and you can easily wash off dirt stains and oil with a small scoop of detergent.

You would not have to worry about lint coming off the fabric or the colour fading because it's specially made to be durable.

My Verdict: If a bath towel is not made of cotton, it's likely to become weak, wrinkled, and faded but not Turkish bath cotton stripe hand towel.

It is made of the best breed of cotton and its durability is evident from first use. The softness of fibre is a guarantee I wo not cause rashes under vigorous rubbing. These are certainly one of the best hand towels in India.

Now you can make your home quarantine a spa-like experience by getting yourself a Swiss Republic Signature hand towel. It is a luxurious hygiene product used in top hotels in India. You can leave it hanging beside the washbasin or place it at the bottom of your bed to quickly grab after a face wash.

If you are thinking about what to gift a newlywed couple, the Swiss Republic 4 piece hand towel is a great choice to consider especially if you love being pampered in the lap of luxury. The fluffy Egyptian cotton quickly wicks away water residing from any surface leaving the surface dry.

Do not worry about cotton strands getting stuck to your face after patting dry because the Swiss Republic's hand towel is 100% lint-free.

My Verdict: If I would a choice between Swiss Republic's Signature 4 hand towels and normal hand towels, I would always pick the former because from the get-go it feels premium.

Whether it's the weave, colour, or absorbency, it stands out from the rest. The 4 piece comes in unique diamond band patterns and colours than the plain Jane looks of ordinary towels.

Having a cotton washcloth brings several cleaning benefits because it's soft, stronger, and gentle on skin. That said, AmazonBasics Cotton face towel is a versatile hygiene product that can be used to mop spillage from the kitchen counter, teapoys, and other general areas.

It can be placed in the washroom linen closet so hands can be safely dried after sanitization. If you are someone who feels icky about wet palms after a sweaty gym workout, you need not think twice before getting yourself a hand towel from AmazonBasics.

The 12×12 inch dimension feels perfect for hands so it can be neatly folded into a compact size when not in use.

My Verdict: If anything, a washcloth AmazonBasics solves most people's need for a durable face towel that is not cheaply made.

The lint-free quality is something that most people prefer and that's exactly what you would find in the hand towel by AmazonBasics. You can buy a bundle and split it for your kitchen, gym, and bathroom.

Bombay Dyeing is India's oldest fabric dealer and the quality is where they've over and gain won over customers. 400GSM cotton hand towel is truly a remarkable product because it makes the daily chore seem like a cakewalk.

The 100% cotton fabric is breathable and moisture-absorbent so it completely wicks away moisture and spillage without leaving visible streaks.

If you intend to use one for drying your face after a vigorous face wash, you do not risk causing rashes to tender skin on your face. The cotton fibre, of which the whole cloth is made, is hypoallergenic so you wo not end up with a sneezing fit.

My Verdict: If you like your washcloth to be extra absorbent and soft, there is no better comfort product than the one from Bombay Dyeing.

Whether it's post-workout, kitchen spillage, or mopping face after a wash, the hand towel from Bombay Dyeing is truly a VFM product.

If you would only be swooned over by premium bath linen, hand towels from Casa Copenhagen is a fine choice for exquisite bath experience. All of Casa's hand towels are tailor-made for extravagance.

Edge-to-edge stitches do not appear jagged and are perfectly spaced to make the towel appear posh. Since the entire towel is made of breathable cotton, it's unlikely to promote mould or smelly bacteria.

The ultra softness and fluffiness are brought about by the low twist technology so it's lighter and quick-absorbing than most other towels.

You can comfortably use it every day in your bathroom, kitchen, or simply to clean spillage from places you intend to keep dry and hygienic.

My Verdict: Casa Copenhagen bath towels are made of premium cotton fabric that is lint-free and non-wrinkling. It feels plush and soft compared to other towels and is a favorite pick of many for that reason.

At 500GSM you are looking at SNAAN Luxury's premium hand towels that are closely knitted to absorb water and moisture off any surface without fuss.

It comes in a set of two and is a great add on to your bath closet, kitchen counter, or anywhere there is frequent spillage.

The towel is made of breathable and lint-free pure cotton. This is important because when the towel is not airy, it can become a hotbed for molds and bacteria that eventually enters your facial orifices when an improperly sanitized towel is used.

Snaan's hand towel is easy to clean and can be reused longer than most other towels and this is why it deserves a spot in this list of best hand towels in India.

My Verdict: If you are like me who loves luxurious printed towels for everyday use, then it might be worth considering Snaan's luxury parrots printed hand towel because it stands apart due to the quality of weaves and absorbing nature.

Lo and behold Yellow Weaves' microfiber hand towel. A remarkable kitchen and bath product that is made of high-quality microfiber.

It is super soft to touch and does not crinkle like other ordinary towels. It's a great product you can take to your gym and outdoors where drying hands after washing can be difficult.

It does exceptionally well at wicking water from countertops and your skin too. A remarkable product indeed for versatile cleaning experience.

My Verdict: Yellow Weaves hand towel is a premium breed that leaves your hand dry and free from moisture because the microfiber material absorbs water better than most cheap fabric. It instantly dries the hands and other body parts without a larger towel.

That sums up the compilation of the best hand towels in India. With so many varieties to choose from, the best begins and ends with this list because they have just the right features to make a great hygiene product and a buddy to your hands.

I've been careful in shortlisting towels that are made high-quality cotton and pressed to perfection to absorb water without leaving a trace.

All the 10 hand towels in this list can be laundered without fuss and dried quickly without leaving room for bacterial growth.

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