Sand Free Beach Towel

Bondi Safari Sand Free Beach Towel for Travel - Quick Dry Microfiber Towel, Travel Beach Towel in Designer Paisley, Tropical & Boho Beach Towel Prints for Beach, Traveling, Cruising, Outdoor Activities, Perfect Gift for WomensFeatures:TROPICAL DESIGNER PRINTS - Special new promotional towels in 4 designer prints, best summer prints on available amazon, travel towels never looked this good.SAND FREE MICROFIBER - Smooth 'Suede' Microfiber - Unlike a normal towel you don't need to bring the beach home with you!LARGE, LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT - Very large to fit anyone but can be easily folded to a very small size. Size of the towel: Large 63x31", Weight:10.

06oz OR Size: X-Large 69x39", Weight:12.

5ozPERFECT FOR THE BEACH - And also for travel, pool, cruise, workout, holiday and island getaways or as a giftSUPER ABSORBENT - Fast drying, antibacterial, light, easily fits into suitcase, backpack or beach tote. BONUS: Stylish pouch bag makes this a great buy!Click here to learn more: Sand Free Beach TowelDescription:These new exclusively designed beach towels are the secret to staying sand-free and stylish on your next beach getaway or travel adventure.Made from suede microfibre so it is really not just a normal towel.

Suede microfiber has a lightweight smooth feel and folds up into a fraction of the size of a standard beach towel - making it ideal for beach goers, travelers and anyone who prefers a sand-free experience at the beach.A beautiful gift idea for a friend or loved one about to embark on that big adventure, or for someone who enjoys the outdoors and beautiful things. Perfect for your next cruise or perhaps after a workout.

It comes with a bonus pouch to compliment your towel and keep it neatly packed away in a smart compact pack in your beach bag or travel case which makes this the Ultimate travel and beach accessory.Other towels claim to be for travel but weigh over 1lb and take up too much room or they are lightweight but lack the style you want to see in a beach towel.At 63 x 31" (L) or 69 x 39" (XL) and Weighing Only 10.


5oz you can genuinely travel the globe with a bondi safari sand free beach and travel towel.Our Products Come with a Money Back Guarantee, Click "Microfiber Beach Towel" and Buy Today!Follow our social media accountsFacebook: Microfiber Beach TowelInstagram: Microfiber Beach TowelVisit our website: Microfiber Beach Towel


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