Just Bought Silk Bedding Set but Sheets Are so Smooth They Slip Off Bed Anyway to Make Them Stay in

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Just Bought Silk Bedding Set but Sheets Are so Smooth They Slip Off Bed Anyway to Make Them Stay in  1

1. what color bedding set?

Something dark, for contrast. I would suggest a dark bluish purple, or maybe a dark green. And use light blue or light purple throws to decorate your bed

2. I need your opinion/ vote on bedding set?

Aw I LOVE the first one :) I like the polka dots a lot

Just Bought Silk Bedding Set but Sheets Are so Smooth They Slip Off Bed Anyway to Make Them Stay in  2

3. where can i buy a cute crib bedding set with a good price?

Look for a consignment sale of kid and baby stuff in your area. Often churches and preschools run them as fundraisers. Get there early on the first day and you should have some good and inexpensive choices.

4. What did you do with the comforter in the crib bedding set?

I had a beautiful set gifted to me and we used the blanket as a play mat. We ended up bed sharing because it made night time nursing much easier so we never even used the crib. We also had it set up, and only a smooth, flat fitted sheet is in the crib. To that other answerer that said if bumpers were so bad they would not sell them: "they" sell lots of things that can kill us: cigarettes, alcohol, bumper pads... Them plenty of things that are bad for us: junk foods, baby formula, sodas... It's all about money to them, they do not care about their customers or their babies.

5. Any suggestions what color I should paint the nursery. Here is the bedding set I am thinking of going with?

Suggest the green or yellow of the leaves in the bedding/valence. Neutral color, and shows off the design nicely.

6. Need good bedding set?

You want to impress ladies do not buy bedding at Walmart or on ebay. Dude, go to Linens & things, Bed Bath and Beyond or a department store and plunk down a couple hundred bucks for a decent set. Walmart sets will probably leave you itchy and scratchy. Think about it. You will only look gay if it's too fruity. Get a female friend or the sales person to help you, do not go it alone.

7. Which nursery bedding set do you like the best?

I like them all, also!

8. Where can I order a custom bedding set?

My company actually does custom bedding. What kind of bedding are you trying to do, eagles logo fabric? If we can find the fabric, we can make it. If what you want to do is the eagles logo, I would suggest choosing a few items with the logo, like the pillows on your bed and a throw blanket for the bed, or something like that, and do your other items in matching colors. You do not want your room to be too overwhelming in one pattern, regardless of what the pattern is. Even if you choose for all of your bedding to be that pattern, I would do curtains and accessories in similar matching colors, like the deep green, white, black, etc. And I hafta say, you must be the perfect wife-to-be! No wonder he's marrying you! Not a lot of women would go out of their way to find sports themed bedding because he loves the team! Congrats! haha That's the sort of thing that makes marriages work. www.madisonavenueinteriors.webs.com

9. What color should we paint the nursery with this bedding set?

i would put up a chair rail and paint the bottom half of the room the darker brown and pink(striped) and the top half he tan colour taken from the bedding or something along those lines. that may be too busy for a smaller room, in which case you can still do the chair railing but dak brown on the bottom, pink on top. and if not that, just go with all tan

10. Is a crib bedding set necessary?

I feel the same way.Its not necessary at all. A sheet and a blanket are fine. The rest is for decorations. I was looking through sears catalogue and they have bedding that cost as much as $229.99 and the lowest one was $89.97. When I had my daughter(15 years ago) I do not remember things being so expensive. I am sure Walmart will have a set that is much cheaper then Sears.

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