Smartsilk Bedding Products Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Common dust mites in beds cause allergies.And allergy sufferers and their partners often suffer from a very poor night of rest, which negatively impacts many other elements of their lives, including work and school performance, personal health and overall energy levels So SmartSilk has developed a full range of products to help allergy sufferers get a great night of sleep, which will hopefully lead to better health.The key to this good night's sleep lies in the bedding, insist the folks that produce SmartSilk products. We never sleep alone, they pointed out in a media release which, I confess, made me squirm in my chair. We spend about a third of our lives in bed and that bed is a haven for dust mites, they explained.. In fact, duvets, mattresses and pillows are the home to millions of dust mites because of the warm and humid environment that allows them to dine on human skin flakes.Dust mites are microscopic eight-legged relatives of spiders that devour cast-off flakes of human skin. They eat, mate and worst of all, defecate in beds and pillows. And therein lies the real problem. Dust mite excreta are loaded with allergens that cause human suffering. The microscopic droppings become airborne and readily escape from bedding to torment allergy sufferers. The droppings produce a protein that humans inhale while sleeping, causing respiratory passages to become inflamed and irritated creating a clogging in the lungs, the SmartSilk folks explained. According to, for some people, dust mite allergy may be the primary cause of inflammation and contraction of airways of the lungs (asthma), resulting in wheezing, shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties including snoring. There are over 50 million asthma and allergy sufferers in North America, of which 20% are children under the age of 18.Traditional mattress covers and pillow cases protect the mattress and pillow. In addition to protecting the bed, the SmartSilk bedding is designed to protect the person sleeping in it. Exposure to allergens is reduced when the mattress and pillows are covered with mite-barrier fabrics. Apparrently, SmartSilk serves as a natural barrier and actually repels the mites.According to the media release, SmartSilk bedding products have been proven to kill dust mites by removing the heat and moisture the bugs need to survive, adding that hey are the first and only all natural bedding to be certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma Society of Canada.The silk filled duvet is lightweight and thin. It wicks moisture from a sleeper and dissipates it into the surrounding air instead of retaining it. These special wicking properties of the SmartSilk products transfer heat and humidity making for a more comfortable and restful sleep, especially for menopausal women plagued by night sweats or people dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy treatments.SmartSilk provides a full array of bedding products including duvets, mattress covers, pillows and pillow covers.The mattress pad is unique in that it is the only certified asthma & allergy friendly mattress cover that is five sided (as opposed to traditional six sided products), making it as easy to put on as a fitted sheet.For more information, visit . Bedding products range in price from $35 to $400 depending on the product of choice and are available through the website.

Smartsilk Bedding Products Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly 1

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