Patio Chair Covers

Chairs, whether wood, wrought iron, wicker or plastic, enhance the patio but in the long run prove costly due to maintenance. Patio Chair Covers should be selected on the basis of durability, fitness and quality. Another important factor is that fabric should stay cool and resist moisture, to save chair and cover from mold and mildew. Imagine the embarrassment of a wet dress or pants once you get up from a chair left out at night.

Patio Chair Covers are generally used for chairs left in the open. Still, the covers need not be dull, but can be colorfully designed ones. Use fabric paints, sponge brushes or paint pens to create unique motifs to coordinate with the décor of the patio. Stitch the covers yourself or use premade ones whatever size and shape of chair for that extra vibrancy. For fitted covers, Velcro fastening systems could be used to protect them from getting blown away.

The Patio Chair Cover fabrics decide the design and usage. The Chair Covers could cover the entire chair or just the cushion and headrest. If patio chairs are left in the open, then mesh fabric that does not hold water is the ideal choice. The disadvantage of this fabric is that one has to be satisfied with dull, practical gray. For a brighter, softer and richer look, select vinyl fabric, adding the touch of luxury to the patio. Available in different colors such as green, blue, navy or orange, in heavy-duty vinyl or the nylon used to make tents. Another fabric for Patio Chair Covers is Gore-Tex, available by the yard, but it is expensive and the seams have to be sealed to make it totally waterproof. If chairs are left under a covered patio then fabric could be cotton, nets or just throws. The idea is to protect patio chairs so that one need not purchase a new set every season.

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