Spandex Chair Cover for Banquet Wedding Party Events

SpecificationBrand: Trimming ShopMaterial: Stretchable Spandex (Lycra) ElasticMaterial Composition: 90% Polyester 10% SpandexStretch: 4 Way Stretch SpandexFabric Weight: 200gsmReinforced Leg Holders: 4 Sided Elastic Foot PocketsSize: Free SizeColours Available: Red, Black, White, Brown, Champagne, Chocolate, Lavender, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Ivory, Baby Pink, Purple, Fuchsia, Silver, White Skirt, Navy, Baby Blue, GoldFits Banquet Style Chairs. Will not Fit Folding Style ChairsDescriptionThese Spandex chair covers are ideally made to give a very clean look to any occasion.The materials used for these chair covers are spandex and Elastic. These chair covers can easily be covered around the chairs in very minimal time.Due to the high elastic property of the spandex material, they can be made to fit and covered around the chair without the fear of tear and size constriction.They can be used to cover all shapes of chairs including semi-rounded top, round to or square top chairs. They are available in our rich, classy and elegant making them easy to use and provide flair of elegance to the decor.These spandex covers provide long elongation, good shape and do not allow wrinkles.They are soft, easy to wash and do not fade easily. For more information, please click here.

Spandex Chair Cover for Banquet Wedding Party Events 1

What colors should I have my chair covers and table linens?

I would have the chair cover white and then at one table have the ribbons/sashes mocha around the white cover and then at another table use light blue. As for table cloths, use a white underlay and a light blue overlay(usually shorter than the underlay) at the tables with mocha sashes on the chairs and vice versa. I think it will look great!

Where can I get cheap chair covers for my wedding in Sept.?

Buy tulle. Cut in strips and wrap around back of chair and tie a bow

Spandex Chair Cover for Banquet Wedding Party Events 2

What would you do if you went out to the pool & the EF was laying on a lawn chair, covered only by dandelions?

put it this way, how much is the divorce gonna cost u??

Is it cheaper to get chair cover and sash separately from the wedding package?

sometimes you can find a really good deal but most places can get pricey if you have a lot of people

I rent chair covers and table linens, but where can I advertise?

Have you thought of using They are a good resource. Also, places like The Knot,, etc that cater to weddings. They all have marketing departments who sell advertising space. Also, magazines and national publications. Good luck!

Where can I find inexpensive chair covers for my wedding?

you are not going to find anything cheaper then that. i was looking in australia (because that is where i live) and the cheapest i could find was about $5 a piece. i found some for about $4 a piece but that was to buy them, which i really found no need for, so we are skipping them all together. :).

do you recommend any site for chair covers and the sash/bow?

actually, your vendor is your friend here...ask them. they will have a list of people they have worked with, in person

Will it look ok if I dont have chair covers but use sashes?

try it out but I think it might look funky. Just go w/o the sashes and the covers if the chairs are nice

Did you or will you use chair covers for your wedding? Should I?

If the chairs are nice and could blend in with your decor than do not use chair covers. Another thing you can do is do the decor around the chairs so that they do not look out of place

which color Table cloth and chair covers would you use, for a room that is painted pink and lilac?

White with accessories of pink and pillows, flowers, candles, etc

What is the rent of 1000 banqurt Chair Covers with organza sashes for a day in Long Beach California?

What is the rent of 1000 banqurt Chair Covers with organza sashes ... 15 Feb 2010 ... What is the rent of 1000 banqurt Chair Covers with organza sashes for a day in Long Beach California? I want to hire 1000 satin banquet

is it better to rent or buy table linens and chair covers?

depends if red gold or white is 1 of your options linen n things has it . or rent it it pay to have the best wedding its once in a life time experience good luck

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