Some Questions About Curtain Answered

Do you want to know about curtain? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Some Questions About Curtain Answered 1

1. How can you repair broken shower ring holes in a plastic shower curtain?

Fold the shower curtain over as though you were going to hem it, do this 2 times. use low temp hot glue or fabritack glue (get it at a craft store). then take a paper punch and replace the holes your up and showering.

2. I have a huge living room window and I need a new curtain?

If you are looking for a curtain that is more for decoration rather than keeping the light out, I would suggest something sheer. To be interesting though, I would not look for just one solid color. I would look around the room and find the primary colors then pick the two that stand out the most. Example: I have a really wide window and I need 4 curtains to cover the window. I would buy 2 greenish and 2 tan and put the tanish color on the outside and the greenish color on the inside. You could also buy drawbacks. I pratically live at Lowes and Wal-Mart, so I would recommend looking at their selection.

Some Questions About Curtain Answered 2

3. Towels on a shower curtain rod?

Get a 6" or 9" long piece of copper wire that is 1/4 inch thick (Home Depot in the electrical department) and bend it into a S shape. Hang one part over the rod, the cloths on the other part

4. Is there anyway to hang up a curtain room divider without punching holes in the wall?

If you use a wide piece of wood at the top and 2 vertical supports, one at each end, that will do it. If you put soft material between the top and ceilng, and under the vertical supports, you wo not mark the floor or the ceiling. If you cut the supports too short for a tight fit, use wedges to tighten them up. Because it is not nailed, screwed or glued, the supports have to be a good tight fit to be sure the whole thing wo not just fall down

5. How do you keep mold from forming on a fabric shower curtain liner?

spray it with bleach and water 50/50 solution after each shower. keep the spray bottle in the shower so you do not forget

6. Retiling a tub surround, not sure how to shim it

Some basic comments on what I would do:First I see that you cut out a 18-24 inches beyond the tub. That is fine. But I like to see a 2x4 right where you would put a shower curtain up and another to the far right to help handle the drywall. Flip these 2x4s on their side since you have electric. If your gap is too big then add 1/4" drywall behind backer. If still too big go 1/2". But I doubt that. You have backer at .42" then thinset, then tile. I am pretty sure you can cover that lip. Only run a sheet of backer going straight up and down - so three feet from corner by 5 feet high. Drywall right next to it. You may need another 2x4. After you put up backer and drywall I think you should be able to feather out the area just fine. If you can not you might have to lay 1/4" drywall on top of the existing. Really this just comes down to 1/4"s. I can go into better details if you give me the exact gap, what backer you are using, what tile you are using and so on. I would not worry about moving the tub though.Note: Always install a 2x where there would logically be a shower door or curtain. Therefore if you want to install something in the future you are not ripping out the other side of your wall or having saggy shower curtain. I would also make sure that you have 2xs and crosses set up for any sort of bars or cabinets that will go in. You cannot overframe a bathroom. Anchors fail in bathrooms before they would in other rooms

7. Is it OK to make a shower curtain rod out of PVC pipe?

She's talking rubbish. Use what you want

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