What Would You Like to Ask?How Often Do You Change Your Sheets/duvet Cover? ?

I do not understand the question. Or is that 2 questions? I would like to ask why you ask so many questions, and I never change my sheets, do not know what a duvet is so I do not guess I change that either unless that means my drawers, then at least once a month. I have someone who does the sheets for me. How often I am not sure, but they are always clean and fresh. I was joking about my drawers, I change them more than once a month.

What Would You Like to Ask?How Often Do You Change Your Sheets/duvet Cover? ? 1

1. How can I get a queen-sized duvet cover custom-made with my own fabric?

If you are looking for someone to do the actual work-- check local yellow pages, want ads-- also check sewing stores-Joann, Hancock and fabric sections in Walmart, Kmart-- you can locate a person in all those places-- asking for assistance. Do some homework-- check out department stores and see the different styles-- so you will be giving the person the correct information. There even might be a pattern ( as a sewer, I can not imagine a pattern for this-- but I am old.)-- so check the pattern books for styles-- note the number and name of the pattern book-- so you can explain your preferences. One suggestion.-- Choose another --less expensive fabric that you would like to use, also-- that is your trial piece-- to check pricing, time to complete, workmanship, other needs the person has-- i.e. seam binding or other supplies-- the buttons if that is the type-- If you are satisfied with the first item-- then you can make the second decision-- you could also state up front that you have two to be made-- and if you are not happy-- state why and that you will take the second length elsewhere. good luck

2. how do i wash a white velvet duvet cover?

Have it 'Dry Cleaned' by a Dry Cleaner ... Do not put it in the washing machine

What Would You Like to Ask?How Often Do You Change Your Sheets/duvet Cover? ? 2

3. In my last question you guys let me know when i wash my duvet cover it will no longer be stainproof?

You can buy cans of it at Walmart, I believe. If not, furniture and mattress stores sell it. Just follow the directions on the can

4. Blue & Brown duvet cover/pillowcase?

Try ebay or an online shop it is actually amazing how much money you can save and what you can get. I bought this great white and green duvet on ebay for $60.00

5. How can I keep my duvet in place inside the duvet cover?

well the best way would be to sew it but since you cant it is probably best that you tie the ends with comforter clips which you can get from bed bath and beyond. check out this website

6. what is a 'duvet cover'?

a duvet is a fancy word for comforter but the good thing a bout a duvet is it is like a sheet and you can buy different down comforters to put inside to give it that soft fluffy feel. they have different down comforters that u can use like lighter ones if it is hot or extra warm down comforters for the cold times. its very conveniet an allows more flexability with the seasons.

7. If my duvet cover is black,pink,and white, what colour pictures should I have on my walls?

Id do the walls white and do one or two of the walls the same pink colour in your duvet!

8. does a duvet cover make a down comforter less soft?

There are good duvet covers that are very soft and only protect and enhance the comfort of comforters. Here's a good site that has some info plus really good prices. Hope that helps

9. What goes inside a duvet cover?

A duvet...hence the name

10. What is a good accent color for a room with grey walls and a teal-blue duvet cover?

Sounds pretty. Try purple/mauve, black, navy blue, white. Dark wood with a reddish tone would be very nice, and if you get that I would stay away from purple elsewhere in the room. I have some "cherry" flooring which looks fabulous with teal.

11. Should I get the duvet cover that's under this quilt?

I do not see a duvet cover. All I see are sheets. You use a duvet cover to disguise another quilt. If your changing the decor it is a less expensive alternative to buying all new bedding. . Why would you want to cover that beautiful quilt with a cover? However, those puffy pillow shams would be awesome with that quilt. EDIT: I see it now, but it's still just a cover. I do not think you need it. You can get the same result from an inexpensive plain white quilt. Why spend money on a cover?

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