What's in My Hospital Bag (the Second Time Around)

• None Sleep mask - I swear by this any way, but it's especially helpful in the hospital where it's hard to rest. • None Bath towel - The hospital will have this for you so it's only if you prefer your own. • None Going home outfit for mom (something loose fitting and comfortable) • None Flip flops - Useful for the shower and going home • None Nipple cream - The hospital will have this for you, but I prefer this brand. • None Breast shells - These double as a milk catcher and also relieve sore nipples. Genius! • None Nursing pads - These are not necessary for everyone, but come in handy for me because I leak. • None Outfits for baby: Knotted gown / onesies / kimono tops (hospital stay, pictures and going home) • None Hat - Super cute on and used to regulate baby's temperature. The hospital will have this for you, but most people prefer their own for pictures. • None Extra items for hospital photos, i.e. muslin blanket, name tag, headband, etc. • None Car seat (left in car until you are ready to go home) • None Twin sheet set / blanket / pillows - The hospital will have these things for you, but you may prefer your own. Jeremy is taking his pillow. • None Expandable folder for paperwork - Something most people do not think about, but comes in super handy! • None Snacks & bottled drinks - Most hospital cafes close early, so it's good to have snacks on hand. This is something we did not think about the first time that we've added to our list. • None Extra bag (small) - Useful for all the things you can bring home from the hospital like diapers, wipes, disposable underwear, pads, perineal bottle, numbing spray, etc. Non-Essential Items You Can Leave at Home • None Water bottle - The hospital will have one for you and keep it filled. • None Robe - I packed a cute robe that I used for photos, but mainly stayed in my pajamas. • None Maternity panties - The hospital provides disposable mesh panties that I preferred instead. • None Blow dryer and curling iron - I did not have any down time to wash and style my hair. I recommend dry shampoo, especially no longer than you will be in the hospital (normal stay is two nights). • None Colace Stool Softner - The hospital will have this for you and wont' allow you to take meds from home. It wo not be too much longer until we meet our baby girl and I am sure we will be more than prepared with all the things! Remember all hospitals are different and this is based on my experience with Rowan, which is the same hospital I will deliver the second baby. I hope this helps, mama!

What's in My Hospital Bag (the Second Time Around) 1

New black bath towels are linty?

A really hot wash, preferably a boil wash, followed by a hot tumble dry. I had the same problem, works a treat!!

using baking soda to soften your bath towels?

The cause of stiffness in laundry is usually that too much detergent has been left in the clothing. To make your towels softer, use less detergent than normal, and add white vinegar to the first rinse cycle. You may also want to add an extra rinse cyle when washing towels. Line dried towels do not get as fluffy and soft as ones dried in the dryer, but this should help. ;)

What's in My Hospital Bag (the Second Time Around) 2

Where to find bath towels...?

O.o sounds to me like a small off the wall place, she proably got the towels because she thought they where beautiful. The kinda towel you never use, just look at. Fess up =( and ask if you can repay her.

What type of bath towels that you use?

Check out the towels from bed bath and beyond. They tend to have good quality towels

Bath Towels - How to get rid of the funk?

1.Start filling washer with water and your regular detergent and then put the towels in the washer. 2. Make sure the washer is not over loaded. Make sure they can move freely. 3. Add a 1/2 a cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser. (If you do not have a dispenser go on to step 5) 4. Start the washer and wash them. 5. (If you were able to do step 3, skip this step and go to step 6) Lift the lid and add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the final rinse. 6. Dry them as usual. Make sure they are fully dry before taking them out and folding them. The key is the white vinegar use it instead of fabric softener because it kills germs, deodorizes and softens, with out the bad effects of making towels water proof.

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