Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 1

1. How Do I Prevent Mold on my Shower Curtain?

There are several ways you can go about this. Firstly, is your shower curtain made of fabric or plastic? I would suggest fabric as it breathes better. Also, is your bathroom well ventilated? I try and make it a habit to open the window AND use an exhaust fan to remove all the moisture in the air after I shower. Ive heard that lemon juice can help to kill mould, but I dont know how accurate it is as I havent tried it. Vinegar also works, dilute a 50/50 mixture with water in a spray bottle. I just use plain white vinegar. It might smell for a bit but once it dries the smell will disappear. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted soon.

2. What's life like behind the Orange Curtain?

WELL HERE IS THE DEAL... Even the old California Angels are calling themselves The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That speaks volumes to me. Orange County is Los angeles counties step sister

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 2

3. What are the round silver rings that come embedded in a shower curtain called?

They are called grommets or eyelets when used in tarps and similar items. Here is a video that shows the installation

4. Why does the shower curtain gets sucked inwards whenever I turn on the shower?

That only happens when my windows are open

5. Shutter Curtain question help.?

problematic point. check out on yahoo and bing. this can assist!

6. Which Way do You Pull the Shower Curtain?

You have got to be kidding me. Dude, it's a shower curtain. Either way it is pulled, it will not matter. BTW, that was the most confusing description of the locale of the curtain. Everyone here is now dumber, having read your words.

7. Is there such a thing as a shower curtain with suction cups?

There are spring loaded rods available. They do not damage the walls and you do not have to drill any holes. Try going to one of the large DIY stores (Home Depot, Lowes) and see if they have any

8. I start college in august and i was wondering when i should start shopping for the things I'll need?

I would start now, so long as you have a place to store what you buy. You can do way, way better at thrift stores than buying new for most kitchen items--and you will care less when something disappears or gets broken, too. And yes, that will happen. Make a list of what you absolutely have to have, and share it with your roommates, agreeing on who buys what. Keep this list so you will know what is yours when you part ways. (Take pictures of what you bring, too, so it all shows. There's the proof.) You will need sheets, towels, blankets or comforter, bath mat, shower curtain and hooks, wastebaskets, floor lamps, table lamps, and probably a decent rug or two. I would buy new linens and talk to relatives and your parents about whether they have any of the other items they can donate. Do you have a bed? A desk and chair? A table to eat on? A chair or sofa? A nightstand or table? Shelves or a cart for bathroom stuff? Craigslist is your friend--but not if you wait until August.

9. Installing a shower curtain on a sloped ceiling?

Custom made shower door, Build a dormer, Install a separate shower stall.

10. Curtain length for nursery?

Congratulations on your baby. I would put floor length. The area of concern is to keep the crib from the window so the baby wo not hang itself with cords from blinds or curtains

11. Was the berlin wall part of the iron curtain?

The "Iron Curtain" were the 'borders' surrounding the communist countries. Therefor the Berlin wall was part of the "Iron Curtain"

12. A lot of question of Iron Curtain?

Well as a Hungarian i lived on the other side of the Iron Curtain... basicly it was the border between the west and the socialist countries. It was called Iron Curtain for two reasons: 1 we can say it was made from iron: fences, landmines etc. 2 they tried to shut down any communication with the west so like with a curtain they tried to "cover our sight" In Hungary it was not so bad... you could cross the boarder with proper reasons, in fact many people from east Germany escaped to the west through our boarders. They started to build it right after the ww2 (1949 in Hungary) and it ended in 1989-1990 in Hungary it ended in 1989 June 27 (they finished demolishing it at that day) I was young so i can not remember much, but i think a guy from Berlin could tell you more about it... the Wall between east and west germany was the worst, the most feared and the most protected part of the Iron Curtain

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