Where Can I Get a Cute/cheap Duvet Cover? Im Looking for Pink Stripes.....its for a College Dorm Roo

IKEA-they have many things online now too

Where Can I Get a Cute/cheap Duvet Cover? Im Looking for Pink Stripes.....its for a College Dorm Roo 1

1. What exactly is a duvet cover, and how does it work?

It's like an envelope for your duvet/comforter/top futon/quilt. You can easily take it on and off so you can wash it, and it keeps the duvet from getting body oils or dust on it. You should probably wash it once a week with your sheets. You can also air out your duvet at the same time

2. what do u think of thiis polka dot duvet cover frrom pbteen?link inside?

I think it's really cute!!! I would get the pool shade

Where Can I Get a Cute/cheap Duvet Cover? Im Looking for Pink Stripes.....its for a College Dorm Roo 2

3. O.K. all you fashion designers. What is a duvet cover and how does it differ from a plain ole comforter?

A duvet cover is a sheet or cover that goes over a down comforter or any ole comforter. It gives it a fresh look, it allows you to change your bedding style with out buying a new comforter and then having to store the others


Of course you can. The whole purpose of a duvet cover is to be able to remove and wash it. If the bunny pee went through to the comforter I would wash that, also. Follow the instructions found on the tag inside the duvet. If you can not find a label, cold water on gentle cycle should cover most delicate fabrics. You could maybe use a bit of bleach if it stained....no more than a cup!

5. is this a nice bed cover (duvet cover) for a guy dorm room?

LOVE it!!! Perfect for a dorm for a guy

6. What's the best laundry detergent to use on a bright duvet cover so the colors won't fade?

just make sure your detergent does NOT contain bleach! also-try laundering it inside out!

7. i want a certain duvet,can only find in comforter,is it worth it/possible to convert to duvet cover and how?

I would not even try it. The comforter fabric is sewn through the filling to the fabric on the other side. It would probably take a long time to separate the two sides from the filling, and you might be left with fabric with holes from the stitching. And sometimes the filling sticks to the fabric so you would have to pick it all off. Find a ready made duvet cover or a fabric you like to make a duvet cover from instead

8. Do I need a duvet cover with my new down comforter?

If you do not have specific washing instructions that came with it, I would not wash it. The feathers could clump up. I have two down comforters and always take them to the cleaners. I have had them for about 5 years and they are still as nice and cozy as when I bought them :) Maybe someone knows better than I, but this has worked for me. Another thing that I do, is too put another blanket on top of them through the day and then fold it back at night.

9. Is it difficult to make a duvet cover?

yes it will be difficult

10. What is the difference between a single duvet and a (double) duvet cover?

A single duvet is for a single bed so it will be smaller than the double duvet cover which is for double beds. King-sized duvet is even bigger than the double duvet cover. The single duvets vary in size depending on where you live. In France,for example, the duvets (and beds) are 20cm smaller in size than, for example, Germany I think. Hope I helped

11. how do you put a duvet cover on a comforter?

I usually stuff it all in there, grab the corners and do the big up/down swing to get that blanket all spread out inside. After that, you just button it up

12. What is a duvet cover?

Think pillowcase for your comforter!

13. Famous paintings on bedsheets or duvet cover?

Have never seen them, but if they do not exist why not create and sell them? Maybe blankets would be better though because they would not be covered up

14. What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is basically a fabric envelope that fits over a comforter -- once you have it on the comforter, you close it with a zipper, snaps, buttons or velcro. The duvet cover will keep your comforter clean. If you would like to upgrade, you could get a good quality down-filled comforter (a good one will be pricey) and a duvet cover to go over it. Over time you could get several duvet covers and change them out when you want to change the look of your bedroom. I've done that for years and my down-filled comforter looks like new even though it is nearly 20 years old.

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