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Weddings are special moments for the wedded or prospective couples. It brings together different families and guests to witness the commitment between the couple and associate with them as they celebrate their union. Indian weddings are elaborate feats that extend for a longer period starting with pre-ceremony, the actual ceremony and post- ceremony. These festivities marked by exceptional and ingenious décor that crowns these celebration periods. It is worth noting that Indian nuptial décor assimilates a religious tone that dictates that the type of décor, materials and items, which are characterized by religious aspects. An elaborate marriage décor plan finds a special place in the hearts of bride and in extension the entire wedding party.

Pre-wedding Décor This function involves the entire family in a traditional setting. The kind of décor items used at this time should give a prestigious image to the bride. It involves changing of costumes, the conveying of presents and precious gifts and attention. The types of décor used ought to give a unique concentration to the bride with stunning presentations and exceptional staging of the consistent elements. Traditional Indian nuptials adopt an impressive event and are often portrayed by the décor used. Items used may include hangings, jewelry, gift tags and coin bags. The chair covers and canopies that are used serve to complement the entire ceremony and the subsequent events.

The Wedding Day Décor The actual ceremony presents wedding planners and brides with an uphill task to ensure that the constituent elements converge. Normally, the family members and relatives decorate the groom with colorful outfits with beautiful embroidery and turbans. The bride may be dressed in flowing traditional attire that thus, harmonizes for instance a traditionally themed ceremony. The groom may also be dressed to fit with the overall theme of the ceremony. The attire could either be red sari or pink with heavy embroidery and stunning jewelry. Close friends and family members could give gifts themed with the consistent décor of the ceremony. The celebration could be decorated with a canopy decorated with flowers and hangings that decorate the entry point. Today, most of the Indian marriage décor depends on how prominent one wants the entire ceremony to execute. Therefore, maintaining a relevant theme that complements both the bride and the groom's overall tastes and preferences is advisable. The entire wedding location could be decorated with carpets lining the walkways, whether the event is an outdoor event or an indoor event. The colors used in Indian nuptial décor are red and gold inspired by candles and lanterns. Fire works with multiple colors are applicable for use in the marriage ceremony.

The Post-wedding Decor An Indian nuptial décor after the actual day is a combination of celebrations and merriment. The newly weds and guests get into a festive mood. Different flowers are used ranging in coloration such as jasmine and roses. Different patterns of tents are applicable in Indian culture for décor with Gujarati artwork and bandhani prints. This marks a typical ceremony within the Hindu religion and customs. There are religious wallpapers for décor and printouts bearing religious symbols and messages. Indian wedding is an occasion to reckon for lifetime by brides and guests.

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