What Are Some Places Where You Would Come Across a Receptionist?

A receptionist is an employee taking an office/administrative support position. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization or business. The title "receptionist" is attributed to the person who is specifically employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. The business duties of a receptionist may include answering visitors' inquiries about a company and its products or services, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls on multi-line telephones or, earlier in the 20th century, a switchboard, setting appointments, filing, records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks, such as faxing or emailing. Some receptionists may also perform bookkeeping or cashiering duties. Some, but not all, offices may expect the receptionist to serve coffee or tea to guests, and to keep the lobby area tidy. A receptionist may also assume some security guard access control functions for an organization by verifying employee identification, issuing visitor passes, and observing and reporting any unusual or suspicious persons or activities. 1)Dentist and Medical offices plus Nursing Homes 2) Hospital or Clinics 3) High Schools or Colleges 4) Hair or Nail Salons 5) In factories, large corporations, and government offices 6) Bus and Train companies 7) Small Businesses i.e. car dealerships, plumbing supplies, trucking companies etc. 8) Religious Organizations 9) Real Estate and Insurance Companies Advancement. Advancement for receptionists generally comes about either by transferring to an occupation with more responsibility or by being promoted to a supervisory position. Receptionists with especially strong computer skills, a bachelors degree, and several years of experience may advance to a better paying job as a secretary or an administrative assistant.

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advice for planning a trip?

some large stops are South of the Border and the state welcome centers. The florida welcome center supplies unfastened orange juice so verify you're making a end there! verify you have something to occupy the youngsters because of the fact it does get very uninteresting interior the automobile for an afternoon or 2. a large place to stay in Disney international is the sea coast and YACHT club. it incredibly is large for little ones and adults. I even have stayed there for each twelve months I even have long gone to Disney international and it incredibly is one among those thrill to reach there each twelve months. they have a large arcade, miraculous present keep, large ice cream parlor, large eating places, incredible pool, incredible slide, and it incredibly is in strolling distance to the DISNEY BOARDWALK, MGM, and EPCOT. you're just about interior the middle of Disney international. yet another relaxing situation to do collectively as staying on the sea coast and YACHT club is velocity boating. they have their own little lake which you will take a velocity boat and experience around. it incredibly is a large time! i will reccomend to you a astounding food market. It accomodates all your desires. it incredibly is declared as CROSSROADS. it incredibly is suited outdoors of Disney international, under 5 minutes from the sea coast and YACHT club. they have each thing there from chips to wine. For eating out, you will actually could desire to flow to EPCOT. Epcot has something pronounced as the international exhibit. the international exhibit has many countries in it which contain France, Morraco, Norway, Germany, large Brittain, Africa, Canada, Unites States, and Mexico. each and each usa has a eating place different than Africa. all of them have incredible and ethnic ingredients. a large place for the youngsters in EPCOT is THE living SEAS eating place. you're ingesting underwater and observing the sea animals around you. it incredibly is a marvelous adventure. you additionally must make a journey to CITYWALK that's a unfastened section in the past getting into extensive-unfold. they have incredible eating places there too. i decide for to propose JIMMY BUFFETS MARGARITAVILLE. i wish you're taking this suggestion and use it! have relaxing in Florida!


What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Chongqing, China?

There are various activities which provide an amazing environment for parents and children to get on with each other. However, there is one place which offers a perfect ambient for parents-child campaigns The Chongqing Locajoy Theme Park.The recreational facility of rafting, photo credit by Wang ChengjieThe Chongqing Locajoy Theme Park (abbreviated as Locajoy below) locates in Yongchuan District, 75km from downtown. It is the only one theme park project which obtains recognition of the Chongqing Municipal Peoples Government. Locajoy covers 5,000 mu (about 3.33 km2) with the total investment with 3 billion. There are 4 regions inside the park: Global Village, Happy World, Wildlife World, and Locajoy Liangjiang Hotel. Furthermore, the theme park usually holds different events for festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas, and so on.People enjoy the theme parade on Halloween night, photo credit by Wang ChengjieGlobal VillageIt focuses on Commercial Street and Hi-tech digital video entertainment experience, embracing the largest medieval castle buildings. There is also an ice world, including ice houses, ice rink, ice engraving and so on. Meanwhile, a 60-meter-high bungee jumping opens to the public.The ferris wheel in the Locajoy, photo credit by Ye FengyingHappy WorldIt contains 8 parts with more than 30 recreational facilities, providing exciting and crazy experiences. Moreover, there is a fairytale world with imagination. It is the world of children, as well as those people who are seeking childhood. Besides, Royal Circus integrates circus elites of five nations and international top circus, where visitors can enjoy an incredible show there.An exciting recreational facility in the Locajoy, photo credit by Yan HanThe Wildlife WorldThere are around 430 kinds of rare wildlife from Australia and Africa including gold and white tigers. For visitors without a car, theres a bus to get around the park and another section to walk amongst the less dangerous animals. Nearby is Le Huo Le Du, Chinas largest theme park. Combination tickets are available for anyone wishing to visit both venues. Black bear in Wildlife World, photo credit by Long ChengZebras in Wildlife World, photo credit by Wang ChengjieA lion in Wildlife World, photo credit by Wang ChengjieParrots in Wildlife World, photo credit by Yang YilinIn addition, Locajoy Liangjiang Hotel supplies the accommodations to visitors. It is clean and tidy, as well as let visitors feel at home.There are other places and some occasional events which adapt to parents-child campaigns. To find more information about the city, such as food, culture or entertainment in Chongqing, China, stay with iChongqing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or our website Chongqing International Media Center | .info


What is Time-based pricing?

Time-based pricing Time-based pricing refers to a type offer or contract by a provider of a service or supplier of a commodity, in which the price depends on the time when the service is provided or the commodity is delivered. The rational background of time-based pricing is expected or observed change of the supply and demand balance during time. Time-based pricing includes fixed time-of use rates for electricity and public transport, dynamic pricing reflecting current supply-demand situation or differentiated offers for delivery of a commodity depending on the date of delivery (futures contract). Most often time-based pricing refers to a specific practice of a supplier. Time-based pricing is the standard method of pricing in the tourist industry. Higher prices are charged during the peak season, or during special-event periods. In the off-season, hotels may charge only the operating costs of the establishment, whereas investments and any profit are gained during the high season. (This is the basic principle of the long run marginal cost (LRMC) pricing, see also Long run). Time based pricing is occasionally used by transportation service providers, whereby higher prices are charged during rush-hours, or, alternatively, some type of reduced-rate tickets are invalid at that time. Time-based pricing of services such as provision of electric power includes, but is not limited to: time-of-use pricing (TOU pricing), whereby electricity prices are set for a specific time period on an advance or forward basis, typically not changing more often than twice a year. Prices paid for energy consumed during these periods are preestablished and known to consumers in advance, allowing them to vary their usage in response to such prices and manage their energy costs by shifting usage to a lower cost period or reducing their consumption overall; critical peak pricing whereby time-of-use prices are in effect except for certain peak days, when prices may reflect the costs of generating and/or purchasing electricity at the wholesale level real-time pricing (also: dynamic pricing) whereby electricity prices may change as often as hourly (exceptionally more often). Price signal is provided to the user on an advanced or forward basis, reflecting the utilitys cost of generating and/or purchasing electricity at the wholesale level; and peak load reduction credits for consumers with large loads who enter into pre-established peak load reduction agreements that reduce a utilitys planned capacity obligations. Time-based pricing is recommendable for utilities both in regulated or market based environment. The use of time-based pricing is limited in case of low difference between peak- and off-peak demand, unavailability of adequate time-of-use metering. Also, customer response to time-based pricing should be considered (see: Demand response). A regulated utility will develop a time-based pricing schedule on analysis of its cost on a long-run basis, including both operation and investment costs. A utility operating in a market environment, where electricity (or other service) is auctioned on a competitive market, time-based pricing will reflect the price variations on the market. Such variations include both regular oscillations due to the demand pattern of users, supply issues (such as availability of intermittent natural resources: water flow, wind), and occasional exceptional price peaks.


Can we avoid a middleman in the agriculture sector in India?

Middlemen are always thought to be problem in Indian agriculture. But I think them as Necessary Evil.Why necessary ?It is not possible for farmer to sell large quantities of farm produce in retail to large number of people.e.g. A farmer with 10 tonnes tomatoes can't sell it in retail. It will rot by the long time it's soldMost of middlemen come from farming background or are farmers itself.These farmers collect various farm produce and sell in market thereby saves on logistics costs. They collect small quantities of farm produce like soyabean /maize in quintals and sell in tonnes to industries. e. g. a farmer can't afford to transport and sell 10 quintals soyabean to oil mill.The payment by middlemen is mostly prompt and at door step. While most of farmer who sell farm produce to govt MSP purchase centres has to wait for long time and make rounds to the respective offices. Middlemen like supermarkets do sorting,packing and branding which farmers can't afford.Some farmers directly sell their farm produce at farmer's market in parts of Maharashtra. These farmers slowly became middlemen as they can't sell limited variety of fruit and vegetables at stalls . In case of hotel supplies middlemen supply on 2-3 months credit but pay farmer cash at time of purchase.Co-operative could be good middlemen system in India but corruption did not allow them to grow with exception like AMUL.Why Evil ?Middlemen charge handsome dalali and make money . They charge farmers for shortages ,damages,cash payments,weighing and measuring farm produce. It can be extra charged than actual. Also keep good margines as payment by hotels, restorants, catering is late .Many times farmers of banana , grapes etc. are cheated by other state foreign dalals and go absconding. And farmers never got payments.But for these reasons it's impossible to remove the important chain in the marketing setup. So middlmen will exist and change there name like supermarket ,agents, marketing agency etc. The only solution is co-operative of farmers provided it works without corruption by working body.Picture source Google.Can we avoid a middleman in the agriculture sector in India?

What Are Some Places Where You Would Come Across a Receptionist? 1

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