How to Fix a Torn Bed Sheet

Sharp objects and rough handling can tear even new bed sheets. If your sheet has a rip, do not replace the whole set. Mend it. A sewing machine that sews a zigzag stitch makes a smooth even repair. It is extremely difficult to hand sew a seam that is smooth enough to make an acceptable repair on a sheet and repair tape is rough and quickly begins to pull away from the fabric, making the problem even worse. Most tears in sheets are "L" shaped. Pull the torn edges of the sheet as close together as possible and hold them temporarily with a piece of clear gift wrap tape. The edges should touch, but do not pull them so close that they make a fold in the fabric at the edges of the rip. Set the sewing machine to sew as wide a zigzag stitch as possible with a short stitch length. On a zigzag stitch, the stitch length determines the angle between the stitches. Sew a test seam on a scrap of fabric. The stitches should be as close together as possible without the overlapping. Start sewing 1/2 inch before the rip. Sew backwards three stitches at the beginning of the seam to secure it, then continue sewing along the rip. Follow the rip so the needle goes down into the fabric on the left side of the rip when it sews the left side of the stitch and on the right side when it sews the right side of the stitch. The threads of the zigzag stitch will be perpendicular to the rip. Turn the corner on an "L" shaped rip by stopping with the needle down in the fabric on the same side as the corner of the rip and half a stitch width beyond it. The needle will be on the opposite side from the remaining part of the rip and about 1/8 inch past it. Raise the pressure foot, turn the fabric to sew along the other side of the rip, lower the pressure foot and continue sewing. Sew 1/4 inch beyond the end of the tear. Sew backwards three stitches to secure the end of the seam. Remove the remaining tape.

How to Fix a Torn Bed Sheet 1

1. samples of scrap to art?

Patchwork - bits of fabric put back together to make quilts or clothing or wall-hangings or pictures or....... Not just pretty buat also very practical!

2. What are some approachable drawings?

Do some figure drawings, those are always a big plus in your portfolio. Also, do fabric (like curtains or blankets..etc..), if you can get fabric down really nicely, people will love it and recognize that talent. Have interesting light in your pieces too, to show your darkest darks and your really light parts ( just to show you have a good handle of shading )

How to Fix a Torn Bed Sheet 2

3. Painted cabinets are peeling around handles. How can I fix it?

new full size mattress and adjustable base. Want to build frame to cover the base and cover in fabric to match fabric headboard. I want the frame to go from top of f... See more I have a king size waterbed with four posters and mirorrs on top and two stacked drawers in the bottom, What can i do to make this a regular bed? Tired of living in t... See more We rescued a 97 pound puppy (he was walking the streets for days). Before we rescued his brother, he was bored and chewed on our plastic patio adarondack chairs. Is... See more Should I leave this dresser as is, not sure if it is really old or not, or should I try painting it a lighter colour. Thanks for any ideas I have a really expensive leather Cabot Wrenn executive chair that is the wrong color for the room it will be placed in. I do NOT want to ruin it and have heard paint... See more

4. Bead Separated from Fabric

Unfortunately, if the bead is popping out, you are going to need a new tire. Your tube could have a blow out through the gap. You may want to inspect your brakes and make sure they were not rubbing on the tire. This could be causing pre-mature wear around the edge of the tire near the bead

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