Which Crib Bedding Set Do You Like Better?

I like the Laura Ashley Gabriella set...I think the variety of colors will be beautiful as opposed to just pink. Also, I like the paler colors...they seem a bit more soothing. Very cute and congrats!

Which Crib Bedding Set Do You Like Better? 1

1. is it a bad idea to go out and buy an expensive bedding set for a crib?

I would not buy any sets for those reasons. We did get a set and never used the blanket, and I removed the bumpers as soon as my son began to roll over. It was a waste, but we are on baby #2 and will put the room together and use it again. Take the money and buy yourself about 4-5 crib sheets instead and at least 2 mattress pad covers. Then you will have more than enough for quick crib changes when the baby wets the bed! Save the money --- your baby will never know he was in a crib without bumpers and a comforter :-)

2. I am looking for the name of a butterly bedding set that walmart carried last year for little girls?

It was called Butterfly Kisses.... searching for a link for you... Sorry honey, all I can find was the nursery set (see link below). But, now that you have the name maybe you can visit your local wal-mart and order it. I wish you luck!

Which Crib Bedding Set Do You Like Better? 2

3. Is it possible to order this bedding set from Kohls? Confused..?

I see what you mean, it shows a rather generic comforter when you scroll down to the ad to cart section. I would not order it unless I knew for sure. good luck and by the way, the bedding is gorgeous!

4. Which bedding set do you think is the cutest for my 2 year old?

I personally like the blast off space set. Cute, Cute!

5. Is this crib bedding set appropriate for a girl?

yes it's appropriate for either gender. if you want to make the room more feminine add a cream or purple floor mat to the blue carpet.

6. Where did you buy your crib bedding set?

Target $99 dollars It was a matching set of sheets, doona, and blanket Beautiful

7. Is it weird to use a college bedding set while attending that college?

No, its great

8. Could you use this bedding set for either a boy or girl?

you could definitely use it for boy or girl. It looks really beautiful. It would be perfect for either. besides, as long as you like it, it does not matter what others think about it. It's your decision in the end. You and your husband are the only ones that has any say anyway. Good luck with the baby.

9. Where can i buy a zebra bedding set suitable for a teen?

i do no longer think of which you will possibly want to do your partitions in a vivid colour or black. There may well be way too lots of it. So, i might say a infant pink or an ivory may well be rather enormously! once you are mattress set is going to be vivid, each and every thing else could be toned down, merely like clothing! (:

10. Which bedding set should i get for my room?

ur link dosent work try again

11. My husband and I just bought our baby girls bedding set and now trying to decide what colors to pain the walls?

Cutest bedding ever :) I really like the colour of the walls in the big picture, a sort of creamy yellow colour. Then I would pick one of the others maybe the pink or lilac?

12. Which crib bedding set do you like best for our little girl?

CoCo Baby Crib Bedding You should look on ebay, go there and type in: JoJo Crib Bedding ---There are alot of different styles (ones that are pink/brown) which are far less cheaper than the one you are wanting.

13. Does anyone know specifically where I can find a bowling themed bedding set for a baby nursery?

You could use one of the black and white ready made nursery bedding sets and add your bowling decorations elsewhere in the nursery. I saw some red, black and white geometric designs that would look really cool with bowling theme decorations. Or you could pick up a solid color crib skits, some solid color baby sheets and make a crib duvet out of bowling fabric. As you must be a bowling fan, I wanted to mention that I have a friend who uses a cute bowling bag for a diaper bag.

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