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Jacquard weaving is an intricate and delicate type of weave where a pattern is woven into a fabric and jacquard designs have been commonly seen in linen damask tablecloths and napkins, handkerchiefs and damask bed linen, such as those associated with our prestigious luxury Irish linen brand, Liddell. Jacquard designs can be created through the raising of the original fabric or from fabrics woven into the fabric from coloured yarns. Jacquard weaving is one of the oldest forms of weaving being used to this day and is woven directly into the cloth as opposed to being printed on separately meaning it's more likely to retain the detailing wash after wash.

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What is a large handkerchief called? Please help!?

That should be Bandana

Did you spit on a handkerchief to clean your child's face?

Well, my mother did it to me, and I did it to my kids up until about 5-6, and I am sure they probably do it to there kids. In my family, spit happens.

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Poll: Tissue (Kleenex) or Handkerchief...?

my kidden, tissue i guess

when you sneeze do you cover your mouth and nose with your bare hands or only with a handkerchief?

I will just pinch my nose and sneeze

Do you still use a handkerchief?

No, my cold has gone now

When people look into their handkerchief after having blown their nose.....?

Ask a military man. They must blow their noses with handkerchiefs (when they are at ease). I think handkerchiefs are gross. You put it in your pocket (shirt, suit, whatever), blow your nose with it, place it back in that pocket (germs). Have to blow your nose again? Use the same handkerchief (with the same germs as before) to blow your nose again and then again place the same handkerchief back in that pocket (with even more germs). Routine all day long. I do not get it. Nasty.

when does othello give desdemona the handkerchief?

Desdemona Handkerchief

IS OFFERING SOMEONE YOUR HANDKERCHIEF SIMILAR to offering them your used toilet paper.?

only if your handkerchief were already used. if it is clean, pressed and unused, offering your hankie is still considered a gallant gesture

How many of you are awaiting the Coming of the Great Handkerchief?

You know you are a nerd when you actually get this... lol

men only do you carry a handkerchief?

My younger cousin does and he finds great use for it. I think it gross.

Would you use a handkerchief if you had one?

If I had a handkerchief,I would use it especially when I am down with cold flu.I am 25,female

Spiritually speaking, has anyone else gotten a "prayer handkerchief" in the mail?

Nope, but Ive had box containing half a pound of C4, a shotgun and 50 rounds of ammunition (Spiritually speaking)

Handkerchief question...?

I use cotton ones. Silk ones are for display purposes

Why is the D silent in handkerchief?

On the face of it there is no more reason to run those two words together than shoe lace. If we DID run them together, it would probably sound something like "sholuss." In other words, it is the contraction that causes the problem.

Handkerchief tied to pants?

I do it so people can see my blue flag hanging from the left side and no one can take it or tug on it to disrespect me without me knowing about it!!

Handkerchief question?

Yes--if you put it back in your pocket. Use a Kleenex

why handkerchief is not given as a gift?

I see nothing wrong with that gift for a lady. It used to be very popular. I suppose now that tissue is used because of hygiene. Still it seems that it would be ok to have in a purse and used for dabbing drool, or bits of Twinky from your chin.

When the Great White Handkerchief comes, what will the Christians say?

Haha nice. We will have to say "God Bless You" if that happened. (it's Ironic, Get it)

gross looking factor handkerchief or tissue?

Hanky. You can find men's handkerchiefs in any store that sells mens clothes. Men's hanky's are much larger than "girlie" hanky's, which are small and almost useless. I am a woman and buy men's hankies for myself. My husband uses hankies and so far I have not seen anything gross on them, but then I do not look too closely. The problem with kleenex (tissues) is they shred too easily. I've used tissues to wipe sweat from my face and later discovered a few tiny pieces of the tissue on my face. Hankies are versatile -- for instance, if you cut your hand badly, grab the hanky and wrap it around the cut tightly so you do not lose a lot of blood; if you have a water bottle with you (I always do), you can wet the hanky to wipe your hands or clean a wound or to use in an emergency

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What Color of Sheets Would Look Good with This Duvet Cover?
What Color of Sheets Would Look Good with This Duvet Cover?
White would go best with it or a soft shade of lavender. You do not want to get anything that is going to out way the duvet. Black all in all goes best with Gold but that will just be way to overpowering for the softness of Gold. What ever color you choose make it light and soft nothing bold1. Would a white gold engagement ring look ok with a gold wedding band?I've never seen it done, but no one will complain. Gold & silver do go together2. How much gold is there in a gold medal?Depends on which gold medal.Gold is the most imitated metal on earth. It is also a common item to try to fake or scam.Without a specific named item there is no way to say. There is not a "standard" amount to imitate. Gold comes in lots of solutions variants. 24 Karat gold is 100%. Then 22k, 20k,18k, etc down to 8k as being the lowest that is common, that would be 33% gold. Then there is gold plated and gold washed which are just a bit of gold.The latest Olympic medals are mostly silver at 92. 5% purity and a minimum of 6 grams of gold as plating.Read more here.Are Olympic Medals Made out of Pure Gold?Always know your source if you are buying gold.Know the only thing you are getting at a fire sale is burned. Best of luck. How much gold is there in a gold medal?How much gold is in a gold medal?3. What are the chemical properties of Gold? I have a project about this and I need to know it plz help!?Uses Consumption of gold in jewelry accounts for about three-fourths of the world's production of gold. Industrial applications, especially electronic, consume another 10-15%. The remainder is divided among medical and dental uses, coinage, and bar stock for governmental and private holdings. Gold coins and most decorative gold objects are actually gold alloys, because the metal itself is too soft (2.5-3 on Mohs scale) to be useful with frequent handling. Radioactive 198Au is used in medical irradiation, in diagnosis, and in a number of industrial applications as a tracer. Another tracer use is in the study of movement of sediment on the ocean floor in and around harbors. The properties of gold toward radiant energy have led to development of efficient energy reflectors for infrared heaters and cookers and for focusing and retention of heat in industrial processes. Occurrence Gold occurs widely throughout the world, but usually very sparsely, so that it is quite a rare element. Sea water contains low concentrations of gold, on the order of 10 g per ton (10 parts of gold per trillion parts of water). Somewhat higher concentrations accumulate on plankton or on the ocean bottom. At present, no economically feasible process is visualized for extracting gold from the sea. Native, or metallic, gold and various telluride minerals are the only forms of gold found on land. Native gold may occur in veins among rocks and ores of other metals, especially quartz or pyrite, or it may be scattered in sands and gravel (alluvial gold). Properties The density of gold is 19.3 times that of water at 20C (68F), so that 1 ft3 of gold weighs about 1200 lb (1 m3, about 19,000 kg). Masses of gold, like those of other precious metals, are measured on the troy scale, which counts 12 oz to the pound. Gold melts at 1064.43C (1947.97F) and boils at 2860C (5180F). It is somewhat volatile well below its boiling point. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is the most malleable and ductile metal. It can easily be made into translucent sheets 0.0000039 in. (0.00001 mm) thick or drawn into wire weighing only 0.00005 oz/ft (0.5 mg/m). The quality of gold is expressed on the fineness scale as parts of pure gold per thousand parts of total metal, or on the karat scale as parts of pure gold per 24 parts of total metal. Gold readily dissolves in mercury to form amalgams. Gold is one of the least active metals chemically. It does not tarnish or burn in air. It is inert to strong alkaline solutions and to all pure acids except selenic acid. Compounds Gold may be either unipositive or tripositive in its compounds. So strong is the tendency for gold to form complexes that all the compounds of the 3 oxidation state are complex. The compounds of the 1 oxidation state are not very stable and tend to be oxidized to the 3 state or reduced to metallic gold. All compounds of either oxidation state are easy to reduce to the metal. In its complex compounds gold forms bonds most readily and stably with halogens and sulfur, less stably with oxygen and phosphorus, and only weakly with nitrogen. Bonds between gold and carbon are fairly stable, as in the cyanide complexes and a variety of organogold compounds.
The Application of Hotel Pillows
The Application of Hotel Pillows
While we all know the benefits of using a hotel pillow, there are still many people out there who don’t know about them. They are useful in home hotels, but can be used even more at the hotel level to keep you comfortable in case of a long stay.What are the applications of pressure?Well the best application of pressure is the our existence on earth, if you are in space(zero absolute pressure) you body will burst into particles and distributed throughout the space due to pressure imbalance .Water taps in our household will be just a metallic antique as there will be no water flow unless pressure is not there.So nutshell is that you cannot imagine your life without pressure...What are the applications of pressure?.What are the applications of C programming?The C programming language has various applications such as to write an embedded software C language is used to write embedded software. Though C is a structured language it is used for writing codes that are readable. The C language serves the purpose of creating the UNIX Operating System.Machine Learning application to neuroscientific dataThey question is a little vague, but I will have a try :The three main conditions of your experiment are 100% ("certain", or easy), 75% ("neither", or medium), or 50% ("uncertain", or hard).A straightforward way would be to follow the experimental design and perform a multi-class classification trying to predict whether a given neuroimage belongs to one of three classes (see: difference between "classification" and "labeling" problems):I do not know which algorithms/software you are planning to use, but most packages will require you to simply code the three conditions as integers (e.g. 0,1,2, as in this example) and use these as prediction targets. Another way to approach your goal would be as a regression problem: You could try and predict the observed accuracy of participants (...or even certainty ratings). I assume that your individual participants deviated from the desired hit-rates of 50-75-100. If so, you can take the observed accuracy (or some other psychophysical performance measure like d') and define this as the prediction target of a (ridge-, LASSO-, elastic-net- etc. ) regression. However, the experiment was not really designed for this approach, so maybe stick with the first one.Generally, the experiment above will not be enough to achieve your goal to build a predictor of participants' "certainty". The main problem will be to argue that your prediction really captures "certainty". What you manipulated experimentally was "task difficulty in a somatosensory discrimination task", or "side imbalances in somatosensation". To really infer on "certainty", you would need a much larger variety of decision-making tasks. Further, participant ratings of certainty will be necessary to validate your approach.Gay Essay - College Application?Since I am gay, I am letting you know right away I am thinking from both sides so hear me out. Well the only problem I see right away is it makes you sound like a trouble maker. I am in no way being mean and glad you have stuck up for people not bashing. The problem is this. Put yourself in their shoes. You are admitting that Hey, if you guys do not have these policies in place, guess what I am gonna do when I get accepted. You guessed, I am gonna stir up controversy. Tone it down a bit and talk more about how involved you were in implementing the changes rather than making it sound like you Fought and will continue to fight. It is good to care about a good cause and believe in it, it is another to be labeled as a radical and schools, especially Ivy league ones, are not looking for those who are going to cause them law suits. Also I am not saying do not be who you are but all it takes is one person on the review board who is a strong conservative to use their influence to make sure someone like you is a bad apple. They like to weed out the problems before they become problems.You would be a liability to them for sure. HINT: Ivy league school review boards tend to be made up of older, old school conservatives like John MCcain so think about it.
15 Best Crochet Tablecloths Free Patterns
15 Best Crochet Tablecloths Free Patterns
There are thousands of crochet ideas that you can emulate. Many people do not enjoy the paid types of crochet patterns. We have assembled 15 crochet tablecloths free ideas to help you get the best crochet pattern without necessarily spending your money. Check the 15 free patterns with sources to guide you on knitting. It is time to give your friends a new treat with this cute round table cloth with beautiful colors. If you enjoy mixing colors and surprising people, the pattern will surely do the work. Check the instructions to help you master some tips on how to crochet the round table cloth. It will be interesting to hold the outdoor parties and not compromising with the table decorations. The crochet idea will warm the hearts of your guest. Every detail about the crochet seems quite impressive. You can get inspiration by clicking on the source below. The crocheted table cloth pattern is another cute free pattern from Yarnspirations. You do not have to run short of table cloth ideas using crochet. Many patterns are available, and the crocheted table cloth pattern is another perfect design for you. You do not need to be pro crocheters to make a perfect pattern for your table. The following design is easy to make and will impress everyone. Make your quest smile by inviting them to an organized house full of furniture with cute table covers. The crochet butterflies table cloth is a cute idea that will express your love for butterflies. It is easy making the crochet pattern imitating flying butterflies. Check the source here that will inspire you to get creative with easy-to-follow knits. Mybluprint presents an excellent table cloth idea with easy knits to impress beginners and experts. It is the perfect dinner table cover that takes a bit of creativity to make. Check the source and see what the creatives from the link had for you in-store. Here is another perfect crochet idea for beginners and experts. The round crochet mandala with Tulips is an easy crochet idea that every creative crocheters can do. The source has everything you will want to know about the crochet pattern. The vintage crochet table cloth pattern is another cute idea with all the details you want to see in a table cloth. The source below will accord you all the knitting steps you want for an excellent table cloth. The crochet lace table cloth pattern will be the best table cover during your outdoor dinner events. Check out and see the beauty in this tablecloth. You can initiate the stitching project sooner if you are inspired to. It is the best table cloth that receives the best reviews from crochet lovers. Here is another table cloth idea that you will want to give a try as an expert crocheters. Make this impressive round shape table cloth idea for your friend or even for your living room. It is the laces that make the crochet idea that is quite impressive. The knitting steps about the crocheted round table cloth are available from this source. It looks nice when you use it as an outdoor table cover during the night out events. Crocheting is about creativity. When you have this table design, you can change the atmosphere because everyone will admire it. The knit instructions are also set for everyone to see. You can infer from the source and get inspiration on how to go about the knits. This pattern is lovely and will be great in the round tables when you are serving drinks. You will understand this when you start working on a project to make this type of crochet pattern. Here is something else for the beginners to try. Your tube channel will guide you through a step-by-step process of making a fantastic patterns table cloth using a hook and yarn. The vintage crochet table clothes are other types of designs you can consider while doing your crochet projects. The source will inspire you to try vintage crochet table clothes.I was thinking of crocheting, is it hard?Crocheting is not difficult. Remembering the difference between one stitch and another is somewhat more difficult, but the actual act of crocheting is relatively easy. I have known people who can do it without looking or paying attention to it
10 Best Office Chair Covers in 2021
10 Best Office Chair Covers in 2021
Shopping from home and office is pretty different. You can customize your furniture and rooms of your home as per personal taste. However, that's certainly not the case for office. You need to decorate and have an interior that will look extremely professional. Hence, the office chair covers all need to be elegant. To keep you on track, the most recommended chair covers for office are searched and put down here. It looks professional and will totally match the aesthetics of your office. List of the 10 Best Office Chair Covers to Buy in 2021 Get it now on Known for its premium quality, this office chair cover comes enabled with a specific backrest and seat covers ensuring minimal damage to your chair. Also, to add up to its smoothness levels, the reusable factor of this cover is a real plus point. The breathable polyester makes machine-wash an easy feat. In fact, it certainly comes in 5 different kinds of print, the solid and rhombic being the most prominent ones. The silk fabric that is used is minimal in terms of stretching and has a measured thickness. Its washable fabric takes a lot of work down For space management, it is balanced with an elastic edge. Get it now on With spandex and polyester being the combination for its chair cover, this product is one of the best from Jiyaru. Added to its already strong name, this chair cover has its width and height ranging up to 19-inches. On the other hand, the seats range up to 20-inches respectively. Clearly, it gives you more than a reason to make a buy. Unlike its competitors, this chair cover is indeed customized as per your requirements. The prints and shades available are check, floral as well as solid being the prime choices. Go in for a Tumble dry, post a machine wash. Get it now on Nicetop truly brings the nicest looking tops for your chairs and is doing so for quite some time now. Whether you choose the usual straight chair or go in for a bit of style in case of the slanting one, this comes in a dual package of backseat and cushion cover in the best of available styles. However, it is removable in nature and therefore, cleaning it is extra easy. Lastly, it is stronger than expected and pretty amazing. Wrinkle-free product with adjustability in terms of stretching. Combination of spandex and polyester ensuring the softness retention. Backed by a split design for maximum ease and style. Get it now on This chair cover from the famed house of Seiyue not only maintains its color quality but also ensures that even after machine-washing, its shape is retained. With floral prints becoming the prime factor in these covers, it is the variety of colors that matter. So, stretch it as much you wish - wrinkles? Not an issue! The spandex and polyester combo ensures that the product is moisture and dirt free For perfect set-up, the back zippers are a real winner. Get it now on Standard size office chairs are a general affair but getting a proper chair cover is one hell of a problem. To solve the same comes this cover from BTSKY. It not only can be customized but also has a smooth fabric. As a result, ensures its sustainability and style even after a comparatively longer timespan. Lastly, just slip in the cover and it's ready to be used. To fit them properly, it features elastic hem for a firm grip. Why wait then? The material used is stretchable and comes backed by a fade-resistant guarantee USP? It is pet-friendly and so your pets are completely safe. Get it now on Another one from the domain of Melaluxe - this product is not just in news courtesy to its stretchable factor but also due to its adept stitching at junctures. Suitable for machine-wash, this is recycled easily. Furthermore, it is specifically guaranteed to be both, anti-slip and anti-wrinkle! It is known for its specified elastic edge that ensures correct fitting and has 4-ties added to it. The maximum stretching option comes from combining spandex with jacquard fabric. Get it now on Freahap is a domain that has gained prominence in the market courtesy to its splashy colors and extreme stretching levels. In fact, it is the uniqueness of the design and the consistent prints. Therefore, makes the range of chair covers from Freahap such a winner. Furthermore, it is pretty soft to touch and the slipover format helps to install plus remove it in just a matter of few seconds. Contrasted to its competitors, this comes with maximum recovery option along with utmost stretching. The material is marked specifically as wrinkle-resistant. This chair is designed to swivel as it certainly comes with wheels. Get it now on Deisy Dee is no new name in the domain and it is the range of newly developed slipcovers with a plethora of prints and in solid shades that have brought it back to the limelight! From the fitting to the quality of cloth, this is a real winner in every sense. Now the pet owners have a thing less to worry about as the cover is resistant to scratches of the pet. It stays on the chair perfectly and is indeed a product that you cannot miss out on buying. Multiple shades are available to pick from. Its natural look is enhanced via combining polyester, jacquard and spandex. Get it now on With polyester and spandex being the prime area of concern, this range of chair covers bring in a variety of hues and is easily stretched. So, whether you have a slanting, folding or straight-back chair the available shades for you are available in all the required sizes. However, it repels water and so, will stay dry and stain-free even during sudden spillage of tea or coffee. Additional zippers for upgrading the current look. It is a single-unit cover, both for front and back. A fade-proof product that will keep the chair's beauty intact. Get it now on Smiry has always been the company that is high on style and superior in terms of quality. Keeping true to its nature, the company, this season has introduced its specialized jacquard print in a plethora of colors that can be washed in the machine and is backed by fade-resistant quality. As a matter of fact, its stretchable quality comes from the elastic edges that have held it in place and the spandex and polyester combination which makes it softer in nature. The fabric is of the rhombic lattice style ensuring quality standards. Has a full Money-Back guarantee to support it. Your office chair will look as professional as it can. The office chair covers have sophisticated designs and color that are pretty elegant.1. The Perfect PC/Gaming Chair?Looks like a good chair to me, my chair sucks lol2. Chair 1, chair 2, how do you inventory?Go buy some inventory control tags. SImple numbering system. There are lots of fixed asset management systems3. How is it safe to fit a light in a chair?Engineer for Proton LED says: LED displays light safely when run by a battery or low voltage transformer. Still be careful! Paul Catignani Lyons ga
Ironing a King Sized Duvet Cover - How To?
Ironing a King Sized Duvet Cover - How To?
I hate ironing my duvet cover, as they are king sized and my ironing board is normal sized. Pillow cases, no problem. And I do not bother ironing fitted sheets. Currently I iron my duvet covers on the (double) bed itself. At least it gives me much more space than the ironing board. It's still a mission though. It's a chore I hate. I still want to have it ironed though as I take a pride in my bed and the dressings. I like by bed to look beautiful and that does mean the cover needs to be smooth before I add the runner and the pillows and cushions. Is there another way, an easier way, to iron a king sized duvet cover?1. Where can you get a maternity body pillow?I bought one at target made by Boppy it was $50 I think but worth EVERY PENNY! They also sell them at Babies R Us too2. Does your dog make a good pillow?nope. my chihuahua is about 7 pounds and is very tiny xD im like 15 times his weight3. can a pillow be used as a silencer for a handgun?I find making a whole in their head first. and use it as a silencer instead4. The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers (2021 UPDATE)If you are a side sleeper looking for a comfortable pillow, you've come to the right place. We've tested a ton of different pillows here at the Slumber Yard so you do not have to, and now we've made this list to help side sleepers find the most accommodating option. Do not worry; no one paid us to have control over this list or the pillows that we've selected. Everything we write comes from the opinions of our experienced editors and team members who test out all types of bedding products on a day-to-day basis. Below, we reveal the ones that we think work best for those who sleep predominately on their side. You can visit our Pillow Reviews page to see all of our guides and read about other pillows that may work for you. What Makes These The Best Side Sleeping Pillows? When looking for the best pillow for side sleepers, our Slumber Yard team members looked back on our years of experience with pillows and chose the ones that fit certain important criteria for side sleepers, which we will discuss in more detail below. In general, side sleepers typically like taller, firmer pillows to keep their heads in proper alignment with their spine. In other words, down pillows usually are not your biggest friends. All the choices below are pillows that we think stand out from the rest of the pack. We love how you can remove fill to make it softer This best pillow list is catered specifically to side sleepers, so the first one that came to mind was the Eli & Elm Side Sleeping Pillow. Not only is it ergonomically designed with a "U" shape to contour around the curves of your neck and shoulders, but it also has an adjustable fill so side sleepers of all sizes can find a comfortable height and firmness for them. Smaller-sized sleepers may prefer this pillow with less fill, while heavy sleepers over 230 lbs will likely keep all of the fill inside to maintain a firmer profile. The filling on the inside of the Eli & Elm Side Sleeping Pillow is made with shredded polyester and latex foam, while the cover is 37% cotton, 2% spandex, and 61% polyester. We think it feels light and bouncy, but also supportive enough to keep your neck and spine in proper alignment. It comes in one size (17 x 19), and retails around $150. It's not the most affordable option on our list, but it certainly is comfortable and accommodating for folks who predominately sleep on their side. Our members are a diverse range of sleeping and body types from 140 lbs to over 250 lbs, so we are a good representative of different buyers' needs and offer a great perspective on which pillows are the best fit. We also want to note how our team does not receive payment by bedding companies for positive reviews. So you can rest assured all of our content is 100% authentic, honest and reflects our true opinions. When choosing the best pillow for side sleepers, here are the major considerations you should take into account: Loft is another term used to describe the height of a pillow. The best kind of pillow for side sleepers is something lofty (tall) and of course, accommodating. A pillow that's too thin can lead to a kinked neck or sore shoulder due to a lack of support, so side sleepers want something lofty enough to keep their spines in neutral alignment. For those of you who are more petite, a pillow with a loft between 3"-5" might be ideal. For average weighted side sleepers, we think a good rule of thumb is that the pillow should have a loft around 4"-6". You will want a pillow that supplies the perfect balance of loft and support to keep your neck and shoulders aligned. Side sleepers should opt for a firmer material, as this will keep your neck at the proper height through the night. Meanwhile, with softer materials, they might have a four-inch loft when you fluff them, but what happens when you lay on them all night? They will flatten out, and this will place pressure on your neck and shoulders. Therefore, we suggest you aim for a firmer material that also offers comfort. Pillows with adjustable filling or inserts that you can remove and add as you please can help make a pillow more versatile and more accommodating for your specific needs. For those who sleep on your side and are more petite, you might want a pillow with less fill than someone who is a 250 lbs side sleeper. Alternatively, if you are a side sleeper who sometimes switches positions during the night, you can remove fill until you find a nice balance in loft and firmness. Is Your Pillow Accommodating For You? We have a method side sleepers can use to determine if their pillow is lofty and firm enough for them. Essentially, you should be able to draw a straight line from your nose down to your belly button. If not, it may be time for a more accommodating pillow. For those who sometimes sleep on their back, they should test their pillow by the curvature of their neck. Your neck should make a proper "C" curve. If you are looking more forward than you are up towards your ceiling, the pillow might be too lofty. If you switch positions and sometimes sleep on your stomach, we do not necessarily have a test for that. Unlike side sleepers, stomach sleepers need a pillow with little loft and should feel out how well their pillow is working for them. If there is a kink in the neck, there's a chance the pillow is too lofty. Another thing worth mentioning is that almost all pillows will soften and compress over time. Regardless of whether you get a foam pillow or down pillow, or something in between, it will become softer and less lofty as you use it. The only exception to this rule might be latex pillows or some of the pillows that use a unique gel-like material. As such, you should consider replacing your pillows every 18-24 months. You will want to wash your pillow at least once a year and wash your pillowcases weekly. How you wash your pillow depends on its material. With memory foam pillows, you will want to hand wash them, while with feather and down pillows, you can wash them in your washing machine. Read our helpful guide to find the cleaning instructions for your pillow.
Create the Perfect Summertime Backyard Oasis
Create the Perfect Summertime Backyard Oasis
Could your outdoor living space use an upgrade Refresh your home and give yourself a reason to spend more time enjoying the nice weather with these tips. Adding a water-resistant outdoor area rug to your patio or deck is an easy and affordable way change the look the look and feel of your backyard. If you have a larger space, a rug can also help define and separate a conversation spot from the dining area. If you're short on space or simply want to showcase your plants, flowers or herbs creatively, try a vertical garden. Lock a wooden ladder in the open position and stack planters on each step for a charming, cottage-chic vibe. Or hang an over-the-door shoe-holder and tuck soil and greenery in the compartments for a laid-back look. You can even lean a wood pallet or old shutters against wall and secure pots at various heights for a trendy, upcycled aesthetic. Keep on using your outdoor oasis even on those cool nights by incorporating a DIY fire-pit into your yard. It's surprisingly easy to do by arranging curved paving stones in a circle. Look for a tree ring kit at your local home improvement store that can be assembled in 20 minutes. Just make sure you set it on concrete and not any flammable surface. Want to recreate that cabana you lounged in on your last vacation Hang some sheer white curtains around your porch or awning for your own personal breezy escape that offers privacy from the neighbours. Set up some lounge chairs or a make a day bed out of wood pallets and lots of throw pillows. This can help you see how things are looking from a distance and decide the best placement for your furniture and décor. Use a camera that offers a variety of settings, like the one on the Huawei P30 Pro that lets you take ultra-wide-angle photos and has a macro and zoom lens. Taking photographs of your finished space is also good for insurance purposes, just in case anything gets damaged in a summer storm.Find more information at .
Pillow Fight: How Throw Pillows Almost Ruined My Marriage
Pillow Fight: How Throw Pillows Almost Ruined My Marriage
On Sunday, the last day of our Winter Break, we decided to take the kids to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Forbidden City Exhibit before it leaves town. Plus, it makes us look like good parents if the last memory our children have to share on their first day back at school is one of an enriching cultural experience and not the day that I let them wear their pajamas all day and did not make them brush their teeth.The exhibit was amazing to say the least. The detail and precision in the ink and color drawings that have survived the last several centuries is beyond my comprehension. Beautiful ceremonial clothing was on display next to artwork in which the royalty was wearing each piece. The rest for the artists' paint brushes was a beautiful sculpture; not unlike the plastic stadium cup left over from a Virginia Tech game that I use for paint brushes when I am feeling creative. Every detail of their lives included beauty, luxury and grandeur. Which brings me to my throw pillows. My Beloved loves simplicity. We have had an ongoing argument about the ornamentation on what we call our common marital bed. It's our room; but let's face it, I am the one decorating it. He hates throw pillows. In fact, he hates any pillow other than the two that he can lay his head on to sleep. No shams, no decorative king size pillows, no round bolsters. Just plain pillows, flat as I can buy them and cheap as they come. His argument is, plain and simple: what is the point? My rebuttal is: because it's pretty. We are not silk and satin people. There are no tassels, no bejeweling, no sequins, no feathers. It is not a bordello nor could it pass as a cheap hotel or a lover's getaway. However, after watching Downton Abbey, I've come to realize that our bed looks more like the servants quarters; after viewing the Forbidden City exhibit I've realized that we are in fact peasants with our plain white sheets and flax colored quilt. Why does it matter? In the long run, it does not . It's a pillow, it's a decoration, it's fluff covered in fabric. However, looking at it through the eyes of history, it seems to reflect more than that. A beautiful home reflects an appreciation for not only art, but for hard work and craftsmanship. It represents the fact that beauty in our surroundings brings joy and happiness and shows what is important to us as a society. Life is hard; beauty makes it easier to endure those hardships at times. Do I need a throw pillow to have a happy marriage? No. I've had a happy marriage for almost 12 years while sleeping in a bed that is used on the set of "Orange is The New Black". That being said, when I went on a bit of a spree during the last week of break and bought a new comforter and (gasp) three throw pillows (and grasp your heart) two shams, I braced myself for an argument. In fact, I headed it off before it started. He walked in the door and I told him that I understood his feelings on unnecessary bedroom pillows; however his bed is currently covered in them and he was not to say a word. Not one single word. His inner man could scream in protest, but my inner wife needed something to sleep on that did not resemble the standardized bedding in hospitals across the country. To appease my need for a beautiful space he could suck it up and throw them on the floor on my side of the bed, but he was never to say a word about it. Which is exactly what he's done for the last week. He does not even look my way as he tosses the pillow sham and accompanying throw pillows over my head enthusiastically to the floor. The smug smile on his face tells me that he loves me enough to endure it, no matter the frivolity that he's deemed unnecessary. He's happy because he thinks that by ignoring his own irritation it's making me happy; I am happy because I got my throw pillows. When I make my bed in the morning, its for no other reason than to see something beautiful before I leave to go to work and to know that at the end of the day I get to enjoy it again. He's happy because he has an excuse to throw things in my direction every night without getting yelled at.Win-winWhat do you think that ruined Pokemon?the anime english because the old poke mon wasgood but the new pokemon sucks
Best Bedding Set for Kids
Best Bedding Set for Kids
The bedding industry is facing a change in consumers’ preferences. They prefer to buy their kids a bedding set that they can use as everyday wear instead of a luxury one.My husband and I have found 2 bedding sets for our soon to be daughter that we absolutley love.?definitely A =]Are expensive nursery bedding sets a waste or worth it?a waste, all they are going to do is puke on it!Personal opinions? Out of these two bedding sets which one do you think it cuter?OOO they are both really really nice, I like the one from amazon a tiny bit more than the other though. You have good taste!Where can I find softball bedding sets?RE: Where can I find softball bedding sets? Im redoing my room and I want a softball room I cant find softball bedding anywhere. I need like a fitted sheet and comforter. Ive only come across personalizable bedspreads but theyre too expensive! Someone please help!!!!My mom bought me these bedding sets for the babies and I returned them.....?Wow, it sounds like she's kind of controlling (by kind of I mean majorly). But obviously when a boy and a girl pop out instead of two girls she wo not have anything that she can say about it. She will get over itWhere can I find cute nursery bedding sets for boy/girl twins?Ebay, they sell practically anything! And you can buy new and/or used items as well! If you do not trust the internet, try some baby stores like Babys R Us at Toys R Us, or any big department stores will surely have something.How many bedding sets does a baby really need?in simple terms because of the fact of those reasons which you named, i offered a breathable bumper, and the products of the set that i wanted on account which you are able to purchase all issues separate (dissimilar the time) and that i nonetheless ended up with the subject that i wanted interior the room. greater perfect yet, it grew to become out to be greater value-effective than getting the set! :)what are some cute bedding sets?hotdogWill cream walls match these bedding sets?Cream is a very neutral colour it will look good. Nice beddingWhich zebra print bed set should I get for a college suite?i do no longer think of which you may choose to do your partitions in a spectacular colour or black. There could be way too a large number of it. So, i could say a infant purple or an ivory could be relatively enormously! in case you are mattress set is going to be spectacular, each and every thing else must be toned down, in simple terms like clothing! (:.Which of these bedding sets would work best.?I really like the Teddy Bears and the Splish Splash, but to choose one from these two, I would have to pick the Teddy Bears. Nice colours and is unisex. I really like the bears...congrats on the babies!!Where can I get cheap nice queen bed sets from looked on eBay, trying to budget!?I would try craigs list! I got a dining room set for $300.00 it was originally $1200.00! Also the classifieds. And used furniture stores. Garage sales. Even GoodWill. A bedroom set is OK to buy used. Just do not buy a used mattress set. That is how you can get bed bugs. You can purchase a mattress set @ rent a center, and pay a little each month. Have fun! You will do great!Do I need two bedding sets? One for summer and one for winter?Hi myhusband and I do not. We take a pretty blanket and use it as the topping of the bed over the sheets for summer. We pack away the duvet & cover. Also you can just remove the cover from the duvet and use the cover as your topper for over your sheets if you need a decorative thing. If it's just you and your partner or just you do not worry about it--just use sheets--its summer who cares! However if you live in a studio apartment or a dorm room you may want to do the duvet cover thing or the nice blanket, does not have to be expensive--just pick something up at 2nd hand store or somewhere like that. Or find something on discount. You may want to look into clearance racks too of stores. Good luck
Hotel Quality Extra Thick Classic Blue Bath Towel 650gsm 100% Cotton Double Yarn Bathroom Accessorie
Hotel Quality Extra Thick Classic Blue Bath Towel 650gsm 100% Cotton Double Yarn Bathroom Accessorie
Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns, Great clothing at a great price. Make sure it is a Feeling Good Tees, 30 ampere standard male/50 ampere female locking end, 20M/65ft Video Power Cable BNC Security Camera CCTV Wire DVR Surveillance Cord. Package Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches, This Fashionable T-shirt With Round Collar And Short Sleeves Is Very Cool, Please check your size with our SIZE CHART before your purchase. The difference between an average driver and a great driver is those who can control speed and those who cannot, Baxton Studio Regata Modern and Contemporary Fabric Upholstered Queen Size P..., Passover Frogs - Bag of 15 plastic squeaking frogs. Random: Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases, Hitting the Rev Limiter just took on a whole new meaning with Performance's High Performance Street 5, 6-60v 10/30A Lead-acid Solar Battery Charge Controller Switch 12v 24v 36v 48v TS. Pearl for pearl until you have arrived back at the guru pearl, Black Cat Knitted Toy Knit Cat Knitted Kitten Stuffed. Red is a very romantic and delicate color for a woman's gift. MAG-NEATO'S™ Refrigerator Vinyl Magnet Set Alphabet Letters Uppercase Rainbow. Your shipping address links to your account but can be easily edited prior to purchase. It's like your loved one just touched the end of their finger on your ring, If you only want part of the set. Steel Tray for Wheelbarrow Garden Planting Landscaping Lifting Tool ft 5 cu, You might also like other Kitchen Decor:. Feels luxurious draped around neck, Spigot on one end and female slip end on the other for connecting to pipes with different ends. Ware Manufacturing Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent Sleeper for Small Animals Colors, to help you keep fit and enjoy your aerobic exercises, USGS topographic map of Woman Lake, Go Softwear West Coast Vibe Union Suit Heather Grey at Men's Clothing store, Palm Speaker Microphone for Icom radio IC-F3G IC-F3GS IC-G3GT IC-F4G by Titan®. Made of stainless steel AISI 304. Attached two AAA batteries round up 20000 times. PUMA Unisex's One Protect 3 JR Goalkeeper Gloves. the built-in battery for the keyboard is long-lasting.Do hotels in Washington DC supply you bath towels?Every hotel in every country I have stayed in provides bath towels. No hostels provide bath towels.How do I stop my bath towels from smelling of mildew?The Vinegar Method Put your towels in the washing machine, using the hottest water available. Add one or two cups of white vinegar. Do not add detergent, fabric softener, or any other products at this time. Run the washer. Leave the towels in the washer and wash the same load again just as you would normally with laundry soap. Again, use the hottest water available. Do not use fabric softener or any other products. Dry the load in the dryer using a high heat setting. Towels should be thoroughly dry when you pull them out. If they are not dry, put them back in, or move them immediately outside and hang them in the sunlight. The Ammonia Method Put your towels in the washing machine. Add a normal amount of detergent. Use the hottest water available. Do not add fabric softener or any other products. Watch for the rinse cycle and add one cup of sudsy or clear ammonia during the rinse cycle. Let the washing machine finish. Move the towels out of the washer immediately. Fully dry the load right away using normal dryer settings, or hanging on the line on a sunny day.How long should you keep bath towels before throwing them away?you are the only person who can determine that, are they old, ugly worn and dingey? if so yep, throw them out or in the garage to be used for other purposes. If not, hang on to them and get more use out of themI need bath towels that DON'T SHED!?I never had any towels that shed, I buy mine at Penney's only. good luck some of those places sell imported towels from Pakistan they runcolor] not fast fabric. and shrinkage is bad, I had learned the hard way a few yrs ago, buying them, now I make sure usa made.
What Do You Think About This Duvet Cover for College?
What Do You Think About This Duvet Cover for College?
Sew your own.. it is straight seams.. and hemming.. Look at the fabric stores for cotton prints..( more washable) and maybe you can find a girly fabric that you might enjoy better than in the store. also you can get it to match other things like throw pillows etc that you can sew or find to match the fabric. . Look at discount bins and piece the fabric together1. Can I use a duvet cover on a down comforter?I thought that's what they are for2. can you use a "duvet cover" as a bedspread?It's so funny that you should ask this, because we were just wondering the same thing. We thought we were ordering a bedspread from an online company, because we looked at the photo & did not pay much attention to the description. I started checking online about ways to use a duvet cover. The ideal way is to insert a duvet or thin comforter inside the duvet cover. I did read however that the duvet cover can be used alone, especially in the Summer when it's hot. Some people use their duvet covers over a bedspread. We have not used our duvet cover yet, because we are changing the decor in the room first. I am going to try it all ways & see how it looks. LOL3. is a a duvet cover for down comforters??yes, they are usually used for down comforters, but if you have a regular comforter that is still plush and you want to update it you could also use a duvet on it4. What is a duvet cover?A Duvet is a cover for your comforter and yes it is like a big pillow slip. In my experience I have found that using a duvet has it's pros and cons. While it can protect your comforter and give you a different look, it can also be a real hassle. I bought one to go over my white down comforter and the red color bled off onto the white ruining my comforter and the comforter will bunch up in the duvet making it a real work out to get it straightened out5. where can i get wallpaper to match this duvet cover?i does not experience the two ever. Your mattress will disappear and the development would be overwhelming interior the room. in case you prefer to do a characteristic wall in wallpaper then choose some thing which will coordinate with a cover not experience it. i think of you would be very upset in case you have been in a position to experience the two.6. Is $89 dollars a rip off for JUST a duvet cover?That is a very good price for a duvet cover especially from PB teen. You get what you pay for dear.7. If my duvet cover is black,pink,and white, what colour pictures should I have on my walls?it extremely is the stereotypes in our race based the place you reside. initially all of us had black hair. over the years a mutation got here which made blue eyes and blonde hair. Then the gene characteristics are exceeded to infants. people have distinctive epidermis shade based on the section they stay international extensive8. is there an EASY way to put a duvet cover, onto a down comforter?Turn the cover partway inside out so you can get to the inner corners. Get clips- I do not know what they are called, but this is exactly what they are for!- and clip the inside cover corners to the corners of the comforter. That anchors the comforter so when you turn the cover right side out, everything inside stays in place!.9. do u know where i can find quilt covers(duvet cover) [ hello kitty ] or kind of emo/scene style?At what age do you think of one is in basic terms too previous to positioned on clothing with hi Kitty ^_^ ? i am 18 is that too previous? They sell an excellent number of summer tees, pajamas and underclothes at H&M with hi Kitty so I went and offered some... in straightforward terms situation is i think somewhat infantile wearing them now... they are hella beautiful nevertheless! I consistently get accused of wearing clothing that are too cartoony or unfashionable yet you comprehend that my style of vogue i do no longer see why I should not . .. What do you think of?.
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