Where Can I Find Info on How to Make a Bedspread Or Duvet Cover?

You can make it without a pattern. Just measure your duvet and add at least 1/2 in. for the seam allowance and add the thickness measurement of the duvet filler. Make sure you add it twice because there are 2 sides of the duvet and thickness takes up a lot of space. ( If your duvet filler is 3 in. thick add 6 in. to the width of you material) Also measure the length and add the thickness twice again for it's length and and add the seam allowance there also. If you are doing a buttom up one remember to have a large nice hem at the top so your seams will not show. It is easier to do the exact length plus thickness and seam allowance and put a simple hem at the top. Then add ties made form the same or a cordinating material or decorative rope, denim,etc. Tie it up and then you are finished! And you made it yourself and did not spend $10 -$20 on a pattern that you will never use again!

Where Can I Find Info on How to Make a Bedspread Or Duvet Cover? 1

1. What is a duvet cover?

It's like a giant decorative pillowcase that can be slipped over an existing bedspread or duvet. They come in all sizes (twin, double, queen, king) and can have zipper, button or even open edge closures

2. The best way to iron a double duvet cover?

Fold it in half........ iron one half, turn it over an iron the other half............ dont iron it to the fold.... just up to it........ that way no crease

Where Can I Find Info on How to Make a Bedspread Or Duvet Cover? 2

3. Toddlers duvet/duvet cover problem?

We have had this same trouble with one of the kids duvets.I think it is down to the material because the cotton ones are fine so try cotton and see if that solves your problem

4. Need help finding a duvet cover or comferter?

Hi, it sounds like you are looking for a Damask print. I just did a google search for "Black and White Damask Comforter" and a ton of hits came up. You can start from there

5. Where can I find a duvet cover for a teen that is floral, but does not stick to a specific pattern?

Look for some botanical, not floral. Its kind of the same thing but more natural. Kohl's maybe!

6. Is there a way to keep your duvet straight in the duvet cover?

You can stitch small pieces of velcro around the perimeter of the duvet, and the stuff velcro sticks to to the inside of the cover. It actually works! Took me 8 years to figure it out... I just used small tack stitches so I can cut them off easily when it's time to go to the cleaners, then they are easy to tack back on.

7. Blue & Brown duvet cover/pillowcase?

Try ebay or an online shop it is actually amazing how much money you can save and what you can get. I bought this great white and green duvet on ebay for $60.00

8. What is the easiest way to put a down comforter in a duvet cover?

I bought these clips from Bed Bath and Beyond. I attach the comforter to the top of the duvet cover and then shake it so the comforter reaches the bottom of the cover. Then I attach the bottom clips. It makes the whole process a lot easier. As far as the bed skirt goes... that is always a challenge, but at least you do not have to do it as often. You can try these pins so it wont shift when you get to the other side of the bed.

9. DOES ANYONE else have a hard time w/ their DUVET COVER ????????

Yes! I hate it! Whenever I can I just go without it and lay just the cover (no down comforter) on the bed. I find it easier with two people doing it, but when I do it myself it just requires alot of shaking.

10. Do I match my pillowcases to my sheets or duvet cover?

It really depends on your preference. Usually people get the sleeping pillows in a matching set with their sheets and then shams to match their duvet cover. But if you are just getting sleeping pillows, think about how dirty white will get with sleeping on them every night and having to wash them, the colors will fade. So, it's your decision

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