How to Create Storage

Just about everyone could use some extra storage space. If you feel like your home is overflowing with things that have nowhere to go, then use these tips to create places for things to be kept.

1) Remember that out of sight is not necessarily out of mind. Too often we get in a hurry and end up creating miscellaneous boxes of things that need to be stored. Almost everybody has a drawer, a box, or a shelf just full of things that don't necessarily go together, but they had to go somewhere. Boxes, drawers and shelves like this are space stealers. We think that we'll remember what is inside, but we just can't keep up with it all. You'll most likely end up never finding what you need or having to purchase a replacement because you simply can't keep it all straight in your head. Don't create an area of miscellaneous junk. That is rule number one.

2) Go through all of your clutter piles and get things going in the right direction. Do you have old planners, notebooks, souvenirs, and notes that you haven't used in a while? Go ahead and get rid of them! Donate usable items and get that junk out of your house. If you haven't used it in a year, you're not going to. It can be liberating to free yourself of the space stealers in your home. You just might have more storage space than you thought.

3) Now you need to get creative with where you will store the things that you want to keep. Some seemingly useful storage items can actually waste more space than they save. You might think that you need an armoire or a wardrobe closet to store your sheets, blankets and winter sweaters. However, you can store the same items in roll-out drawers that slide underneath your bed. Use bed risers if you need even more space. You can even use comforter or drapery hangers and store these things on a garment rack or in a closet.

4) You can use furniture with built-in storage. Some ottomans open up to reveal storage for magazines and newspapers. Some couches and chairs have arms that open up to reveal storage for remotes and throw blankets. Some coffee tables open up and are deep enough to store throw pillows or toys.

5) Create storage in your closet without getting rid of a thing. By using space saving hangers , like velvet hangers, you can double or even triple the space in your closet. Doing this can make enough room for a set of shelves, a laundry bin, or even a small dresser in your closet. Being creative and utilizing products that offer extra storage will have your house looking great in no time.

How to Create Storage 1

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