Where Can I Buy a Cute Crib Bedding Set with a Good Price?

i got mine at target. it was 99...but i waited for it to clearance and i got it for 20! the quality is awesome and its too cute! they are always putting stuff on clearance. give them another chance

Where Can I Buy a Cute Crib Bedding Set with a Good Price? 1

1. Where can I purchase a hot wheels toddler bedding set?

Hot Wheels Bedding

2. Does anyone know where I can buy a fox racing/ metal mulisha blanket, bedding set, etc.?

Metal Mulisha Blanket

Where Can I Buy a Cute Crib Bedding Set with a Good Price? 2

3. What wall colors go with this bedding set?

Light grey or a light brown or tan colorr

4. Which bedding set?

I like number one but I would probably choose number 2 just because I would choose color of animals most likely, it all depends though really. I think number one is really cute but number 2 is really pretty. I just think color is really stimulating to babies minds but an animal bed set/blanket is cute and good for them to since most babies get attached and carry their blankets around. Its all up to you, your choice, that's just my opinion.

5. Which bedding set should i get for my room?

ur link dosent work try again

6. Are the shades of green blue based or yellow based in the Lambs & Ivy crib bedding set called "Dream Teddy"?

From what I can tell from an image search, the color looks more yellow based than blue. In my opinion it sounds like it would look bad against all of those colors, lol, but if I had to choose I would say sage

7. Is a crib bedding set necessary?

A crib set is better, but just normal bedding will work. Just do not use anything too big or it will make your baby uncomfortable

8. Can i fit a twin XL bedding set on a full?

You can use the flat sheets, blankets and Quilts but they will be 15 inchs shy of the width they need to be to look right. You could get a bed skirt for a full bed and then use your bedding like throws but it will look bare

9. Bedroom ideas based on this bedding set?

Go for the cheap reproduction French Provincial and toile done in a color to match your color scheme. If you shop second hand stores you can probably find plenty of furniture but yo umay hae to paint it

10. What should I charge for making a 6 piece custom crib bedding set?

like 200 or if it is really detailed go higher. They are expensive and custom is always more expensive. Use your judgement i guess, is it a close friend or relative?. Hm.. very nice of you though! :)

11. I bought a bedding set for my coming baby, I brought home the fabric of sheet smell oil/chemical of new fabric

Uh... wash it

12. Which crib bedding set do you like best for our little girl?

I definitely prefer the first two crib sets, but my favorite is the "Isabella" set (the second one). I think the soft colors would be really pretty in a baby girl's nursery. I do not care for the third choice, however. I think that it looks like a unisex set. I have a 9-month-old and we completely decorated her nursery in pastel pink. It's adorable and I know she loves it too! Best of luck to you with your sweet baby girl!! They are such a blessing. :o)

13. I have been looking for a rainbow baby bedding set for a crib and am having no luck, where is it?!?

Have one made by a local person ... try one who makes quilts and have a blanket custom made to get exactly what you want

14. How do I get brown water stains out of my bedding set?

ok i know this sounds weird but i have tried a lot of stain removers...and the best i have found in not a stain remover lol....it is spray ****-and-span. it takes a little while to do but never fails!! ok so hold the nosel of the bottle right against the stain and spray the whole stain. ...and then do the same thing with water (usually the stain is gone the first time but if not repeat) I have gotten paint, sharpie, cat pee, food stain all on different types of bedding and it works ever time!

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