How Do You Fold a Big Bath Towel?

Assuming you mean on a bath rack to hang, this is what I do, seeing I have one: Fold the towel in half>Slip it over the rack, so half of each side is hanging from each side

How Do You Fold a Big Bath Towel? 1

1. Girls, if your EX transformed into a Bath Towel, What would you say to him?

Shut the f%#k up!

2. Survey: Do you use your Bath towel multiple times before washing it?

im sorry but using a towel once(especially if its more than one person)is very wasteful to me.we have have very hot summers and take showers 2-3 times a aday.i would be running the washer everyday just doing towels. the towels are wet constantly im sure because as kids they probably laid around on the floor all the time.seems senseless to me as does the fact of wearing an outfit once then washing it.if your that concened with the germs,did you wash off the keyboard or your phone before using it?.

How Do You Fold a Big Bath Towel? 2

3. how do I remove mold/mildew odor from a bath towel?

Try washing it in very hot water, & using bleach & detergent. If that does not work, toss it

4. is it alright to use the same bath towel more than once after bathing?

i use mine twice the wash them.. i dont see no harm in it

5. how often do you wash your bath towel?

I wash my bath towel everyday. Its not good to wait for a couple of days.Because of the molds. You cant see it clearly but its there. I mean the molds

6. How long do you use your bath towel before washing it?

bout every 2 days

7. How many times do you use the same bath towel?

I personality would not use the same towel twice. god knows what it has picked up germ wise while it has been sitting damp. There is nothing as nice a a lovely warm fluffy towel wrapped around you get some new towels .Catalogues and Argos does bales of towels which you usually get one large bath towel in it. Or go to a Primark store which does large bath towels both single each around 3.00 . I have a hair towel which wraps around you hair called a terry wrap most department stores sell them they are about 1.50 each and are most useful to take on holiday with as they are very small and you wrap them around and tuck in at the back they do not keep falling off and gives you time to dry the rest of your body with out your hair towel falling off all the time. Look after your self girl and pamper your self in good none expensive things . cause if your not good to your self no one out there will be

8. How many times can you use a bath towel before it is "dirty"?

I use mine 3 -4 times before washing them

9. What's the difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel - they're both towels, right?

They only differ in size and the bath sheet is larger

10. How often do you change your bath towel?

Eww... thats gross errr... i change it every day

11. Do you use a clean bath towel everytime you shower?

No, I usually try to use it twice

12. How can I kill the mildew odour on a bath towel?!?!?

theonesuna,you can come do my laundry. I HATE,HAAAATEEEEE doing laundry :) I also agree with the other posters. HOT water and bleach. Then make sure it's dried really good in the dryer.

13. How often should wash your bath towel? Is weekly good...I take 3-4 showers a week.?

When it smells

14. Do you use a clean bath towel everytime you shower?

I DO!!!! ITS CLEAN and NICE!!!!! yikes to all ppl who use it twice.....

15. If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again....?


16. Am i wasteful for only using a bath towel once after a shower and not reusing it?

That's very wasteful. That's wasting money and causing your water bill to shoot up. I get a new towel about every 2 weeks. Sometimes more. And your friend is right. Towels are clean. I think you need to listen to her

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Cleaning Hack Shows Just How Dirty Your Bath Towel Really Is
At least... that's what we thought before one man revealed just how dirty even a so-called 'clean' towel really is.Yep, Jared Guynes says he was shocked to see that his freshly cleaned towels were still covered in grime when his wife went to deep clean them.And his Facebook post, which shows the bath they were soaked in full of dirty water, has left people rattled, to say the least.Jared's wife had learnt about 'towel stripping' from YouTube - which is basically where you deep clean your towels with Arm & Hammer baking soda, borax, Oxi Clean, and hot water in a bathtub, and let them soak out all their excess grime overnight."In this case she took our collection of clean towels, let me say that again, the towels were totally clean, washed and folded and in the linen closet, completely clean, completely normal," he wrote."The story that she told me is that over the years of use, microscopic amounts of soap and detergent get locked in to the fibres of the towels."Subsequently that stuff gets gummed up and can also trap microscopic amounts of dirt and grime and bacteria, even after going through the washing machine with detergent."So after seeing someone else do it she decided to do the experiment on our own towels here in the tub."He warned: "The towels at your house, no matter how clean you think they are, are probably this nasty too".In the interest of transparency, Jared told followers of the post that his towels were blue and brown, so some of the colouring could have been dye.However, he added that when he tried the same trick with white towels, "the results were still a very concerning and disgusting looking grey....sort of like Cracker Barrel gravy or something."Jared's post now has over 144,000 'shares' on the platform, with many wanting to impart his wife's wisdom on their loved ones.How can I get my bath towels to smell good?Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the wash. Make sure the towels are completely dry. Vinegar is a great deodorizer, plus it works as a fabric softener. The vinegar smell dissipates as it dries, and it does not cause reactions on my skin, and I have very sensitive skin.How do I stop my bath towels from smelling moldy?Easy and cheap::> towels in washer, not too many, hot water, laundry soap, and white vinegar, do not be afraid to really dump some in there too. Let sit over night, finish cycle in the morning, extra rinse maybe, dry in dryer with dryer sheats, smile big after next bath or showerHow do you store your bath towels? (See Below)?in baskets rolled upwhere can i find bath towels?If you have a little time to wait...find out when JC Penny has their sale...I think they call it "White Sale" and you can get a huge bargain on really nice towels. For the price of a ok towel at Walmart, you can get a very expensive, very nice towel(s) might also keep your eye out for their after Christmas sale. .sometimes the towels are around 60% off then. Huge bargain and lots of variety. You might even try their website and look at the clearance items as well as the JC Penny outlet storeHow do remove mildew smell from bath towels?sounds like it might be the machines fault, try using a washing machine cleaning powder, a lot of scum and dirt collects on the outer side of the drum you cannot see, eventually resulting in an undesirable smell being washed into your clothes. if that doesnt work and its the towels, buy new ones! or try a dry-cleanerhow to properly wash and dry bath towels?You will always get lint from towels, even after years of washing and drying you will still get some amount of lint. Never put anything else in with towels to dry, like blankets or sweaters, that's where they get those pilings from.How can I get a musty odor from my Bath towels and wash clothes?It is not your machines. If they are bleachable lighter colors, you do not have to do anything but bleach them with chlorine bleach. (You need to make sure that you believe you can use chlorine bleach on them. I can not know the details of all your washable garments & stuff.) If they are not bleachable, try T detergent (Are we allowed to say?) with non-chlorine bleach already added to the laundry soap. (It works for me.) I had the same problem. They turned out looking clean but, they did not smell good even though I used the ok detergent. So I figured out that they would not smell bad if they were not "harboring bacteria". So I used bleach & presto, the smell was gone!! I found that I did not have to add bleach everytime that I washed my towels, maybe sheets, or kitchen linens, whatever does not smell good, but only once in a while, as necessary. Our bodies, if you truly knew how many thousands & thousands of (microscopic) dead skin cells that are sloughed off of our bodies onto our bathtowels, ESPECIALLY. Also, our sheets & clothing- you would be truly shocked. Even kitchen washcloths get to smelling bad if you do not wash them & get a new one daily. Sponges, because of the way that they are made, can possibly poison us. You have to go to extra trouble to disinfect those. I do not use them generally I hope this helps.
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