How to Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down

If your curtains are really greasy and have stubborn stains, then a vacuum cleaner will not be sufficient. Here a steam cleaner can easily come to your aid. Handheld steamers are readily available in the market. Get one of those miracle workers and see that they have upholstery attachment as well. This remarkable machine can remove stubborn stains and dirt with the least effort. Use gently vertical strokes to cover every square inch of your curtain and make sure that your steam cleaner is set to suit the thickness and quality of your curtain. The thicker your curtain the more effective will be the steam cleaner.

How to Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down 1

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curtain blind help me?

I would definetaly go with Vanilla. It will match your curtains, and bring them out more, so that the eye is drawn toward the funnky curtains but you still have privacy. Good luck with your room! =]

Do curtain shades that block out light completely exist?

How to Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down 2

you can buy black out shades on a roller, or heavy curtains with thermal lining that will block the light when you draw them, but there is no curtain shade

Light entering from sides of blackout curtain

We have this issue in both kids bedrooms that face west.What I did was, below the blackout curtains, fix a blackout roller-blind against the window, and add thin strips of wood down the sides which the roller-blinds fit underneath, this stops all light bleed at the edges, and because the blind comes right down to the bottom of the casement, it stops bleed from the bottom as well, which seems to be your main issue.Or, you could also look at adding black blackout material to the back of your curtains, which will drastically reduce the reflected light bleed (but increase the amount of heat radiated into the room - having a secondary blind helps with this, as well).

What's your favorite curtain pattern?

Hello there,There are so many curtain patterns available on the market today. Here you can find the best curtain patterns. Curtain Designsthank you!

I have pink gunk with some black in it in my bathroom all over the shower, curtain, and alittle on the floor c?

Yes. I kick at the curtain then wonder what if someone was back there... Maybe there is and he was out of the way of my kick. Then I open the curtain and see it is empty. I do not hear anything there, I just get scared because people do break in people's houses, and what makes me less likely to be a victim to that than anyone else? Nothing. So I get scared and look

Finding properly sized curtain panels for my room to block out light.?

Both Linen 'N Things and Bed Bath & Beyond have thermal or black out curtain panels for about $40. But you can get a window film to darken them them use dark curtains to darken you room even more

When ordering window curtains, am I ordering one curtain for my whole window, or one for each side?

The blackout thermals say they are sold as a pair. You would only need to buy one set. The size depends on how far past the window you want them to go. I would measure 54 inches from the top of the window down. See where the bottom of that size curtain would reach and determine if you like the length.

during Lent, do Catholics stop taking communion and do the altar curtain close?

No, we do not stop taking communion during Lent. Masses continue right up until the day before Easter Sunday called Holy Saturday. On the day, the Altar coverings are removed and everything is put away until the night time during the Easter Vigil (which marks the official beginning of Easter). We really do not have altar “curtains.“ EDIT: The “curtain“ you are referring to is called the reredos. All it is is a decorative screen behind the altar for elegance or what have you. It does not move.

I want to paint my own shower curtain?

Just ask for unwashable paint and will stay on the curtain and avoid it from getting wet..Or just buy cheap curtains with beautiful decorations

When I take a shower,why does the curtain blow inward?

because the influx of water and the heat from the water make an up draft that flows over the top of the curtain this allows an area of low pressure which pulls the curtain in which is actually pulling cold air from the bottom

There 8 million beads in the New York State Theatre window curtain. What do they symbolize?

They symbolize the 8 million possible reasons they might have had for making the curtain out of 8 million beads. They might also describe the 8 million versions of reality held by the residents of New York state. Or the 8 million versions of Truth held by the one person who made the curtain. Or the 8 million different answers I could think of to this question if I had not already lost interest.

Any solution to prevent wet floor while use shower curtain?

I create my own seal. Take water in your hand and press it against the wall and the curtain. Then press the curtain against the wall and the water should act as a seal

how far should curtain track be from each other?

Assuming you will use an 'I' beam for both curtains, the dimensions you give are adequate for both sheers and solid draperies. You would increase the space to 2.5 or 3 inches for the one closest to the wall, if you think the curtain/drapery might be too close, but 4 in. between track sounds fine

Dying curtain panels--need suggestions and information?

Even if you do dye them, they will still be lighter at the edges. You can find some silk/cotton and sew edges on them (does not have to be the same colour-maybe pick up wall colour). Another suggestion I used in my bedrooms is to buy queen or king sized doona covers on sale, sew curtain tape to the top and hang as curtains.

Why does my shower curtain tend to billow in towards me and stick to my legs?

the next time you replace your shower curtain..(recommended at least every 6 months)..available at most all stores, ie., walmart, bed bath and beyond, etc..are shower curtains made with suction cups on the top and bottom..that should work great

How to decorate a plain curtain? Do it yourself?

Certainly since it's YOUR room you can likely decorate as you wish. I can not sew, but my first thought was to stitch PIPING or they wazy kind of decorative trim to the pieces. It would add something while not being tacky. I realize there are hundreds of things and ways you could do the curtains, but often we tire easily of Flash and Trendy. I do have one other suggestion, and certainly at some point you could always change the curtains anyway. When my daughter was a YOUNG teen, I decorated her OFF white room, with those glow in the dark kind of stars and chips. Her ceiling was loaded with them and they extended down the walls in random waves. Then her Dark Blue Drapes were also decorated with them to math the wall random patterns. The chips were not so noticable during daylight, and were easy to remove at some point when she matured. She liked it at least, and admittedly it grew on me after the fact, like sleeping under the stars. Just my two cents. Steven Wolf

i need some curtain advice for a little boys room.?

1] pick a solid color that matches one of the wall colors, the carpet color, or bedding color. 2] get plain wood, white, or off white blinds; add dark blue edging around window frame [ same width as white stripes ]. Can also 'frame' closet and room doors. 3] get some large adult jerseys, wide enough in shoulders to thread curtain rod through, and use them as curtains! [ expensive but fun! ]

What colour curtain and sofa should i get?

Alot is going to depend on what other elements are in the room such as color and style of tables, artwork and accessories. With the furniture you have chosen you could go in several decorating choices. You could do French Country, painting the walls a pale yellow and incorporating blue and yellow toile curtain panels as well as a plaid fabric for throw pillows. Americana is an all time favorite. The walls could be a cream or brick red. Add plaid curtains. Lighthouse or Beach. Again painting the walls a cream color. Your possibilities are endless. Are you drawn to a specific look?.

is it better to tuck a curtain behind a radiator to keep the warm air in?

Not if you do not mind some minor damage to the curtains. We use a winterizing plastic that “shrinks“ to fit the window with a hair dryer and it works quite well and still allows for light and nice curtains. good luck!

The iron curtain, barrier of freedom? (German RD)?

The Iron curtain no longer exists. It was a imaginary but real division between communist countries and the western democracies. It ran through Germany. The curtain bordered many eastern European Countries. Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Yugoslavia etc. This fell with the failing of Communist Soviet Union

What color should I paint my bathroom (designed around a specific shower curtain)?

Cute curtain. For some reason I am drawn to the carmel-like color dots, so I am thinking how cute a bathroom would be painted a warm carmel color, and your other accents could be the other color dots in the curtain, so it all ties together. (I, like you, enjoy the rich tones.) Maybe I am silly, but I am imagining a carmel colored basket on your bathroom floor with rolled up towels in it that are blue, red, and carmel

What are shower curtain towels and how do they differ from regular bath towels

The primary difference between a shower curtain towel and a regular bath towel is its purpose. Shower curtain towels are use to prevent water from getting on the floor during a shower. It also provides a sense of cover. Regular bath towels are generally used after a shower when drying.

What is the best type of Shower curtain? Details please?

This Site Might Help You.


What is the best type of Shower curtain? Details please?

Due to mobility issues I am having to replace Shower Doors with shower curtains.

I already bought the best curved style Curtain Rods, and Grab bars, etc. but when I research Shower Curtains I come up with too many different options, and I am not sure which is best.


Needing help making a glitter shower curtain!!?

This Site Might Help You.


Needing help making a glitter shower curtain!!?

Hello! Would any one of you know how to make a glitter shower curtain like the link in my picture? (They are all sold out and cannot find anywhere to buy one-unless you can!)...

White walls, beige carpet and a gorgeous blue, red and cream colored quilt. What shade of curtain?

The obvious thing to say would be red and/or blue...unless you want to introduce a new colour?

But I quite like the natural idea, I think beige curtains look good against a white wall... and you could always add a touch of the red and blue. eg with tie backs, finials, blinds, curtain pole, etc.

Also, using red and blue accessories elsewhere in the room will tie the scheme together.

I need white curtains with chocolate brown stripes or one stripe... where can I find this?

Canary yellow or stripe curtain would be effective. Cobalt blue is likewise a rather color. Use some wall decals to spruce up white partitions, undemanding to place in & eliminate. considerable to cling curtain rod slightly greater than the window, this would provide an impact that the ceiling is extreme. colored ceiling (sky blue) persist with comparable color to a million fringe of wall (the place mattress is) will additionally provide the comparable consequence. All white partitions generally makes room smaller.

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