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Foot Operated Logsplitter Makes light work of your log pile Simple and easy to use, this low cost alternative to hydraulic logsplitters requires just a few foot pumps to crack a log up to 46cm long (18ins) and 26cm (10ins) in diameter. Each step on the foot lever exerts a force of up to 1.2 tons of pressure without any upper body strength required!

Ready assembled, the Logsplitter is constructed from powder-coated, heavy-duty steel, it folds down for easy storage and features a safety clip for storing the splitter when folded.

Suitable for use both indoors and out, it measures W23cm x L85cm x H21cm (9ins x 33 1/2ins x 8 1/4ins) when folded and weighs just 9.5kg.

ONLY [euro]99.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM1247 Lightweight 3-1 Cordless Garden Trimmers ONLY [euro]99.90 inc. p&p - You Save [euro]40.00 Our long reach 3-1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, Grass and Weed Strimmer plus the hand-held Shrub and Border Cutter allows you to trim and shape hedges, bushes and lawns with ease.

The telescopic handle can be extended to 1.46m and provides at least 60 minutes of continuous use from a single charge.

The cutting head can be rotated up to 90 degrees and the blade measures 10.1/4" long x 2.1/2" wide.

Quote: IDM2527 ONLY [euro]99.90 inc. p&p Heavy Duty Garden Cart With tipping function Our 125 litre capacity Garden Cart has a durable polycarbonate hopper mounted on a steel chassis that is complete with 4 large pneumatic tyres Easy to manoeuvre with its dual purpose handle, you can tip your load wherever required using the tipping function. The cart can be pushed, pulled or even towed using a tow hitch.

Measuring 103 x 55 x 50cm, the cart weighs 25.5 kilos and can carry up to 150kg.

ONLY [euro]129.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM1387 SAVE [euro]40.00 Sonic Cat Repeller Safe for Wildlife and Pets!

Our Sonic Cat Repeller detects and repels cats without harming them. Easy to install in your garden, it will protect lawns, flowerbeds, bird feeders & ponds.

The Sonic Cat Repeller uses a Passive Infra Red detection system to monitor a distance of 12 metres. It detects animals moving into this area and triggers a burst of continuously variable ultrasound. Battery operated (not included), the unit is water resistant.

Quote: IDM1027 ONLY [euro]46.90 inc. p&p Folding Banquet Table Ideal for all those special occasions!

This versatile trestle style folding large banquet table instantly solves the problem whenever extra table space is required. It seats at least six people comfortably indoors or outside.

Robustly constructed and portable, the foldable banquet table has a durable wipe clean surface and fold flat tubular metal legs. It measures 6ft x 2ft 5ins x 2ft 4ins (approx) when open.

The banquet table folds to just 4" thick allowing effortless portability and easy storage when not required.

ONLY [euro]99.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM2741 Halogen Security Light and Camera Detects movement and floods the area with dazzling bright light Captures intruders on the high resolution camera on video and/or still images Videos/images are recorded to the hidden SD memory card Our Security Light and Camera has a passive infra-red detector that monitors any movement and instantly floods the area with dazzling bright white light. At the same time, the high resolution camera and highly sensitive microphone records the scene in both high quality video and/or still pictures, capturing the time and date as evidence!

Video and pictures are recorded to a hidden, discreet SD memory card - so no expensive, complicated wiring to a video recorder. It comes with a FREE 512MB memory card which is enough to store over 150 10-second video clips or over 1000 photos.

ONLY [euro]159.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM1546 50 Foot Coil Hose This easy to store coil hose stretches up to an amazing 50ft, automatically retracting back to its original size after use.

The hand trigger with adjustable nozzle allows you to adjust the flow of water from a gentle spray, ideal for watering plants and seeds, to a powerful spray for cleaning cars and patios.

The trigger also features a lock on feature for ease of use.

The 50-Foot Coil Hose comes complete with all brass fittings.

ONLY [euro]29.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM864 Easy Lawn Edger Simply wheel the Lawn Edger along the edge of your lawn and the hardened steel blade trims the over-hanging grass as you go. The blade is self- sharpening and cuts to a depth of almost 2".

The steel shaft measures 43" long to avoid black strain, has moulded handgrips for extra comfort and a shaped non-skid footrest to exert extra pressure when required.

ONLY [euro]37.90 Quote: IDM2725 Handy Cordless Trimming Shears Trims hedges and lawn edges with ease Powered by a lithium-ion battery, our 3.6V Hedge and Edge Trimming Shears provide up to 40 minutes of continuous operation on a full charge. It weighs less than a kilo and includes two interchangeable blades that allow you to trim and shape hedges and lawn edges with ease.

The grass shear blade with an 80mm cutting width will make easy work of lawn edges, while the trimming blade will cut hedges, shrubs and bushes up to 8mm in diameter.

Comes complete with installed lithium-ion battery, charger and two blade guards.

ONLY [euro]49.90 Quote: IDM2939 Battery Heated Gloves If you suffer with cold hands, these battery heated gloves could be just the answer.

Powered by 3 x AA size batteries, they heat up in a matter of minutes for hours of warmth. Available in sizes medium and large.

ONLY [euro]32.90 inc. p&p Quote: IDM858 Frost Protection Heater Protects plants in greenhouses, sheds or conservatories!

Our Frost Protection Heater can be used in your attic, greenhouses, shed or conservatory. It automatically switches on when the temperature in the immediate area falls below 5 degrees centigrade and will continue to operate until the temperature rises.

Suitable for free standing or wall mounting, it measures 33x25cms.

It has an overheat safety cut-out Quote: IDM3377 ONLY [euro]69.90 inc. p&p Barkbuster A built-in microphone senses barking and triggers an ultrasonic tone that annoys but does not harm dogs. Once the barking ceases, the tone stops automatically. Mains operated ONLY [euro]49.90 inc. p&p IDM2746 Remote Control Training Collar The Remote Control DogTraining System is completely safe and humane for all pets.Veterinary approved, the training system does not cause stress to your pet but reinforces traditional training methods, using vibration and tone.

Ideal to curb nuisance behaviour such as barking, jumping, etc.

Effective up to 100 metres, the remote control requires 1 x 12v battery (included), receiver requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).

IDM1859 ONLY [euro]49.90 inc. p&p Call: 01-2962333 Order Online: Post To: Mirror Offers, Markettown, Unit 18, Churchtown Business Park, Churchtown, Dublin 14

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