Police Investigating Violent, Hate-fueled Messages Left in Calgary Community

Police believe two hate-fuelled messages threatening violence against two women in a southeast neighbourhood are linked.In the early hours of Saturday morning, hateful messages with racist overtones- seemingly authored by the same person- were left at a pair of Deer Run and Queensland area homes, one accompanied by a cantaloupe-sized rock that smashed through a living room window while a single mom and her teenage twins slept inside.The 40-year-old mom named Candice, whose last name Postmedia agreed not to publish, was shocked to discover not only the vandalism, but a note left outside along with a ceramic pig on her doorstep. The note included a threat to burn her house down with a Molotov cocktail because she had supported incumbent Mayor Naheed Nenshi in October's civic election."You are a Muslim sympathizer pig and you will pay.I was that close to the window with a molatov (sic) instead," read a portion of the note scrawled in a black marker."The police won't protect you. They are not going to post someone to watch you 24/7, 365 for the next seven years."The note ordered her to move from her home of five years, seek "forgiveness" by erecting a sign bearing the author's symbol- a Canadian flag with a red cross in place of the Maple Leaf- or have her house burned down "in the next few years.""The violence of that note, and even the violence of throwing the rock- it's very disturbing," Candice said."I feel a lot less safe than usual but I will not let this shake me, or scare me."The note that was left with the rock was signed "Integra - He who stands for the integrity of Canada."Candice was targeted shortly after an unknown individual spray painted vulgar grafitti on a bus used by a local charity that provides haircuts for homeless people.Its owner, Misty Wind Shingoose, discovered the vandalism along witha threatening note scrawled on a white bed sheet left on her lawn.The message, which called her "Misty the Liar" suggested it was written by the same person who had initiated the towing of the bus parked in front of her house last month. It was later returned with the fine lifted, when the Calgary Parking Authority learned it was used for charitable purposes."Your lies to the news have not gone unpunished," it read in part. "I hope you like the changes to your bus."The note's language targeted Shingoose's Aboriginal heritage and threatened to sexually assault and kill her. Both included the same Canadian flag with a cross symbol.Staff Sgt. Paul Wyatt, with the Calgary police community and youth services section, said the incidents, believed to have unfolded between 1 and 3 a.m., are thought to be the work of one person."Based on what we know, we believe those two incidents to be connected," he said. "They're certainly hateful messages."Despite the messages, police don't believe people living in the communities targeted should feel threatened."I don't think there's anything that the neighbourhood should be particularly be concerned about," Wyatt said, adding he doesn't expect increased police patrols in the area."We spoke (to the women targeted) at length, so we gave them some instructions and some safety planning- I'm comfortable that they're safe."Shingoose said she's troubled police don't seem to be taking the threats seriously."It's really concerning to me that they're not considering upping their patrols or canvassing houses like we're planning to do," she said."We're sitting ducks literally in our own neighbourhood, in our own homes," she said.Wyatt said police are asking anyone with information or video of the evening in question to come forward to help with the investigation.Police are also planning to talk to a man who allegedly made racist remarks during a separate incident at a Superstore over the weekend.

Police Investigating Violent, Hate-fueled Messages Left in Calgary Community 1

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