What Goes Inside a Duvet Cover?

A duvet...hence the name

What Goes Inside a Duvet Cover? 1

1. Where can I find a brown and pink king size comforter or duvet cover for less than $65?

there is a cute brown/pink set for 49.

2. what is a 'duvet cover'?

It is a cover that you put on a duvet. It is normally made to stop your duvet smelling from body odour as you would wash the cover. They are mainly made from a thin cotton material

What Goes Inside a Duvet Cover? 2

3. how do i turn my duvet cover into a regular comforter?

This is really easy to do! Go to Walmart or Michael's or any fabric store. Buy a roll of polyester batting... not fluff, you want it to be like a several-inch thick sheet. Open the duvet end and fold the batting into the duvet cover so it's a single layer that fills the insides. Get a really thick, heavy needle, one with a huge eye. The fabric store will have them; you want one you will be able to thread a heavy yarn through the eye. Select a matching color yarn. Lay the stuffed duvet cover on a very wide space. A clean floor is best, but you can do this on the bed or even outside on the grass. With a yardstick, make dots in a 6 " grid all over the cover. Use safety pins (buy a big bag) and pin all the layers together at the grid points. Then, thread the needle with about 18" of yarn. Pierce all the layers down, then up through them again at the grid points beside each safety pin. Go to the next grid point and repeat until you have all the points sewn. You will have to refill your needle many times. Then go back and cut between the points, tie knots in the cut yarn so you tie together the layers. Remove the safety pins. Trim the yarn ties to 1-2" long. Then sew the button open end of the duvet cover closed so the batting does not pull out. Now you have a tied quilt/comforter!

4. How will a twin-sized duvet cover fit on a twin extra long bed?

Extra Long Duvet

5. Will colors show through a duvet cover?

If there is an issue it's solved with a liner made easily out of 2 inexpensive flat white sheets. Get the flat sheets 1 size smaller then the comforter. Dollar store or Wal-Mart sells them for $5. 99 ea.

6. Getting a duvet cover WITHOUT the set and sheets?

Make your own by sewing two sheets together. That way you can get just the right colors and patterns and sizes

7. what is a duvet cover?

comforter, it has goose down feathers, higher end would be with only white feathers so if the feathers fall out it does not look messy......very comfy and soft u can use it for summer or winter

8. What is a duvet cover?

It's a sleeve for your comforter. It is primarily used to keep the exterior of a comforter clean so that you do not have to keep washing the comforter, which can make it lumpy. You can also use a duvet cover over a quilt. The beauty of it is that a duvet cover can also provide you with an inexpensive way to give your bedroom a quick makeover.

9. Do I have to put something in my duvet cover?

you could always use as is or else put in a lightweight blanket

10. If I have this duvet cover, what color should I paint my walls? *Picture Included*?

I would go for a medium purple/lavendar color on one wall, and a light pink on the other!

11. If you use fleece for your guinea pig cage lining, how do you clean it?

I usually brush them down with a dustpan brush to remove as much of the mess as possible and put them through the washing machine twice, once with detergent and once without. Then I air dry, because if you put them through the dryer, they would shrink.Some put theirs in a wash bag or duvet cover to keep the machine filter from clogging but I've never had a problem having given them a thorough brushing. Best of luck. If you use fleece for your guinea pig cage lining, how do you clean it?

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