Shoe Organizers - the Small Space Solution You've Been Looking For

Women get an unfair amount of grief for having a lot of shoes. The fact is that nowadays everybody has a lot of shoes. And you should! It isn't like we are Native Americans who are grateful just for a pair of moccasins to get around the woods in. Science has advanced to the point where most shoes are specifically tailored to the activity that you plan on doing while wearing them.

Today we have running shoes, walking shoes, skateboard shoes, basketball shoes, hiking boots, slippers, dress shoes, heels, winter boots, rain boots, sandals, aqua socks and more. The list goes on and on and on! Frankly it is all pretty necessary. Most of these shoes are designed so that your body can stay healthy while you are doing a particularly rigorous activity. You need all these shoes.

The problem is where do you put them all? Especially if you live with roommates or have a family, you are looking at dozens or even hundreds of shoes! They have the potential to take over the whole house!

Luckily there is a wide array of shoe organizers out there to help to solve this increasingly common problem. Here are a few great ways to cut down on the shoe clutter in your house.

Melamine Shoe Cube

When you walk into someone's house for the first time it is usually pretty easy to tell right as you enter the front door whether they have a big family or not. If they do there is bound to be an apocalyptic wasteland of shoes strewn from the doorway as far as the eye can see down the halls and spilling into other rooms.

A perfect way to combat this is with the Melamine Shoe Cube. It is an attractive shelf built specifically to store shoes and it is perfect to put right by the front door. The 25 pair size measures 31 ½" x 24" x 12". There is also a 15 pair version that is 19 3/8" x 24" x 12". They are both made of laminated particle board and require some slight assembly.

Shoes Under

Of course not everyone wants to display his or her shoes right at the front door. And not every pair of shoes gets enough wear that would warrant them to be within such easy access.

For those shoes that you are saving for a special occasion, or that you just can't seem to part with, there is the Shoes Under shoe organizer. Shoes Under is a simple and smartly designed product that allows you to discreetly store your shoes right under your bed or on the closet floor.

Shoes Under can hold up to a dozen sandals, sneakers, heels and dress shoes in this light and durable storage space. It has handles on the side and a see-through cover that zips open. Keep your shoes in good shape and out of the way with Shoes Under.

Overdoor Shoe Rack

There are some people out there for whom space is truly at a premium though. "Oh, you invented something that lets me store stuff under my bed?" they ask. "Well that would have been great before I spent ten years throwing all my junk under there."

For the people who normally can't find an inch to spare there is the Overdoor Shoe Rack. This large and convenient rack hangs right over the back of you door. Wait, do you have a mirror hanging on the back of your door? A towel rack? Have you somehow already found another way to hang something on the back of it? Well this rack can also be permanently mounted on any wall.

The overdoor shoe rack uses polymer sides and steel rods to hold up to 36 pairs of shoes. There is also a 24 pair rack available.

Space Saving Rolling Shoe Organizer

One of the problems with a lot of shoe organizers is that they account for how you are going to store your shoes and not exactly for how you are going to wear them. Many people start by picking out their outfit and then trying to match a pair of shoes. Now wouldn't it be nice if you had a portable shoe rack that you could roll right over to your full-length mirror for this exact purpose?

The Space Saving Rolling Shoe Organizer is the solution to this. It will quickly turn your unsightly pile of shoes into a tower of fantastic options. It can hold up to 28 pairs of shoes easily. Keep it stored in your closet and then wheel it out when it is time to decide what to wear.

Part of the reason that people get teased about having a lot of shoes is because they don't have anywhere to put them. But when you suddenly have great storage options like these you can quickly go from being perceived by your friends and family as borderline insane to having them realize you are just incredibly resourceful!

Shoe Organizers - the Small Space Solution You've Been Looking For 1

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